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He was given a second chance - as important he took it. Must have been scarey Daniel, going back, but you can't stop now. Cool pic.

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In a small way, just getting into hi end wedding photography (most work is industrial/corporate). And I love it when I see someone with the nowse to try new things out for himself and then share it. Great Treavor - wish more of us were like you.
I don't have a 90 - just the 17 (recommended where appropriate). However, Trevor, if you don't mind I will buy a 90 and try it out on industrial shoots where I like to occationally push the customer's brief and do something a little more interesting than just the usual generics.
Refering to Cy Cheze remarks, which some some extent I have sympathy, often I am initially down when confronted by someone who doesn't appear photogenic. But that is the challenge because, anyone who is in front of the camera wants themselves to look great. So Treavor, I bet you have some great pictures of people as a result of both technical and subjective creativity which haven't relied on Photoshop's liquifying filter.

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I particularly like the uncropped version with the reflection of the girl in the surface above. The 'architecture' works for me too. What incredable fun it must have been. And all professional photography should be fun ... well except the sort of photography that Don McCullin was involved with.

Photoshop et al is a great photographic development. However, there is nothing to substitute getting it right in the camera, albeit commercial revenue issues then come into play.

Love it.

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Giles, simply I am in awe of people, like you, who have massively suffered and yet found direction on their own to have another go. From the rebound, I wish you every strength to find your new style. Its the picture that counts so I am sure going for lighter equipment won't cramp at least your creativity. A commercial photographer who rarely faces any danger, I admire the unimaginable courage of those who face it daily. You have obviously faced more than most, come through it, only to return to finish the job which is still not without considerable risks. So we all wish you safety in your endevour, great success in your mission and a long and rewarding (for us all) career. And I look forward to buy a book based on your work in the future. Best wishes.

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On The 15 Minute Makeover: Photoshop Beauty Retouching article (168 comments in total)

Jean, you've got people contributing - brilliant. Good presentation. Myself, I am very manual although sometimes I'm flawed and try others' advice. If we can't pintch each other's ideas and shape them to our own likeing, well that would be the end of art full stop.

The exciting thing about the visual arts is that the result is subjective. Some of the world's most well known photographs are hated by some - this is simply because human perception varies from one person to another. If you believe in people having different viewpoints, then they should be allowed to express them, in this case visually.

And just because you might not like a result, that doesn't mean to say that it has no value. What I find in my own results is that, while I might hate them, the customer might love them. Being commercial - that relevant.

So thanks Jean and thanks dpreview for creating this section of the site - also for not including a don't like button which would have been so negative.

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