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On Ricoh GR II: What's new and what does it mean? article (192 comments in total)
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Tungsten Nordstein: 'it's easy to be cynical and wonder whether it's only been done to bolster the price and stop people writing off the camera as being an 'old' model'

No, it's easy to ignore the history of Ricoh's upgrade policy. It's easy to criticise a company who steadfastly refuse to follow the big three in their attempts to keep people buying endless new models for little reason. It's easy to ignore that Ricoh make a camera that does not encourage existing users to keep upgrading because it is a quality long-life investment (and one that seriously undercut the Nikon Coolpix A when introduced). It's easy to ignore the mountains of electronic goods waste produced each year. (41.8m tonnes last year alone.)

It seems to be a particular obsession with camera reviewers that a camera is a waste of silicon, and the manufacturer a cynical rip off merchant, because their latest camera A has left out some completely useless piece of froth provided by a competitors's camera B. Unless, of course, it's a Leica in which case it's an expression of zen-inspired minimalism.

If the GRII provides half the pleasure of the GR, that's something that should be celebrated.

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On Ricoh GR II: What's new and what does it mean? article (192 comments in total)
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pannumon: I do not see see a reason why small upgrades should not be made. This upgrade is for those who don't own a GR yet.

"it needs faster and sharper lens". What total tosh.

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On Ricoh GR II: What's new and what does it mean? article (192 comments in total)
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Meuh: For this market segment I wonder why more people don't look into the Sigma DP series?

My Dp1 Merrill and Dp3 Merrill are now my main cameras in and out of the studio and the Image Quality is way beyond my Pentax k5 (16mp sony apcs sensor) at base iso.

Sure the Sigma isn't as good at higher ISO and a slower camera all round (including work flow) but you also have several focal length options.

Because by the time the Merrill was ready to take the shot, the subject would already be in Timbuktu. The whole point of the GR is spontaneity - the shot's in the bag as you see it.

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On Ricoh GR II: What's new and what does it mean? article (192 comments in total)
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zoranT: They put stabilization in anything. Why not here? With OIS and good video specs this would be a genius street allrounder. Sad. What a miss. Perhaps Nikon will come up with a more interesting update for the competitor camera.

Lack of OIS is a positive feature - stabilisation is a complete waste of space not to mention battery power on a wide angle camera with a leaf shutter. Plus without OIS all the lens elements are properly restrained (note that Leica Q has OIS but it's disabled by default).
Shooting hand held down to 1/10 of a second with a GR is perfectly feasible, if you need to.

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On Sony RX100 IV compact shoots 4k, uses a stacked sensor article (303 comments in total)

@DPR: Notoriety = "fame for being bad in some way" (Oxford Learner's Dic)

I think I'll stick with my GR...

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tonyknight: I'm Tony Knight, from QromaScan. You can ask me anything, and I will respond.


>Can you do this with a $30 scanner?
Yes, but that's not our market. Our market is for people that will never use a scanner. There a lots of people that don't have that kind of patience, and do not wish to send the one copy of every photo they have to someone they don't know. Do people use tradition scanners? Yes. Do people use those service? Yes. Are there people left over? Yes. Those are the people with boxes of unscanned photos, and we want to help get those photos out of the box, and shared among family members.

There was one important thing QromaScan can do that no other scanner does. We capture ( with voice recognition) the date, the place and the people in the photo and write it out to industry standard metadata. We capture the image and the story in one step.

Ultimately, it is up to the consumer if a picture of a picture is acceptable. For many, it definitely is.

I think it's a great idea in principle, but it stands or falls on the voice recognition and the user interface. Names and places can be particularly demanding, especially if they're foreign. The question I'd like to know is how easy is it to make corrections by manually typing, if the recognition fails? Seeing as the iPhone is attached to the box it strikes as being quite tricky.

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Esign: Wrong, wrong! If you have kept the old negatives, there's still amazingly more information and quality to get out from them than you would believe when looking at the faded cheap prints, even when they were fresh new. I have scanned thousands of mine and others on Nikon scanners, and when corrected and enlarged, many times it’s like you see the pictures for the first time. Sadly, really good scanners like Nikon are no more. That’s really a pity, because I don’t think that the baby boomers was in time ten years ago to take the old negative boxes out for handling. Now, as retirees, comes the time and interest.
Compared, this Smartphone toy is a joke.

Scanning negatives is ridiculously time consuming.

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A brave concept, and one many would die for... but the dream ends with the publicity vid. They need to convince that it's a serious photographic tool rather than a fashion accessory. Some shrinking wouldn't go amiss either - that thing is huge.

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On The Wild Southwest: Jory Vander Galien's landscapes article (62 comments in total)

I was going to plead "landscape-fatigue" as it's a subject which has been done almost to death and as presented here they don't look particularly special. That was, until I visited his web site. It's only there that you appreciate the depth of his work - it's a treat. Thanks DPR for a worthwhile addition to your landscape portfolio.

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sebastian huvenaars: Ah flickr, the site that used to harbor photographers... Most of my flickr friends have left the scene by now, maybe i should do the same. Hardly ever visit that train wreck...

Which train wreck do you use now?

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SirSeth: No full frame! Well I'm going to be avoiding the Pentax forum for a while. I don't want to chewed on by all the gnashing of teeth.

Why wait for a Pentax FF body, just to use a couple of decent lenses amidst a sea of second-hand third rate dross? I don't get it, when there are already affordable FF systems around from the likes of Sony and Nikon.

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On Behind the Shot: Dali's Dream article (103 comments in total)
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Mal69: @PhotoKhan

I know what you say and i get your point, i think you miss my point, i am not a snob and i know how to use Photoshop.

Anyone can take a photo and manipulate it but there comes a point when you are not seeing what the eye sees and instead you are seeing a fantasy, nothing wrong with that, some of these photoshopped images look superb, some look overprocessed, as another example i am not keen on supermodels that get all their imperfections photoshopped away, beauty is of course in the eye of beholder and we all have different tastes.

Photography is all too often manipulated after the fact and done so aggressively, a little photoshop is fine but i think people go overboard with it these days, tools can be used for good but can also be used for bad and i prefer to see as little manipulation as possible.

Unless you happen to be a one-eyed gorgon you're never going to see what the camera sees. Why not just enjoy the fantasy?

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review preview (939 comments in total)
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Erik Hecht: Here's my first real world experience with the camera in Iceland:

Bravo, lovely work.

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On Video: Capturing nature with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II article (200 comments in total)

Splendid video.

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On Tiny fps1000 high-speed camera boasts 18,500fps article (137 comments in total)
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Jim Evidon: Back in the good old days of rocket research, we used to rely on a high fps rate camera called a GSAP to study rocket engine firings. It's total running time was a matter of seconds. It cost a fortune then.

Now there may be one for less than $700? What possible use can an amateur
photographer have for such a device once he has taken a picture of a hummingbird in flight or a bullet shattering a light bulb? It's a marvelous achievement in price vs. performance, but it's long term use to the average photographer will be in bragging rights only.

Someone said he'd pick one up in a heart beat. And do what with it? Do you have any idea how quickly it will fill a 32GB card at 18.500 fps @ 2560 x 2048 pixels per image? I would imagine we are talking in terms of seconds.

It has a profound scientific future and I cheer for the inventor, but aside from that who in amateur photography needs it? Who will want one is another matter.

I agree, though the intended market is clearly much wider than just 'the average photographer' - there's support for users to customise the firmware.

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In contrast to the bag, the camera looks slightly ever so slightly ridiculous. A small mirrorless cam would surely be more appropriate.

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Michael Ma: Samples overall look a generation or two behind the latest smartphones. Sacrifice that for refocus, dof, 3d....maybe worth it for some, not worth it for others.

Refocus is the least of it - it's the depth-aware editing that's the real killer.

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On Ricoh announces Pentax XG-1 superzoom article (205 comments in total)
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Hubertus Bigend: With all the effort they put into making such a camera (which I find nicely designed, by the way), I wish they'd strive more to find a more useful balance between versatility (i.e. zoom range) and compactness on one hand and image quality and low-light capability on the other, until by some miracle someone invents a 1/2.33" sensor with acceptable image quality some day. With a slightly larger sensor and a slightly smaller zoom range I might even become interested in a camera like that XG-1. As things are, I'd rather use this older camera that was named XG-1, too: (via

I doubt Ricoh put any significant resources into designing this camera, let alone making it. It shows all the signs of being an 'add your own logo' deal.

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On Ricoh announces Pentax XG-1 superzoom article (205 comments in total)
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D1N0: Looks to be the same camera as this one:

kodak az522

Too true, and would explain the stupidly low price.

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2251 comments in total)
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Will Taylor73: God Leica are tedious! They bring out these hyped-up 2nd rate cameras and the mindless Leica fan-bois come out in droves to clap their hands and congratulate a dying company on it's paltry efforts to make itself relevant. Leica are simply irrelevant to modern photography. When I see someone with a digital Leica I know (from experience and making an effort to chat to these folks) that they are cashed-up pretenders who care far more about the credence the brand 'lends' their photography than just about anything else. Let Leica dye I say.

"Let Leica dye I say". I'm sure they'll paint you a red dot if you ask them nicely!

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