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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II First Impressions Review preview (1340 comments in total)

I hope Dan finds his way through the complexity of the camera, and learns to appreciate it's abilities better.
in reading the article it seems the benefits the camera offered were almost an agravation.
I have to wonder how well Sony, Canon ..or Nikon might do packing all the features the EM5 MkII offers into a body, and still give the ability to set the camera up like it would be an extension of your hand in shooting.
It just takes a bit of time to master all the advantages of the MkII. I hope Dan can eventually see the the advantage of that, and not the agravation.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2075 comments in total)

These cons are somewhet nit picky in my opinion.
Interface and controls can be overwhelming initially
>That's Oly. People learn the system anyway.
In-camera Raw conversion interface is somewhat unintuitive.
>Isn't it whats done in PS that really counts?
Auto focus with Four Thirds lenses is slow in dim conditions with tricky subjects
>Yeah. So what? It really does not apply to a new user, who will be buying the new lenses.
Only one SD card slot
>With the size of cards now, is this really that big a deal?
Inconveniently-placed power switch
Oly must have thought it worthy enough to bring it to the new EM5 MkII.
Disappointing video quality
> The one thing in this list that will be important videographers.
Multi-screen live view interface looks very dated (e.g. can't combine electronic level and histogram)
>Oh well ..even Oly is not perfect.
Many still cannot accept Oly taking the lead all the time, and with a smaller sensor to boot.

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When wrapping the finished review up, I hope the lenses used in the Studio test page will be listed. The OM1 and GH$ should be comparable, but the M1 looks sick.
It has to be the lens or just some error.

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On Nikon D3200 preview (181 comments in total)

I really do not get the comment from pg. 1 ..."In this comparison the mirrorless Panasonic has a slightly smaller sensor, but Sony's NEX and Samsung's NX models aren't much larger than the G3 while boasting APS-C sensors."

I just never knew it was possible to shoot these cameras without lenses. They are ..after all, a part of the package.

Sony has shown with the Nex series that they can get the body down in size, but add the lenses on any APSC cam ...mirrorless or not, and the word 'small' is out of the conversation.

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On CIPA starts to report growing mirrorless sales article (200 comments in total)
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Jmmg: Traditionally, Japan always is the indicator for what the trend of new technology or gadget are heading.(Except Iphone or Ipad) Don't forget the asian market(China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Japan, etc.) will be the battle ground for all the big camera manufacture, that off course includes Nikon and Canon. WHen you looks at the chart then you will realize the Mirror less share in Japan and Asia is the future of Digital Camera, I know most N. American or European still in denial that N. America is not and will not be the economical or consuming powerhouse no longer, face the future, people.

How many Digital Camera sold in an hour in NA and Europe combined Vs. China, Japan and India, you think?

Quote. "History has shown products that thrive in other parts of the world but fail to take off in the US never survive in the long run."

That may have been true, but the US dominance is not as strong as it once was.

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On Parallels in the Roofs challenge (2 comments in total)

Somewhat odd for sure. Where was that shot?

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On Moving fast in the Recreate a classic movie still challenge (2 comments in total)

That even looks like Mr. Anderson.

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