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Shooting photos for about 30 years (with a little hiatus in my twenties), I am an "aspiring" art photographer with a little experience shooting products, portraits, fashion, weddings, glamor, landscapes and various other stuff.


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It would be interesting to know what they have to say about the use of a Lytro camera. Would it make sense if images shot with Lytro cameras be banned from "press photography" competitions? lol

I think what it comes down to is the same sort of issues they have in racing and sports, involving "cheating" - like when athletes take "performance enhancing drugs" . . . or are they "treatments" or supplements? Almost everyone does it to some degree. Some just do it more than others, and some get away with it, while others don't.

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the Mtn Man: I've never entirely understood the objection to photo manipulation, even in news photography. I know the idea is that a photojournalist is supposed to capture an event exactly as it happened, but simply the choice of lens and vantage point could be considered manipulation. For instance, a wide angle lens to make a space look larger than it appears to the naked eye, or to make a press conference appear sparsely attended by making the audience smaller in the frame, or shooting from a low angle to make something appear larger and more imposing. How are these kinds of manipulations any more pure than using Photoshop to make the subject "pop", or erasing an errant pole that spoiled the composition by sticking out of someone's head?

Sean65 . . . "Therein lie the problems. The camera 'processes' images the user 'manipulates' them." Really? So a camera can't manipulate an image? What do you call it, when I shoot a panorama, and the camera removes a person who was walking by me in front of my camera? What do you call it when cameras like the New Olympus remove moving animals, when shooting multiple exposures to make a photo in "Hi Resolution" mode?

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On Lytro sheds jobs as it shifts focus to video article (286 comments in total)

It seems to me that with micro-SD cards handling 128 GB of data at UHS-II speeds now, the data is not going to be a major issue. Besides, they can just use a compression technology to reduce the amount of data written to the cards, if necessary. As far as processing the data is concerned, they can put two or four processors in the camera, if necessary, where a typical 1080p60 video camera could process the data with a single processor. 4K is coming though, so they really need to concentrate on making their first 4K video camera shortly after they demonstrate a 1080p30 video camera. This equipment will be big and expensive, and few people other than pros are likely to use it, so they will want 4K capability. The software used to process the video will be another issue. Today's computers might not handle it well at all. Of course, tomorrows computers will be twice as fast, and RAM is incredibly cheap now. 16 GB for $100! (DDR3-1600)

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On New samples from the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens article (217 comments in total)
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Duckie: DPR, we need real life side by side comparison with other brands. This would be helpful. Otherwise people would scream great whenever they see the word "Art".

. . . as they should. The Art series of lenses are an excellent value. So are the other new series of lenses from Sigma. You can't beat Sigma value. Their Sports series is amazing, though they only have two different models so far, unfortunately.

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On New samples from the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens article (217 comments in total)
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Jonathan Wilson: Looks great. I'm certainly looking for something around this focal length but sadly there are apparently no plans to make this in Pentax mount.

My guess is that since very few of the 35mm f1.4 Art lenses sold in Pentax mount, Sigma decided not to make the rest of their full-frame Art series lenses in Pentax mount. How do I know this? Well, by the number of reviews at B&H it is indicated. There are just three reviews of the Pentax version of the 35mm f1.4 A, but there are 103 reviews of the Nikon version and 213 reviews of the Canon version. When Pentax actually sells a full-frame camera, they should pay Sigma to make all their current lenses in Pentax mount. I doubt they will do that though, because that might eat into their own lens sales. It will be a catch 22 for them. Do they dish out good money to get a competitor to support them and possibly sell more full-frame cameras, or do they leave it alone and possibly sell the same number of lenses anyway?

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On New samples from the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens article (217 comments in total)
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WordsOfFarewell: Hm, I wonder how the lens will perform in the astro field.

It should perform pretty well, though the CA might be somewhat limiting. I'm not familiar with the amount of CA produced by the Canon and Nikon wide primes though, so it might actually perform better than those.

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On New samples from the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens article (217 comments in total)
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Zerg2905: Good. Is there any kind of "sealing" on this lens?

No. Art lenses are not weather sealed. I suggest you pay twice as much for the Nikon:

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On New samples from the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens article (217 comments in total)

Too bad there are no "real" architectural images in the samples gallery, which really show the capabilities of the lens, with regard to distortion. I wonder if that was done on purpose.

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On Sigma24mmF1.4_newer_samples-28-F1.4 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Not quite a brick wall, but good enough to see some slight barrel distortion.

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On Sigma24mmF1.4_newer_samples-25-F5.0 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Wow! Such a short depth of field, even at f5.

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On CP+ 2015: Canon shows off prototype 120MP CMOS sensor article (255 comments in total)
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kelpdiver: Noting the comments already that Canon announced this a long time ago.

The resolution given is just a stone's throw away from 15360x8640, which sampled in 2x2 pixel bins would give you rather nice 8k video. (well, the slightly smaller 2 x UHD resolution). That would be 132MP.

Obviously 9fps doesn't cut it, unless it's a gopro. But eventually eventually there will be demand for such a sensor. Good 8k is said to be as close to our own vision as it gets, or so it was claimed about the displays of the swimming at the London Olympics on such screens.

RichRMA it all depends on your vision. I met a girl with 20/10 vision, and she would easily tell the difference between a 4K and 8K picture on a 60" TV from a reasonable viewing distance, like 10 feet. I normally sit about 8 feet from a 60" HD TV, and I can't see the resolution without squinting, but I'm sure she'd easily see it. Her vision is like 4 times better than mine.

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Does anyone know what's causing the greyed out corners in the bottom right and left corners of the last few images in the gallery?

This lens looks blurry in the corners, even at f5.6. It's nothing like I would expect from a Sigma Art lens.

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On CP+ 2015: Canon shows off prototype 120MP CMOS sensor article (255 comments in total)
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InTheMist: They announced this four years ago!

. . . and they FINALLY make a 50 MP camera. It's about time, huh? They had a 21 MP camera more than 4 years ago, but they can't seem to double their sensor resolution every 2 to 3 years? Sounds pretty sad. Between 2001 and 2010 they doubled their sensor resolution at least four times, from 2 MP to 4 MP to 8 MP to 16 MP. All-of-a-sudden they can't do it anymore? Something's fishy in the Canon world . . . and in the other digital camera worlds too. Look at m4/3 for an example of stale. Nothing happening there. They've been stuck at 16 MP for years and years now. What gives? The Olympus Pen came out with a 12 MP sensor in 2009. Here we are 6 years later and they still haven't doubled the resolution of the 4/3 size sensor to 24 MP. There are 20 MP 1" sensors though. There are even 20 MP 1/2.3" sensors, which are less than 1/4 the size of the m4/3 sensor. It doesn't make sense except that they're greedy and don't want to spend money on sensor development.

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" . . . the K-S2 captures beautiful Full HD movie clips . . ." Beautiful? Really?

"It also assures flawless, high-quality movies even with fast-moving subjects." At 30 fps I wonder how it can do THAT.

This looks like the ONLY reasonably priced DSLR with a good optical viewfinder that is weather sealed. It's also the ONLY DSLR with weather seals that has a fold-out screen . . . except for the much more expensive Nikon D750.

Way to go Pentax! FINALLY you make a camera with a fold-out screen. This camera makes me more interested in Pentax cameras. I'll be watching to see ho the image quality looks from that 20 MP sensor with no AA filter.

Certainly Pentax makes unique, interesting, and practical cameras and lenses, and this new body and its weather-sealed lens are no exception.

Still, for the money, I'd be tempted to get the Sony A77 II. The only problem with that decision would be that the weather-sealed lens for it would make the Sony cost a lot more than the more compact Pentax.

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On Go wide! Hands-on with Canon's 11-24mm F4 L article (224 comments in total)

That's one outrageous lens! I think I'll wait so see how it performs.

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On Canon EOS 5DS / SR First Impressions Review preview (2270 comments in total)
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Robert Newman: While the low initial ISO is a bit of a flag, realistically, I rarely shoot above 3000 and would love to have all those pixels to play with on certain kinds of shots. Since I already have a 5D3, either one of these cameras would be a knock-your-socks-off" addition to my gear. At the prices quoted, I am wondering why anyone would invest in a Leica S2, Pentax 645Z, Hasselblad, or other MF system. I bet Magic Lantern can squeeze a lot more ISO and dynamic range out of these beasts. It was clear that Canon had to answer both Nikon and Sony, I just did not expect this.

Me neither. I thought the megapixel race was over, and Canon was done with it. The 1Dx and the 5 D Mk III, followed by the 7 D Mk II were the indicators to me. Now we get THIS surprise. I wonder if Nikon will answer with a new D4x.

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On Canon EOS 5DS / SR First Impressions Review preview (2270 comments in total)

Holy crap!

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On Durham /Merrill 2014 photo in somersetlad's photo gallery (1 comment in total)


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On Panasonic reveals Lumix DMC-GF7 with tilting LCD article (78 comments in total)
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aris14: No matter if this or any other camera offering an easy way for selfy pix have the best IQ ever or whatever whatsoever...
Selfies is the depiction of an ill egoism and selfism thus depicting the problems of a rather significantly ill culture... Or should I say civilization..?

People use cell phones to take selfies, because they can. No camera made it easy to do that before, so people didn't do that. Maybe people would have been making selfies for the past 100 years, if they could have done so in an effective, easy manner. Who are you to judge what a society does?

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Boss of Sony: Sony FE lenses are seriously too expensive. If Sony wants to sell the A7 series, they should drop the lens prices down to realistic levels.

Canon 50mm f1.4 = $400
Canon 50mm f1.8=$150
....Sony FE 55mm f1.8 = $1000

Canon 35mm f/2 IS USM = $600
Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM = #200
....Sony FE 35mm f2.8 = $800

Canon 17-40 f4 = $800
...Sony FE 16-35 f4 = $1350

Canon 28-135mm = $500
Sony 28-135mm = $2500

As an amateur, I would be interested in buying an A7 camera if it wasn't for these ridiculous prices.

With a name like "Boss of Sony" you seem to just be a troll. Why no gear listed? No photos posted either? Your comments in other places here on DPR convince me that you are just cluttering this place with B.S.

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