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racketman: $899 is £556, £667 with 20% VAT not £850, welcome to Rip Off Britain.

If you buy something from the US and ship it to the UK, I find that customs and duties in addition to VAT and shipping costs usually makes something that is worth 100 USD = 100 GBP!

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On Hand-painted Olympus E-P5 comes with bonus... Vespa? article (51 comments in total)

I saw it on Thursday when I thought of visiting the technology section at Harrods. There was a couple of Olympus cameras in a glass display with that Vespa next to them. When I looked at the price I was so shocked that I couldn't look again no matter how much I tried.

Thanks dpreview for reminding me with that unbelievable price.

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On Canon videos showcase 70D's innovative AF system article (145 comments in total)
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Princess Leia: This is not innovation. Sony has been doing the phase detection autofocus with their SLT cameras for a while now. Having said that, it is nice to know Canon is playing catch up.


Sony have a dual PDAF system on its A99 model; on-sensor PDAF as well as the PDAF SLT technology. Although I have to admit that this solution seems to be half baked when compared with Canon have managed to make with this.

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vFunct: Shutters weren't synced properly (see motion flickering between frozen images), but a good start. Can go pro be triggered externally?

I think that it is apparent that the producer made that in purpose.

Whether the flickering effect was nice or not is another matter.

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Sigma, solve the problem with availability of your older models before announcing any new ones. I am still trying to find a place that stocks the 35 1.4 for the sony mount and they announce even more new models!

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Bill_Clinton: Not that exciting, Jerry Ghionis did the same ages ago and he had way nicer pictures:

Now this is the work of an artist and a real pro. Not the typical colorful Indian theme style photos above.

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