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On Enter the 2014 World Press Photo contest article (23 comments in total)

I've visited two or three WPF Winners exhibitions. I do understand that people sometimes risk their lives taking these shots, etc...
But: 1)They are professionals who get paid for their jobs. 2)They mostly concentrate on bad things. 3)The photos are mostly unimpressive.
What I mean saying unimpressive is that the shots, separated from their story, do not look great. It's like the shot with three black guys laying on the sand, but hey, they're are refugees from Somali after a night on the boat across the gulf of Aden. Captions make the story, not the shot.

All of above is my opinion.

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On Nikon unveils 24.1MP D5200 DSLR with optional Wi-Fi article (392 comments in total)

If they give D7000 features to D5200, then the next D7x00 should be really something new.
Things I'd like to see: better (faster/more accurate) AF, Wi-Fi enabled (external unit would be ok), at least 1 stop better DR and high-ISO than D5200 sensor.
I don't really care for Mpix, 16 is more than enough for my skill and optics right now.
Oh, can I have in-camera HDR, please? So I can post it right to my facebook page via the smartphone :)

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"Inventions" of the year, huh? Ok, transistor was an invention, not only of a year, but of a half of the century. Nuclear power, space flight, etc. - those are inventions, if you ask me. Even a USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a bigger invention than most of those in their list.
My point is that real inventions are rare and significant. You can't really get 50 awesome inventions a year. I'd take such lists with a pinch of salt.

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I don't think it's ugly. It's a matter of taste, anyways.
I like the video specs, and I have F-mount lenses, so I could buy this one as a fun/carry anywhere camera and also use it with my 70-300 for super-tele. I guess, it'll also work ok with VNX and CNX, am I right?
The only thing that bothers me is that sensor got more Mpix, but it's still small. The V1 sensor, based on DxO mark, was no good. Let's see what this sensor is capable of.

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On Lytro Light Field Camera first look with Ren Ng article (225 comments in total)

That looks soooo Apple.
The concept looks interesting technically (although they're not the ones who invented it, according to wikipedia), but that marketing garbage kills the idea in my eyes. Strange shape and controls, fixed memory and battery, the resolution is next to nothing, but WOW - it comes in different colors!

I'd wait for a couple of years and see if something more usable comes out of this.

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