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  • My first digital cam was a Nikon 5700. I never exploited that cam to its full potential, even though I made money and gained business with it. Here's to you for going with the tool you have!
  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review preview

    I know a guy who shoots bracketed, multiple shots, as fast as his camera will shoot them — every time, all the time.

    Can't say I've ever filled the buffer of any camera.

    Some might actually rely...

  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review preview

    Drop the price down to compete with the Pentax k-3, and I'll buy two. I already have plenty o' old Nikon glass lying around.

  • IMO, the real tests of being a professional (other than getting paid), are: 1. Mastery of your craft: You no longer 'worry' about the tech/craft of using your tools (not that you don't have to pay ...
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    Tell me about it. I was sitting in a park with a sketchbook and some charcoal, and some dude walked up with . . . . . . a CAMERA! Oh, the audacity.
  • Can't seem to enter anything on the appropriate page. My vote for best lens: Pentax SMC-FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited * 2014, or otherwise.
  • Pentax SMC-FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited

  • If you want to make a fashion statement, shoot an old Nikkormat, or buy shoes.

  • It is pointless to discuss a film camera without discussing exactly what kind of film you are shooting.

  • As with most of their camera line up, Pentax offers the best in-class bang for the buck of any camera manufacturer. Considering the price point of this cam, leapfrogging the 'full frame' format is...

  • What you say is true, and applies to many, if not most, professions. The future looks increasingly bleak. We have far too many people, and technology doesn't seem to be advancing the vast majority ...
  • I've never had a commercial client ask. I did notice, early on in my career, while serving as a Creative Director (waaaaay pre-digital), that most clients — who didn't give a second thought to ...
  • Really? If it has value, it is capitalist to extract that value. Are you suggesting that giving something in demand (thus, valuable), away for free is capitalistic?
  • Stock photos are über cheap, by historical standards (and searching is much easier than it was before the digital age). There's also the million-monkeys-at-a-million-typewriters phenomenon: the ...
  • They apparently have value to the customer, but they belong to me. Such is the stuff of capitalism.
  • The raw files are your digital "negatives." As such, they do not reflect your artistic interpretation of the event. Unless the contract clearly specifies that the client will get the raw files, I ...
  • I believe sRGB is still the safe bet. It's the lowest common denominator color space, if not still pretty much universal for browser displays. I could be wrong, but haven't heard any news of color ...
  • Capitalists will sell anything to anyone — for a profit, or simply to stop the bleeding.

    Globalization knows no national loyalty.

  • Wow.

    Too bad. I'm sure German workers are paid more than their Chinese counterparts. Hard to compete with emerging market labor costs.

    This could be the starting gun for a race to the...

  • I've collected some MF legacy lenses — for both Pentax and Oly 4/3. Some of the glass is exceptionally good, and some astoundingly bad. I do use the MF lenses, but usually on slow-moving subjects ...
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