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No one here seems to be excited that the OMD can now shoot tethered. That's the biggest new feature to me and I'm really excited about that. I'm not sure the Fuji X-T1 can do that.

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Everyone realizes that the lens is actually 12-37 right? It's a 24-75 equivalent field of view, but don't expect the subject isolation you'd get from a real 75mm f2.8 lens. This lens will only give you the equivalent isolation of a 37mm at f5.6. If bokeh in a small size is your goal, you'd be better off with the Olympus OMD-Em10 and the 45 f1.8.

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Uaru: Actually I just sent a direct message to Fuji Headquarters about minimal speed for AutoISO. They should know how important it is for us (I assume, it is not only me who wants the minimal speed for AutoISO)...

This works great, as long as you are shooting an average scene. If you are shooting a backlit scene or if you're shooting a something dark like a black suite, or something bright, like a white dress, the camera will expose for grey instead. Normally, you can increase or decrease with exposure compensation, but when you shoot in manual, the exposure compensation dial does nothing. It would be great if the camera allowed you to shoot manually and then use the Auto ISO to increase or decrease the exposure when you turn the exposure compensation dial.

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