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Heaven is for real: For those haters or don't anything about Sony/Zeiss Partnership...

"Sony is the brand of choice for people looking for great design and high quality. In 1996, Sony came out with its first camcorder with a Carl Zeiss lens. Since then, Carl Zeiss and Sony’s cooperation has expanded to include compact digital cameras and camcorders, high-quality bridge cameras and interchangeable lenses for the Sony Alpha DSLR camera. Sony and Carl Zeiss develop Lenses for Sonys digital cameras together. Then the manufacturing takes place in Sony facilities according to Carl Zeiss specifications. It’s a partnership that combines premium-quality electronics and sensor technology with the best-possible optics for film and video cameras."

So please stop spreading wrong information!

You have to love those Sony, Nokia and Logitech propaganda texts on Zeiss' page. I wonder how much those 3 companies have to pay for Zeiss' advertising service. :) But maybe that's all their partnerships are about.

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On Preview:sony-alpha-a6000 (894 comments in total)
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plasnu: Image Samples. So much better than any NEX.


Posted on Feb 18, 2014 at 22:31 UTC
On Preview:sony-alpha-a6000 (894 comments in total)
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DT200: "From what we were able to see, the camera focuses slightly faster than the previous NEX 6 but it isn’t anything with blazing speed. "
Need more hands on reviews.

"As mentioned ,we had a brief opportunity to play with a preproduction sample, and it’s no joke: The autofocusing is extremely fast and responsive."

You can read comments like that in almost every preview these days.

Posted on Feb 18, 2014 at 22:29 UTC
On Preview:sony-alpha-a6000 (894 comments in total)
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pew pew: Imagine a camera like the a6000, with A mount a bit bigger because the mount distance, but still small with all those minolta lenses available for really cheap, that would be perfect :d

It will have the same size as an A6000 with Sony's adapter slapped on. No point in selling the same camera with a non-removable adapter glued on.

Posted on Feb 18, 2014 at 22:26 UTC
On Preview:sony-alpha-a6000 (894 comments in total)
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ChefPisi: is this camera made in China like the NEX 6? I sure hope not!

It's made well and as everybody knows it isn't made in China, it's made in Thailand.

Posted on Feb 18, 2014 at 22:21 UTC
On Sony Alpha 7R Review (819 comments in total)
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Babka08: Why all the talk of Nikon and Canon comparisons? This Sony seems more like a rangefinder competitor, no? Probably shake in your boots, Leica. But the whole EVF thing still isn't fully baked so not quite yet...

The Sony isn't a rangefinder.

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On Sony Alpha 7R Review (819 comments in total)
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munro harrap: Do you realize it costs as much as a Nikon D800? Have you got it figured too that the lenses are only just emerging and in size rival Nikon and Canon, and if you want to use the NEX or other lenses with an adaptor you have an awkward unfriendly and without AF (possibly), VERY expensive package on your hands. Of course, great to be able to stick your Nikkors on it, but pointless and absurd, since it is far too slow to use. This Sony takes ITs pictures- the shutter lag is so great that YOU cannot take YOUR pictures using either of these lovely new Alpha A7 and A7R machines. Yes, same problem with detail-smearing slow 5D MkII and MkIII, but if your subjects do not move you'll be OK.

They decided to make a SLOOOWW camera, so you be slow to buy it. It was their choice and they should be ashamed. Full autofocus 0.359/362 secs; manual focus lag is 0.261 secs , prefocussed lag is a scandalous 0.163 secs, down from 0.007 secs on their first mirrorless APS-C machine DSC-R1 (2005).

Oh my, you got it wrong. You don't need an adapter for NEX lenses.

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On Sony Alpha 7R Review (819 comments in total)
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Apollwnios: SONY A7R

What's that supposed to be?

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On Sony Alpha 7R Review (819 comments in total)
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Seansprague: If you are a professional travelling photojournalist like myself, then micro 4/3s make most sense. I can carry three small panny bodies, five superb lenses, flash and audio equipment all in one average sized camera bag and not do my shoulders in - and results are great. Clients never complain. Who really needs more than 16 MP for magazine work, besides they'll come out with 24 MP 4/3s soon anyway, I imagine, in case that matters. My FF Canons and all their heavy expensive lenses and older Nikons stay at home most of the time these days. Anybody want to buy them off me?

No, thanks.

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On article CP+ 2014: Selected highlights of the show (34 comments in total)

I wish they had any highlights there...

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The worst CP+ 2014 interview so far...

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instamatic: To answer Nikon why their mirrorless is not selling in the US: Nikon 1 has a small sensor, while the US consumer expects at least a DX sensor. Why? Probably because many hobbyists are vainly hoping to one day have some success at shooting weddings, or whatever - which for most people never materializes, but still the illusion is there. Regardless of where the hobbyist is on their photography journey, it is universally known that wedding/portrait photography requires a large sensor for shallow and popular depth of field with fast lenses. And where are the fast lenses for mirrorless? Thirdly why in the world the lesser Nikon 1 cameras have flash sync only at 1/60 sec? Why aren't DSLR speedlights compatible?

Nikon's compact cameras are also not up to par. Where is a compact with a 'standard' zoom lens and aperture somewhere between f/1.4 and f/2.5 or similar. Why aren't all Nikon's compact cameras allowing saving RAW files. Where is built in WI-FI?

Where is the D400?

The D70 had a CCD.

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dervish_candela: - will there be a successor to D300s?
- our comment is no comment

- will you do any missimg DX lenses?
- no comment

- where's roadmap?
- who cares, just buy our carp

- name one reason I should not go fuji
- they haven't figured the phase AF yet, phew

- will you ever answer a question with something that is not a piece of useless blah-blah?
- we can definitely promise you big innovation in ways we deliver our noncommittal commentary of no comment

That makes no sense.

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8 people owned the DP2 Quattro already, amazing.

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Spectro: I would probably still pick the older Nikon 35mm f/2D AF over this, much cheaper. Not sure why all the new updates are 50-75% more the then one they replaced theses days (from any makers).

The 35/2D isn't even a good lens by today's standards...

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tallguy600: Got the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 for just $200 more before Christmas.
This Nikon lens looks uninspiring by comparison so the image quality better be good I'm thinking.

There is no 35/1.4 for APS-C.

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jhinkey: Why not just make a high quality Samyang extender with all the pass-through electronics (if there are any) so that the user doesn't have to carry around an extender with each lens?
I know there is data that shows extenders/adapters can cause problems, but there's no reason a high quality extender can't be made that mitigates or minimizes these problems. After all people are putting speed boosters and tele-extenders between their lenses and bodies all the time . . .

They don't contain any electronics to pass through.

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munro harrap: THe problems are too numerous to mention. Nikon's 18-35mm in both incarnations is a poor lens, but Full-frame has far more use for this zoom than APS-C. What do you do with a lens that is not wide enough and certainly not long enough for general use? UK houses are so tiny interior shots with a 27mm are limited. It should be 16mm for a Nikon etc and 14mm for a Canon to be useful.
And then it has to focus in the correct direction WITHOUT A SEPARATE DOCK (Jeeezzzz!) and be accurate with no faffing! The 16-85 VR just DOES so much more,even though it may do so with less acuity. It will focus faster, its focussing be more accurate straightaway, so "after a day or two of testing...." is a way of comforting oneself for having bought a lemon, sir!

"It has to focus in the correct direction WITHOUT A SEPARATE DOCK (Jeeezzzz!)" makes no sense at all.

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RichRMA: Do they have an I.S. mode that works on a tripod? Is someone likely to be using this hand-held?

That doesn't even make sense.

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Zenjitsuman: Anyone get the list price yet?

Panasonic didn't even launch the lens yet. Is it so hard to read the text above?

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