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MeganV: The paradigm shift underway, here, saddens.

Google says, "use Snapseed for mobile instead of these old desktop applications." OK, but Snapseed for mobile doesn't do nearly as much, nearly as well.

Adobe says, "use Photoshop Fix and Lightroom mobile or Lightroom for the Web and edit wherever you are!" OK, but Photoshop Fix and Lightroom Mobile can't even touch big RAW files without a convoluted ingest-on-computer-then-sync workflow. They can't do as much, nearly as well.

Apple says, "the iPad Pro is our bold, uncompromising vision for the future of personal computing. Windows users, come on over!" Ok, but how does one even get his or her Windows files ON to an iPad? Dropbox? And where are all the professional-grade apps? Like, how would I edit a really big spreadsheet with v-lookups and data qualifiers and deep sorts? The iPad Pro can't do as much, nearly as well.

Welp, I guess it's a future of JPEGs and instagram filters. We'll have to figure out how to make it work.

Well said, Profesional & Advanced amateurs have a tough time now regarding Photographic software. Good products get discontinued and replaced with to simple products for the masses.
A perfect example of this was Apple’s dicontinuation of Aperture & iPhoto. Replaced by Photos which is imo trash ware, an insult against photographers intelligence or humankind for that matter.

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Previously i always carried my DSLR around. The fact that i use a smartphone today for snapshots is not size. it is simply because Canon won’t put wifi integrated in their high end models. and it is needed for that kind which usually ends up in social media.

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On article Behind the Shot: Watery Grave (94 comments in total)

This is a very nice photo, but i agree with many posters that the vignetting is to much, i find it actually way to much especially on the top corners. The black stone does not help picture balance, it gives it an arty effect, but would be much more pleasing without, and give it more “calmness” and better story telling.

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Scottelly: Fankly, I'm surprised it's less than $100,000 dollars. You'd think something made by NASA or for NASA would be really expensive, just because of what it represents. Imagine having one of Henry Ford's cars or a suit, horse, or hat belonging to George Washington? How about a pen used by Thomas Jefferson or better yet, how about a quill and ink well used by Shakespeare? One day this stuff will be legendary, and people in the future will pay big money to get anything from Earth, let alone something like a telescopic lens, which represents our curiosity about space and other planets and stars, solar systems, and galaxies, where most humans will live one day, in maybe as little as 100 years. Give something like this to a child, who is 5 or 6 now, but will be 20 or 30 when given something like this, and that child may get a large fortune for it in 100 years, when people are living an average of 150 years or more and space travel is as normal as air travel is today.

Scottelly, this lens might take very nice pictures of a 5 miles asteroid on a path to hit earth and extinct human race.

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Sailor11677: This would seem to have vast privacy and security applications and ultimately, implications. It is somewhat ironic that the sample photo is what appears to be a third-world market where one might assume terrorists or other subversives could frequent.

@Ozyxy, No privacy might be fine in a world with human rights, democracy and so on. Imagine in a decade your democratic government replaced by a dictature with control of that technologi. I live in a country that just went from democracy to dictatorship, and some get arrested for their voice on social networks.

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DaveE1: Considering I can't put together a coherent sentence myself after seeing some photos, this technology must be impressive ;)

edit, deleted because responding to wrong person. Sorry

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the minor test i did with Canon, i found the TTL unreliable. nothing beats manual mode for control anyway.

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On article A GoPro Hero's journey into a dishwasher (167 comments in total)
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Jogger: What's next, GoPro video of paint drying?

Next, the one with the cat.

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I think that on sites as FaceBook, you will find most stolen images. But they remove EXIF & IPTC data on picture uploads. I never understood why?

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bigdaddave: Anyone worried about sharpness or dynamic range?

No, of course not because when the subject matter is so fantastic stuff like that really doesn't matter at all. Nor should it.

I remember that time, gear nerds didn’t talk much camera gear, as all cameras more or less had same features. Tech talk was more focused on lens, film type, film developer and mixture, paper types…

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On article Another Hasselblad rebadge or Photoshopped hoax? (184 comments in total)

DPR can you please make an article on what camera Paris Hilton and other celebrities use. I need some advice and i'm confused on what to buy next.

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nicolas guilbert: I know the article was based on tools when shooting. but i would like to hear as well on tools to rate pictures. I usualy upload the whole content of a photoshoot on my iPad. it is frustrating not being able to rate pictures or at least get a file name info on the native apps. Any suggestions for an app doing that.

Thanks for the useful links. I just bought photo manager pro, looks it gives me rating capabilities.

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I know the article was based on tools when shooting. but i would like to hear as well on tools to rate pictures. I usualy upload the whole content of a photoshoot on my iPad. it is frustrating not being able to rate pictures or at least get a file name info on the native apps. Any suggestions for an app doing that.

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Some quite good ones among the 30 on her website.

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On article Canon patent describes novel liquid lens design (77 comments in total)

future topics will be on water quality and pump speed ;)

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I don't know much about alternative grips to EOS 5D's, But i can't imagine they are worse than the originals. Canon's grips in that segment are total garbage. Bad Ergonomics and plastic gears that breaks. I long after a grip with the quality they did to EOS1 film bodies.

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what about sites striping out the IPTC data out of images, such as Facebook and others. This should be an illegal act.

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borisz: I've heard that Adobe's competitors went to church today to light a candle and to thank Lord for these great news...

This is very weird, even for Pros. I am often on the move with CS6 on my laptop. Often at places with erratic or no internet connection. What is adobe thinking?

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