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On Fujifilm X100T Review (679 comments in total)
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lawamainn: Way too expensive, limited usage (fixed 23mm), low resolution.....Compared to, say, A6000, it seems pretty miserable! Why did Fuji make this camera?

There are those, photographers, rather than camera-review buffs, who realize that any given picture is made with one camera and one lens, and have developed a way of moving in the world and shooting that works with a small, quiet rangefinder and 35mm lens. I've made many of my best photos with this combination. One learns instinctively what the frame will be, and doesn't fiddle with zooming, changing lenses, etc. It can be a very direct and engaged way of working. Also, the feeling of a particular camera, which as Cartier Bresson noted, becomes an extension of your hand and your eye, gives a certain satisfaction.
The x100 series has for many become the "Leica with 35 Summicron" of the current era. It's less expensive that the Leica lens alone, and more technologically advanced than the overpriced, bulky Leica digital bodies. Also, the whole machine is optimized for just that one lens. The quality is outstanding, in any light!
I'm very happy Fuji took a chance on this series!

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On Fujifilm X100T Review (679 comments in total)

I handled one of these and in playback could not see how to move frame to frame while enlarged. Has this feature been eliminated?? The degree of enlargement needed to be improved ( and could be now that the screen is higher res). Has it? Is the frame to frame feature hidden in a menu?
Also - I've never understood why a mirrorless camera has MORE shutter delay than a DSLR. A film Leica and a digital Nikon seem to release almost instantaneously - capturing fleeting expressions. I shoot the x100s and always, even in OVF mode, need to anticipate significantly to get the right moment.

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On Fujifilm X20 hands-on preview (201 comments in total)

Please post studio comparison shots. Great design & concept like x10 - perfect for stage, music,etc. (low light) with hopefully better resolution!

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On photo Playing with Fishes. in the Fun in Bare Feet challenge (7 comments in total)

pleasant and sexy idea, well executed = lovely!
suggestion: minimize the flash shadow on the far leg through retouching

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On Fujifilm X10 Hands-on Preview (425 comments in total)

Either the G12 or the Nikon P7100 offer great control and options (articulated screens, raw files at any ISO) for 1/3 less cost - and with higher absolute quality - judging by the samples now available). The main advantage of the X10 seems to be it's very fast lens - but with less reach than the others. We're all eagerly awaiting the DP full review on the X10, or at least some samples that really show it's low light performance. Isn't there anyone on the testing staff that shoots at night?? Nightclubs, dancers, even available light portraits - SOMEthing that those of us who shoot low light situations can use to evaluate performance?
Klein's advice is also great -- "hand feel" is crucial and individual for those who actually work with a camera for extended periods. Smaller cameras (S95/ S100) are harder to hold still, and have no way to trigger external flash.

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