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That's weird, I've been using my Metz 58 AF2 with my Cactus V6s for months. I wonder what they added?

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On article Pentax launches K-S1 Sweets Collection (231 comments in total)

Can I please just have my full frame?

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Pentax users: "We want a professional full frame!"

Ricoh's Marketing Dept.: "What that you say? You want a hideous monstrosity that looks like we grafted a K mount mirror box on a Sony NEX body and added some neon lights for good measure?"

Pentax users: "No, No!! A professional full frame! We don't see how you could even begin to misinterpret that, there's no way we could be any more clear."

Ricoh's Marketing Dept.: "You sure? It comes in different colors."

Pentax users: "Yes, we're freaking sure!"

Ricoh's Marketing Dept.: "Oh... well how bout an old Q in a new body?"

Pentax users: "NO!! We didn't want that to being with!"

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NFG: I've been shooting with these for a month and a half, and they're brilliant. I use them in the studio and on location, with a mix of SB-28, SB-800 and the Cactus RF60. Totally reliable, great range and packed with features.

The Cactus V6 has no idea what your ISO is, though it can pass the information along to a flash connected to the hotshoe. The only command the V6 relays to remote flashes/receivers at the time of exposure is "fire now". It's the receivers that do the math, they tell the flash to turn on for a certain number of milliseconds, and then quench the power at the correct time as determined by the pre-set power level. The quench timings are unaffected by the camera's ISO, but of course that means that the user must work out their own exposures.

In other words, they can't screw up the exposure due to the ISO because they don't deal with that variable.

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Anesh Pather: wonder if this will work on an FZ1000 or RX10

It will work on just about any camera with a center pin hotshoe, or a PC sync port. The flashes that you use though will need to support Canon, Nikon or Pentax analog TTL. There is some limited support for digital TTL flashes for those brands, but I think at the moment, the pin layout will prohibit the use of Sony or Panasonic-compatible flash units. Perhaps in the future, but Cactus will need to redesign the hotshoe and foot.

In the mean time however, you can scoop up old analog TTL flashes for next to nothing. The V6 can learn the timings if a profile does not already exist.

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Chris43: Why don't they support Sony flashes in the same way as the other makes?
I've got a RX10 and a HVLF-58AM, which work well together with the required adaptor, but there is no easy or flexible Sony wireless solution to be able to use the flash off camera.

It's a problem of pin location as much as anything. Cactus had to design a hotshoe foot that had contacts for Nikon and Canon flashes for obvious marketing reasons. Pentax happens to use the same pin locations at Nikon so I think they added Pentax support because they could physically accomplish it with no new engineering.

If you look at the layout though, I don't think they'd have room to include contacts for Sony's triangular pin configuration, and of course the Minolta layout doesn't have the central pin needed to sync to most manual flashes. Maybe once they've recouped their R&D money from the V6s, they'll release a Sony compatible version. They have a suggestions section of their user forums, you should mention it's something you'd like to see.

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Michael Meissner: No Olympus or Panasonic support. Sigh..... Also, no Sony support.....

@ Michael Meissner
BarnabyJones is probably correct (I don't own an Olympus to confirm), but mixing manual flash with modern preflash TTL is probably not something that most folks should attempt anyway.

The Cactus V6 is using the old analog quench timings like the Radiopopper JrX, but modern TTL uses a preflash to estimate the proper exposure. The problem is, the camera will see the preflash and make it's judgement, but it won't take into account the extra light that will hit the scene from the manual flashes during the main flash event.

It might be better to use a flash on the hotshoe that has a built-in light sensor, and use it in A (aka Auto/Auto-Thyristor) mode as an on-axis fill flash. That type of flash unit will work with just about any brand of camera.

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armandino: it is unclear to me if high speed sink is supported

It has what they call "Sympathetic" High Speed Sync mode. When set to that mode, the receiver will look for the preflash, then wait for a specified duration in milliseconds, and then begin firing the pulses as the curtains begin to travel.

You will still need one HSS flash in the equation (though you can have more), and in the case of Pentax, it will need to be hardwired to the hotshoe, as the camera won't allow you to go above the sync speed if it cannot detect a HSS flash.

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Folks need to understand that, although TTL flashes are required for the remote power controls to work, this is not a TTL system, it's manual.

I own a set of V6 transceivers and two RF60 flashes, and they are wonderful. For less than $400 US, I was able to fulfill my life-long dream of not having to walk over to the flash to adjust the power. I guess I'm weird like that.

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BarnabyJones: Despite what the official website states, TTL passthrough does not work with Olympus. Tested on the E-m1 with both the FL-600r & Metz 58 AF-2. Additionally, flash profiling is quite limited so unless you're with Nikon or Canon odds are your flashes won't be compatible.

I'm not seeing where they claim TTL pass through works for Olympus. To have any hope of working, the pins on the hotshoe would need to be in the correct physical location to make contact.

The remote power control feature will work with an Olympus camera though, or Fuji, or Panasonic, or Leica, or Holga, or Samsung, or Sigma.... Anything with a center pin for sending a sync command, it's just the flashes that mount of the receiving unit will need to support analog Canon, Nikon or Pentax TTL. It's using the quench timings to achieve output power control.

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Polytropia: "FluCard" ... really? What's next, the "AIDScard" ...?

Someone in the Pentax marketing department needs to find another job.

I think the idea was to go with something catchy sounding like the *ist DL2

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On article Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer (628 comments in total)

So instead of paying 50 bucks, a month to have my credit card stolen, now I can have it stolen for only 10 bucks a month? Where do I sign up?

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Pixnat2: But arguing in DPR Forums cancels it all ;-)

Hahahaha!! It true!!

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Tell me again why I'd want to rent my software instead of owning it?

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On article Ricoh announces 'HD' update to Pentax DA Limited primes (192 comments in total)

That silver DA15 is sexy as hell.

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Remember all those folks last year who said the sky was falling on the DLSR market, and it's name was mirrorless?

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photoramone: first, and formost, the pictures are a series of seasonal shots (note the green green grass, then the brown brown grass, etc.) Second, it is a compilation of photos of a much-loved DAUGHTER, cooperating with the photographer/father. How one could be nasty/critical, is beyound me.... I must say that all too often this forum is a display of hyper-ego ed and condescending comments by nare-do-well photographers, who think that "condescending to the rest of us, makes them look superior. It does not. and its the same nay-sayers every day.....So if ya can't say something nice or at least FAIR.....stay home

Because sometimes we need to be reminded that gear is the means, not the end.

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Kim Letkeman: I am obviously waaaayyyyy out of tune with this thread .... these are amazingly creative and just plain cute. But technically, they are hard on the eyes. Yuck to the tone, color, and lighting for at least 3/4 of them. But hey ... what do I know.

They were shot on Portra 400 which is optimized for skintones, but tends to be a bit blue-deficient as a consequence. It also tends to have less punchy blacks in my experience. To me these shots just have a classic color negative look.

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I work with seasoned models who don't show as much personality as this young lady. Too cute!

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D1N0: Under water photo's can be corrected in lightroom. Maybe shoot some photo's in a swimming pool? Since a lot of people will use it for that? (Or will you get arrested for that nowadays?)

You have a good point, pevee. I do understand that the DR of a tiny sensor can't compare to that of an APS-C, let alone a full frame or larger sensor. For me, the desire for a waterproof camera that shoots RAW is as much about my workflow as it is image quality. Being able to re-interpret WB after the fact, color profiling with my ColorChecker Passport. The MX-1 can shoot in RAW, so why not a waterproof compact with the same sensor?

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