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Jeff Peterman: Amazing how our expectations have changed. To me, these are grainy and over saturated compared to modern digital images!

Our expectations have indeed changed, though perhaps not for the better. I suppose you would have pounded that grain into submission with the noise reduction slider, turned down the saturation slider till the red blinkies went away, added a tone curve to get rid of some of that annoying contrast, and sharpened it up with some unsharp mask?

The beauty of film is that each one has it's own characteristics and quirks. Photographers call it the "look" of a film. Some are grainy, some are contrasty, some are colorful, and you choose the right look to match your artistic vision the way a sculptor would choose a block of marble to carve his masterpiece. And like a sculpture where the imperfections in color and texture in the rock contribute to the overall aesthetic of the work, so to does film grain add to the feel of an image.

I guess that's lost on some photographers these days.

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Every time I have problems with color from a roll of film these days, I can't help but think "If only I had loaded Kodachrome" Probably just selective memory, but what a great film it was, we shall never see it's equal again in this world.

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On Pentax launches WG-3 and WG-3 GPS waterproof cameras article (66 comments in total)

Ok camera manufacturers, listen up, first one to make a waterproof camera that shoots in RAW gets my money, but not a penny till then.

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Can I please have my full frame now? I've been patient...

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On Fujifilm X100S Digital Split Image focus - how it works article (101 comments in total)

This camera just became more appealing

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On Pentax MX-1 Preview preview (211 comments in total)
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Maxfield_photo: Although this camera isn't for me, I like the brass, and I hope to see that as an option on future Pentax offerings.

But FFS, what is with the goofy sensor measurements? What is 1/1.7 of an inch? Who thinks in those terms? Why not say .58 inches, or better yet 15mm.

I'm just saying, if they want a decimal they should have a decimal, if they want a fraction they should have a fraction, but decimals within fractions really grind my gears :P 9/16th would be reasonably close, and it's easy to visualize, just over half.

But I still maintain that millimeters would be the best way to measure it since lenses are measured in mm. And it gives you a point of reference, 15mm would be the sensor diagonal of this camera, hence a zoom setting of 15mm would equate to a "normal" lens, or 43mm in 35mm terms. From there we can work out the crop factor, 43 ÷ 15 = 2.9X

I agree the only reason to use such confusing notation is to obfuscate the diminutive size of the sensor.

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On Pentax MX-1 Preview preview (211 comments in total)

Although this camera isn't for me, I like the brass, and I hope to see that as an option on future Pentax offerings.

But FFS, what is with the goofy sensor measurements? What is 1/1.7 of an inch? Who thinks in those terms? Why not say .58 inches, or better yet 15mm.

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-30 full review article (272 comments in total)
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peevee1: "The 'Hyper' in Hyper Program and Hyper Manual refers to the function of the green dial"

What green dial?

I think they mean the green button. Pressing the green button on a Pentax camera sets the exposure settings, Aperture/Shutter/ISO, to the program line recommended settings for a given amount of light. You can specify whether you want to prioritize speed, depth of field, or sharpness, or default which is a combination of all three (it changes to keep you away from extremes like a 1/8th exposure with a 200mm lens). It will also automatically do a stop-down reading from a manual lens.

So in Manual mode, if you have depth of field priority set, and you press the green button the camera will change the shutter speed (and ISO if you allow it to do so) to what it thinks will yield a proper exposure, and then apply any EV comp you have set.

I never shoot in any other mode, so I couldn't tell you how it works in Av, Tv, Sv or TAv, but i think it will always take a stop-down reading if the camera can't detect to which aperture you have the lens set.

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-30 full review article (272 comments in total)
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topstuff: I think this is harsh on Pentax. They've worked hard on a well priced budget DSLR that even by DPR's own admission is pretty hard to fault for stills shooters.

It deserves Gold on this basis alone.

No dedicated video button means no dedicated video button to accidentally press :)

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-30 full review article (272 comments in total)
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ZAnton: pentax makes great cameras, they need to make good lenses. At the moment they have only a few. Second, I would still make optical IS on some lenses, as it is way better than in-body IS.

I think lens-based stabilization may have an advantage with long glass, but the advantage is marginal to non-existent with shorter glass and longer exposures. And of course the advantage of body based stabilization is you can have it on any lens. There have been some tests done with Sigma OS lenses vs. the in-body SR system that showed little to no advantage. That being said, I wouldn't mind the option of choosing.

Pentax did just announce their first stabilized lens though, the 645 90mm 2.8 Macro. Of course the 645D doesn't have in-body stabilization, but it will be interesting to see if the technology trickles down into their K mount lenses.

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On Photokina 2012: Interview - Sun Hong Lim of Samsung article (99 comments in total)

While I agree that the market is headed that way, I don't need for my camera to be able to share pictures with my friends and family, listen to iTunes, make a phone call, or play Angry Birds; I need it to take the pictures that I tell it to take. The notion that 'you can't go back' to a normal camera is hogwash, I've just re-transitioned to film and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Cameras don't have to be these soulless technocratic monstrosities. Honestly I like Leica's philosophy of simplicity, just not their price tag.

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On Photokina 2012: Pentax Ricoh Stand Report article (42 comments in total)
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Sweets: .... left out the ... K3-FF ... :-)

No, Pentax did.

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ptox: I want it in red! (I refuse to make compromises!)

OMG, wait: can't I get this with the sapphire LCD cover of the previous generation? Uh, dealbreaker.

The Pentax 645D Grand Prix edition is for you then :P

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BrightEyesOnFire: $4500 for a slow medium prime...LOL okay maybe like five people will buy it.

Know of any other macro lenses faster than 2.8? Besides, you don't shoot macros at 2.8 unless if you're using them for portraiture, in which case 2.8 is razor thin on medium format.

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On Sony announces Alpha SLT-A99 24MP full-frame camera article (92 comments in total)

Hey, they put a normal hotshoe on it, good for them.

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Am I mistaken, but doesn't this lens make the Pentax system the first image stabilized medium format digital system?

If so, that is quite significant and I am surprised that they haven't made more of that fact.

Pentax's marketing department is, well... ... I'm not even sure they have a marketing department. Remember their slogan a few years ago? "Be Interesting" Yeah... might wanna take your own advice there, guys.

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Oo, minimum focus distance is low too. Could make for some interesting, if perspective-distorted, product shots

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RStyga: Yes sir, K-30 is one powerful image-making piece of Pentax engineering at an incredibly accessible price. The only thing that personally turns me off is the redneck/bogan (depending on what country you live) design. Whatever happened to the classic K10D or even the decent K200D/K-r design??? Even Mark Newson could have done better here :-))) (poor fella... all this bashing he has received... I'm actually a K-01 design fanatic)

I'm sure he cried all the way to the bank.

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Heie2: DPR - Please do the correct thing of classifying this as the same category as the Canon T4i. While the K-30 has significantly better IQ and will compare to the K-5 and D7000 for overall IQ, classifying it at those levels will cause it to be improperly scored compared to the T4i - it's main competition.

This is an interesting point, how do you classify this camera? There is some general consensus among the Pentax community that this camera is the successor to the K200D. Like that camera, it's water proof, and where as the K20D has a top LCD, this one does not, much like the K200. This may signal that Pentax is returning to a 3-tiered APS-C lineup.

So the lines of succession would look like this:
K2000D (K-m) > K-x > K-r > K-01?
K200D > (nothing, this generation was skipped) > K-30
K20D > K-7 > K-5 > ???

The K-5 has been officially discontinued, presumably to make way for a new flagship APS-C to be announced at Photokina. It's unclear whether the K-01 is meant to be seen as the successor to the K-r, so there may or may not be a new entry-level DSLR on it's way. The Q is it's own mount as is the 645D, so they don't really enter into the equation.

I do agree though, the T4i is this camera's main competition and possibly the D5100 (5200?), not the D7000 and 7D.

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marike6: I wonder if the X-5 has the same sensor as the Pentax Q. The Q has outstanding IQ relative to it's sensor size, so a camera with such a long zoom might be interesting. I wouldn't buy this because there is no raw, but I'm curious for future Pentax cameras.

Speaking of the Q, I still cannot believe that DPR has no intention of reviewing the Pentax Q. All the generic cameras they review, yet the first ILC to feature a BSI 1/2.3" sensor, a camera loaded with features and a first rate build quality and because of some assumptions about sensor size and the Q was essentially ignored by DPR. Talk about dissing both readers and Pentax. Oh well, at least we've been consistently updated on what's happening at Instagram or with the latest Samsung P&S.

I'm still waiting for the 645D review that was promised almost a year ago.

"We wanted to see how practical it was to use the 645D 'in the field' as a replacement for a smaller sensor SLR, and - aside from an aching shoulder after a day of lugging it around - we were pretty impressed with what we saw. Until we get the 645D back into the studio to complete our testing, check out our quick 24-shot gallery after the link"

Guess that camera wasn't important enough.

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