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On 5 Reasons why I haven't used my DSLR for months article (592 comments in total)

Poor guy...

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Of all the farces and charades in the world of photography, Leica's quest to be 'the emperor's new camera' is commendable. By now the Queen of England has almost certainly never heard of that pesky 'Lumix' brand of Panasonic cameras that omit the Leica's #1 feature, a $4,000 mark-up. Anybody who buys this 'brand' is welcome to stuff my bank account while they are at it, since such a person has an obvious contempt for money and I'd like a piece if they are throwing it away. Let me know.

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wildplaces: Inexplicably, DPRewview has become a forum for many professional and advanced amateur photographers, but they are starting to trend to the mass merchandising area and headlining articles for novices, without noting their intent. I was awfully disappointed when I clicked on this headline article about composition, expecting material on a par with some of the other web sites providing insights for more advanced photographers. Please confine these articles in a section for beginners; otherwise, you will lose your core consitituency.

This is a terrible article. The example photos are terrible, and the advice is so elementary it is insulting.

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