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On Odessa, Texas challenge (15 comments in total)
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babalu: Since this "host" stubbornly keeps on with this weared out Texas joke challenge, I propose that entries be submitted for ANY town in Texas, taken ANY old time .
If the "host" reacts and disqualifies, we'll have proof that he/she is alive.
If not, at least maybe we'll get some good pictures of places in Texas.

you narrow down the theme way too much. Is Texas not everywhere? Why not show nice pics of the Eiffeltower in OdessaTexas. The London Bridge in Odessa, Texas, the TadjMahal inOdessa, Texas or the Berlin Wall in Odessa, Texas. If you truly seek for Odessa Texas, you will find Odessa Texas wherever you are.

Also, regarding time of capture: Has Einstein not taught that time is relative?

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On The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas challenge (16 comments in total)
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RuthC: Do you want the one in Houston, or Galveston, or Austin or Lubbock or.... :-)

No, probably just anywhere in Texas. I expect separate challenges for the best little whorehouse in each of the cities mentioned and others to come.

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On Galveston, Texas challenge (13 comments in total)

In this series, we might expect more challenges, the themes most likely being listed on

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Cariboou: Now the 5.6 between 3-4 years 4.5 and in 10 years 2.8, sure if they give as the 2.8 immediately we to buy the last and nothing else, then I like know the real cost to the production, how much for one gram of the lens... I know that is a mystery, like a car nobody know...... only thing we can do is buy and pay eh...

Zeiss did a 1700mmf4- so an 800mmf2.8 should not be a problem

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Great book. Thank you, Uwe.

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On Mr. Janus Ficino in the Everyday Life: Hats challenge (2 comments in total)

Great Idea, good photos.

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On Rice inscriber - Beijing souvenir kiosk in the Show us your Bokeh.... challenge (1 comment in total)

You can only see in the headline that she is a "rice inscriber" - what the photo shows is just a a hand holding a pencil in front of a some souvenirs. That might have caused the many .5s - given that there is not much bokeh either. Keep trying and Good Luck next time.

Rgds, Peter

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On Peeping Swallow in the Show us your Bokeh.... challenge (4 comments in total)

I do not think the .5s are justified, either.
You have used 250mm focal length with shutter speed 1/200s. That might have caused blur which in turn made the picture soft. Reduce shutter speed, reduce focal length somewhat (some zooms are soft at their long end).
Use a tripod if you have one, set the camera up and wait for the bird to come out.
You might also try to rotate the picture somewhat- not sure where vertical really is.

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On Party bowl in the Red White and Blue challenge (1 comment in total)

Great Shot. You really deserve scoring higher than me, but you do not deserve scoring that low.

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Congratulations. I had expected this photo to win the challenge. You have a very good compostion with regard to colors and the plasement of objects shown AND your picture tells a story.
I hope voters do your photos more justice next time.

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