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Shooting photos for about 30 years (with a little hiatus in my twenties), I am an "aspiring" art photographer with a little experience shooting products, portraits, fashion, weddings, glamor, landscapes and various other stuff.


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Papi61: What's the target clientele for this product? It's definitely not a travel camera. And let me get this right, you'd have to buy FOUR CAMERAS AND A TELECONVERTER to have multiple focal lengths?

Am I the only one who believes all of this makes absolutely no sense?

My guess is that this camera is going to capture matching image quality to a Nikon D810 with a 14-24mm f2.8 G, but at 1/5 the price and much lighter and smaller. It just might be a perfect companion to a Nikon D810 with the 24-70mm f2.8 G, becuase it will cost about half what the price of the 14-24mm f2.8 G lens and weigh in at less than that lens. No need to change lenses in that case either. Now think about all the photographers out there who have a good, full-frame body, but have been avoiding spending the money to get a really good quality ultra-wide lens. Sigma has them covered . . . now. This will make a really handy little wide-angle set-up. I predict high volume sales. This might become Sigma's best-selling camera.

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Photoman: "Sigma UK has said that the company's latest compact camera "

DP0 161.4mm/6.4” (W) × 67mm/2.6” (H) × 126mm/4.9”(D)
X100T 127mm x 74mm x 52 mm (5 x 2.91 x 2.05″)

Not what I call a compact camera...

If Pentax made a huge, 3 kg medium format camera that had a fixed lens, I would NOT call it a compact camera, no matter your definition or the "industry definition" of compact camera. If it is huge and heavy and bigger and heavier than a comparable image quality dslr with a lens, it doesn't qualify as a compact camera. I really don't care what the industry definition says a compact camera is in such a case. This DP0 Quattro though is indeed a (somewhat) compact camera and lens combo.

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Prairie Pal: This is a line of camera for people who are focused on what they want to record and capable of picking the appropriate tool palette. Their creativity and signature styles thrive on a degree of minimalism.
Having every focal length covered and being ready for every luminance is the furthest thing from their mind. If that is not you then stop worrying about it. This camera is not for you and nobody is forcing you to use it.

All the DP cameras use the same body. The only thing they have to change significantly is to make a lens for this DP0. THAT is significant, and considering it may indeed be treated like a development platform that pays for itself, I think this camera is a very good idea. I just hope the image quality is spectacular - better than the DP1 Quattro.

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Akpinxit: what is so "compact" about this camera ?

Well, the dimensions of the body itself tell the story. It's only 2.6" high/tall, but the Sony A7r is 3.7" tall. Yes, it's 6.3" wide, but it's really a very small camera. The lens on this one makes it significantly larger, of course, but compare that to a Nikon D810 with a 21mm lens on it, and I think you'll find it's VERY compact, like the Sony A7r, which is lauded as an incredibly small package. They're keeping the weight of the DP0 Quattro a secret. I guess that means it'll be a lot heavier than the DP1 Quattro, but I doubt it'll be as heavy as the D810 body alone. It might be heavier than the A7r though . . . except the A7r has no available 21mm f.8 lens. The A7r, at 407 grams for the body alone is almost as heavy as the DP1 Quattro, including its 19mm lens, at 425 grams. Add a 21mm lens to the A7r, and you'll probably have a much heavier package than the DP0 Quattro. Check out the 16-35mm

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HBowman: Please, stop comparing those cameras with the D800 or 645Z. It come nowhere near in every IQ therm. It might lure the spectator sometimes, on rez only (and after extensive PP), but that's all.

Those are special cameras. Comparing it with any other brand (especially FF and MF) is just wrong (either for the ones defending it and for SIGMA, who just passively endorse it).

Hey Crazy H, you can't blame someone for not knowing your history. Your website doesn't tell your history with Sigma cameras anymore, and your gear list here is empty!

Have you tried to send any S-Hi TIFF files to clients' retouchers? I bet they wouldn't complain about those so much. Of course, if you're shooting with those 50 MP Hasselblads, I guess there's no point. I'm sure you don't get the jaggies with those heavy, expensive beasts.

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windmillgolfer: Well, you've got to admire Sigma's bravery. They produce some great alternatives to the mainstream companies. This camera has a pretty narrow appeal. I hope they generate enough sales to keep in business, because we need high quality 3rd party suppliers and innovators. Someone has to keep the big boys on their toes!

Since they've already developed the camera body and sensor, there is no extra cost to produce this model, except the design and production of the lens, and I'm willing to bet that this is a test platform for an upcoming mirrorless design they plan to produce for something like m4/3 or the Sony E-mount.

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Bene Placito: These Sigma cameras hold so much promise yet fail to deliver in so many ways. I've had every digital Sigma ever produced except for the SD10 and none of them have met my expectations.

Having said that, I'll end up getting at least one of these new cameras to see if I can finally get lucky.

It's expensive being an optimist ;-)

Bene, with so many cameras (7) and lenses (27), I think you MUST be a gear addict. lol

I've made many lists of all the cameras and lenses I dream of having, and I don't think my lists contained so much equipment. Still, if I were a millionaire, I would probably have as much equipment as you. Congratulations on being able to put together such a great selection of equipment to use. I hope to some day have half as much equipment.


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Lokutus: compact camera .. lol....

Well, it's compact compared to any DSLR that can produce such high quality images.

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vscd: PLEASE REVIEW THEM! It would be the first real review since the SD1. Give Sigma the fair chance to compete in the Resolution-Charts.

I like my DP3M and the DP0 is seriously a great camera, but there is no real Review available until now. At least not in your quality ;)


Compare a bunch of cameras with the DP2 Quattro here:

. . . and that's the old version of SPP that was used in the processing of the image files that came out of one of the first DP2 Quattros, before they tweaked the firmware. The latest versions of the firmware and SPP software produce better resolution.

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Pandimonium: Sigma should just make an e-mount body with a foveon sensor in it.

The DP series cameras are lenses that come with a free body. They are World-class lenses too, which cost less than other comparable lenses. Take a look around and find a lens that matches the 50mm lens on the DP3 Merrill or the 30mm lens on the DP2 Merrill or the Quattro cameras. They all cost about $1,000 or more. A DP3 Merrill costs about $700 and the DP2 Quattro costs about $900. The DP3 Quattro costs about the same price as the 50mm f1.4 Art lens, but it's more compact and comes with a camera body attached. That's a spectacular deal . . . if you're the type to carry multiple bodies, so you don't have to be constantly changing lenses in the field, risking getting dust on your sensor.

It's just too bad they don't make them with an f1.4 aperture, rather than just f2.8.

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ozturert: Sigma DPs lose in:
- Speed (or slowness). I can live with slow AF, but writing RAW+JPEG on my DP2 Merrill took loooong time.
- Speed (or slowness) of editing RAW files. I used Sigma's software to convert all RAWs to TIFF, then edit in ACR and PS. That took ages.
- Strange blooms on bright light sources (like a sun reflection on a window, a small light source etc..)
- Horrible high ISO performance. Above ISO800, the files behave worse than a 12-year DSLR.
They win big time in:
- Incredible detail, and in DP2's case, near-perfect lens characteristics. Incredible detail from one corner to another at f5.6, same or better performance then Sigma 50mm Art. You really use one to see this, that 30mm f2.8 lens is excellent.
- Interesting color in JPEGs, and very good color accuracy in RAWs.
- Very silent leaf shutter with up to 1/2000s flash sync.
It's obvious what to improve, but I don't see the response from Sigma. They REALLY must license Faveon to Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony etc..

Well, "significant strides in improving their cameras in usability" has already happened. The DP Quattro cameras are/have:

1. Better quality feel (and look . . . to some people)
2. More comfortable to shoot (now they have a "grip")
3. Faster to operate
4. Longer battery life
5. Better, faster auto-focus
6. Higher resolution sensor
7. Much better jpegs out of the camera
8. Better review screen (brighter and higher resolution)
9. Look more interesting

. . . and I'm sure I've missed something.

In other words, your statement is just plain wrong. They can and already have made significant strides in improving their cameras in usability. Their software is slow . . . on a slow computer. That's the same for ALL manufacturers' free raw image processing software, including that from Sony, Canon, and Nikon (and probably most of the others too). I do realize that the huge files from the Quattro and Merrill cameras take more processing, but you do too, I'm sure.

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Mescalamba: Wonder if they wake up and just make mirrorless.

I mean, without cutting camera apart. :D Sure thats possible.

If the 3" screen on the back is off while the EVF is in use, a little EVF screen with the same resolution should not drain the battery any more than the way the camera operates now.

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Man that thing looks cool. It's like some alien technology or something. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie!

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justmeMN: "Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason" - Jerry Seinfeld

It's cheaper, lighter, and more compact than a comparable prime lens for a full-frame camera, but it includes a body, so you don't have to keep switching lenses. I don't see the problem you see. It seems to me you just have a box around your mind.

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pascal b: Waow, from what I know, the first brand who has the audacity to propose a 6:7 aspect ratio! (even if just in JPEG).

The reason it shoots 6x7 in jpeg only is because it is a crop from the raw file. If you want to shoot in 6x7 you can, but if you want to shoot in raw, you get raw files from the sensor that is 2x3 format. Jpegs from Quattro cameras offer astounding image quality.

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Papi61: What's the target clientele for this product? It's definitely not a travel camera. And let me get this right, you'd have to buy FOUR CAMERAS AND A TELECONVERTER to have multiple focal lengths?

Am I the only one who believes all of this makes absolutely no sense?

Do you have to buy four prime lenses to have multiple focal lengths with the camera you have now? Some people shoot wide and normal. Others choose to have normal and portrait lenses. Some choose to have wide, normal, and portrait lenses. Sigma has answered the call for a compact camera with a lens that's wider than the 28mm equivalent of their DP1 Quattro, and it weighs less than a comparable lens on a Sony A7r or Nikon D810 (yet it includes a camera body too). It surely costs less money than just q high-quality 21mm f2.8 full-frame lens, yet it includes a camera.

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Photoman: "Sigma UK has said that the company's latest compact camera "

DP0 161.4mm/6.4” (W) × 67mm/2.6” (H) × 126mm/4.9”(D)
X100T 127mm x 74mm x 52 mm (5 x 2.91 x 2.05″)

Not what I call a compact camera...

It's compact compared to the D810 and the Pentax 645 D. It's not really compact compared to the Sony A7r though . . . except that it's a little lighter and surely capable of superior image quality (in some ways at ISO 100 and 200 - no moiré).

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The title of this should read, "Sigma announces price and release date for its extra-wide-angle dp0 Quattro camera"

. . . just my opinion.

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No matter how hard you try, you will never get the image quality of a DP2 Merrill or DP2 Quattro out of this set-up. Nice lens though. I'm sure the A7 II is a great camera too. I'm not trying to say it's not a good combo, and the A7 II has lots of great features. I do wish it had gps and an articulating screen though. These fold out screens that have no articulation abilities really bother me.

But I'm definitely glad to see classic lenses like this one being made. Too bad there's no auto-focus though. I guess this baby's made to last a hundred years.

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lol . . . If they use manequin arms, they'll make it affordable, and then a few thousand people will buy it as gag gifts for their photographer friends. Great idea!

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