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  • Commented on Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview

    Yup spot on Coyote_Cody.

  • Commented on Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview

    Yup now since had a good read of review its a huge let down. :\ It did look promising at first but review is a real eye opening on how good or bad can it be.

  • Sorry my typo. Oops!

  • Did you realise how you fail to notice that you still do need A mount adapter for A77 II? Which comes at additional cost, thats for the loss!

  • There is hardly any quality difference Four Third sensor and APS-C.

  • Still this Olympus blows Sony out of water for IBIS 1/4th sec at 100mm!

  • That proves A37 IBIS is not that good.

    More information about OSS vs IBIS:...

  • Read the answer above points to Mike FL Plastek the newer one is better than A37. A37 done very poorly in the IBIS and since A37 is rather old model now, also is an entry body with very few feature...

  • Review needs to be done to ensure that Sony is following the right direction. Right now Sony needs to be aware Nikon is well ahead in competition. D750 kills all over A7 series for high iso shadow...

  • Nikon D750 wins hand down anyway. Wide dynamic range, better ISO range, better RAW output, lots of lens in range to choose from.

  • Native OSS will have better result than IBIS.

  • Native OSS will have better result than IBIS. What I find in A37 my sister got has built in stabiliser is not as good as my A7 with Zeiss and OSS incorporated in it that holds a lot more still than...

  • Yup there is no difference in quality between A7 and A7 II at all and upgrade to A7 II is useless to me. I have A7 already and prefer to keep this one. This A7 is a keeper for me.

  • ISO 800 RAW +2 can be pushed without noise in darkest shadow in low light sample. If using both luminance and chroma noise reduction enabled I can only pushed up to as high as +2.50 exposure. Which...

  • I opened ISO 12800 image I was only able to push exposure to +1 which I only could do with luminance and chroma noise reduction. Compare to ISO 100 I was able to do +5.00 with both luminance and...

  • Yup, higher the ISO you go up, the DR is losing quite a lot.

  • Yup, higher the ISO you go up, the DR is losing quite a lot.

    A7 safe zone at 10 stops is at ISO 3200.
    6D safe zone just below 10 stops is at ISO 6400.

    Once you go down 10 stops you are losing a...

  • Its clearly a photography human error. Why? He left the shadow compensation on that introduce much more noise in Sony.

  • This one here with Shading Compensation turned off and saved it ARW in IDC then opened Adobe photoshop all setting off. Saved it in JPEG and here is...

  • I have found a problem, the A7 studio sample he forgot to turn off Long Exposure NR, Color abberation Compensation and Shading Compensation. Shading Compensation is the main culprit thats why it...

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