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This is a very good and well timed move for Pentax. I would assume that when the new full frame body is released this program will expand to incorporate the new body.

Without this type of service, the company can't possibly be considered to have a pro level product line.

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On article Hands-on with the Pentax K-3 II (531 comments in total)

The K5 has been my primary camera since it first came out and I have been patiently waiting for the new FF to come out before purchasing a new body. However, the arrival of the K3II was a bit of a surprise, and I have taken the plunge and ordered one for the end of the month. I'm primarily a landscape photographer, but have been spending more time the past year photographing birds, so the new body with improved focus, and the ability to capture super high resolution still images is too tempting to overlook.

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It is acceptable as a phone app, but falls short of an imac app. Very disappointed with the product.

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zubikov: Photos is horrible. Can't geotag anymore. All photos that were previously manually geotagged in iPhoto/Aperture no longer show the location data. The majority of my 25K+ photos were manually geotagged and thrown into events. To Apple, this meant nothing and they have decided that all of my tagging and organization work could just be discarded in favor of a "simpler" interface.

I'm done with Apple software. As others have indicated, it makes sense to slowly transition off iPhoto/Aperture into lightroom or other more serious tools.

I tried it this morning and it belongs on a smart phone not an iMac. I tried to import a Raw DNG file that I took to try it out and it didn't recognize the format. Big step backward as far as I am concerned.

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I am getting really sick of DPR's negative approach to Pentax. Why refer to blinking lights in their announcement? Why refer to a camera mockup that is 15 years old in the Pentax Full Frame Announcement? We don't see this attitude on any other products being announced on this website. DPR negative editorial approach is unprofessional and as far as I am concerned reduces their image overall when compared to other review sites that are for more legitimate in my view.

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audijam: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:*) YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is indeed good news. There are a lot of folks who switched to other full frame platforms who by chance kept their Pentax Full Frame Glass just in case. In body stabilization means all of that classic glass is still good to go.

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A friend of mine bought the Fuji X10 over the Pentax Q and discovered the orbs.

He waited until the latest firmware fix but the orbs are still present. He has decided to take the Fuji back (within 30 day return policy) and is probably going to get the Pentax Q. I'll see him in a week or so, and will learn what his replacement pocket camera is.

I did get a chance to play with the Fuji and it is a pretty neat camera. Feels solid and the controls are convenient and easy to figure out.

According to DPReview many folks using the camera will hardly ever experience the orbs, but if you are an experienced photographer and you use the camera in all sorts of light situations the orbs are an going to be a problem.

By the way he already owns a Nikon D7000, he just wants a pocket camera for those times when a DSLR just won't work for him.

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