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  • Pentax users: "We want a professional full frame!"

    Ricoh's Marketing Dept.: "What that you say? You want a hideous monstrosity that looks like we grafted a K mount mirror box on a Sony NEX body...

  • The Cactus V6 has no idea what your ISO is, though it can pass the information along to a flash connected to the hotshoe. The only command the V6 relays to remote flashes/receivers at the time of...

  • It will work on just about any camera with a center pin hotshoe, or a PC sync port. The flashes that you use though will need to support Canon, Nikon or Pentax analog TTL. There is some limited...

  • It's a problem of pin location as much as anything. Cactus had to design a hotshoe foot that had contacts for Nikon and Canon flashes for obvious marketing reasons. Pentax happens to use the same...

  • @ Michael Meissner
    BarnabyJones is probably correct (I don't own an Olympus to confirm), but mixing manual flash with modern preflash TTL is probably not something that most folks should attempt...

  • It has what they call "Sympathetic" High Speed Sync mode. When set to that mode, the receiver will look for the preflash, then wait for a specified duration in milliseconds, and then begin firing...

  • Folks need to understand that, although TTL flashes are required for the remote power controls to work, this is not a TTL system, it's manual.

    I own a set of V6 transceivers and two RF60 flashes,...

  • I'm not seeing where they claim TTL pass through works for Olympus. To have any hope of working, the pins on the hotshoe would need to be in the correct physical location to make contact.


  • I think the idea was to go with something catchy like the *ist DL2

  • I think the idea was to go with something catchy sounding like the *ist DL2

  • So instead of paying 50 bucks, a month to get my credit card stolen, now I can have it stolen for only 10 bucks a month? Where do I sign up?

  • So instead of paying 50 bucks, a month to have my credit card stolen, now I can have it stolen for only 10 bucks a month? Where do I sign up?

  • Hahahaha!! It true!!

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    LOL! Because we all know that the only true measure of a lens is how it's handles 2 dimensional test charts.

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    Actually The Asahi Optical Company Ltd. changed their name to Pentax in 1957 after their ground-breaking pentaprism reflex camera "The Pentax". AOCO started making lenses way back in 1919, only...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    I agree with Brendon, even 1/250th is too slow for what I do. 1/500th would be helpful, but 1/1000th would be ideal. Maybe Pentax will address the problem with leaf shutter lenses, they've done it...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    Unfortunately Pentax is about 10 years behind the times when it comes to flash. It might also surprise you to learn that they don't support "groups"/"zones" only channels, or that you need a flash...

  • Tell me again why I'd want to rent my software instead of owning it?

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