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On Hands-on with the Nikon D3300 and 35mm F1.8G lens article (142 comments in total)

My truck is the smallest and lightest truck in the street. Sure it has a lower towing weight than my neighbour's Focus, but hey...

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Absolutic: I dont understand why Amazon's preorder page shows April as delivery date, while dpreview article here suggest February. I am going on vacation in Mid February so it makes difference to me

You have to add tax. With VAT £628 is £785. And it will sell for less probably when it finally arrives.

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Emacs23: Same size as Canon 85/f1.8 and slightly smaller than equivalent Nikon. About the same low light performance (FF vs APS-C), more than twice expensive (three times more expensive than Canon). And the performance will be worse than those full framers, because to be better it should be better than Otus 55 (which is about on par with Nikon 85/1.8G at equivalent apertures mounted on D600, Otus mounted on Nikon D7100).

Emacs...why do you feel so easily threatened? Try taking some pictures and you may feel better.

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On Fujifilm X-A1 real-world and test scene samples article (105 comments in total)
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itsastickup: Serious contrast issues. Seems like the early shadow cut is affecting this camera also.

Apparently this disaster is due to dpreview saying that the pics of the earlier cams were rather low contrast.

Fuji should listen to their engineers not dpreview.

It's because of this problem that I definitely won't be getting an XE-2, and now I'm worried about the XP-2.

fix this issue, Fuji, or at least let shadows go down to -3 to allow us to compensate for your manipulation.

Easy to adjust both for JPEG and of course in RAW. Why is this an issue?

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On Have Your Say: Best DSLR / SLT of 2013 article (339 comments in total)

When I saw the K3 I started to wish (for the first time in years) that I had not given up on Pentax when I did. It's a great compromise between features, size, performance and price and actually offers something unique (don't know how well the variable AA filter works but it's interesting and very enthusiast focused).

Nice to see the small guys (Pentax, Fuji) trying harder. Performance is no longer a defining factor, but handling is beginning to be the decider, and Pentax is still miles ahead of Canon and Nikon.

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On Manfrotto 190 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod Review article (72 comments in total)
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MAKfoto: If you want serious stuff Gitzo or Really Right Stuff mostly fits , otherwise if you are shooting with APSC basic models then even a Benro does good job like their Benro travel angel type series.
Manfrotto is asking more money for the name only ,a Sirui is much better built as seen and tested by me.
I own 9 tripods ranginging from 3KG to 40 KG capacity.

What I'm saying is that just don't fall for the brand name, now you have a LOT of options in this very competitive market.

I agree, Sirui and Feisol seem to offer a lot for the money and I cannot fault the quality of either. I have a Feisol Traveller and Sirui ballhead and both are nicely made and very robust, light, decent capacity and very good value for what you get.

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On Manfrotto 190 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod Review article (72 comments in total)

I had a 190 4 section carbon and the mounting plate detached from the centre column while I was unpacking it. I reattached it, but the design was so poor than no amount of tightening would convince me the same thing would not happen in the field when the column was anything but vertical.

On top of that it really was not very stiff, was quite heavy for its load capacity and not very compact when folded up. But it was cheap.

I hope they have fixed some of those issues, because this one is far from cheap.

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On Want to remember something? Don't take a photo article (185 comments in total)

I think it rather depends - I missed the wonder of many critical moments because I was looking through a viewfinder and didn't appreciate the impact of what I was seeing (either in or out of the frame).

On the other hand, when travelling and taking photographs at my leisure, I have time for both. In fact the search for and observation of old and new locations has if anything helped me see far more than I otherwise would.

So if it's all to do with one-off events, then he may have a point. If it's a general comment then I think it really depends on what kind of photographer you are.

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Sirandar: Every time I read Nexus articles I feel a little sad.

I like the design, style and price of the Nexus phones and generally like Google but the lack of microSD precludes me from ever buying these phones.

For photography 32Gb is OK but people like me also use a smartphone for music and perhaps video. Syncing is so passé as you often don't have the music you want when you want it, and it is a PITA. On-line services are not even close to being there yet ( but may be eventually).

If the 64GB models were widely available and not outrageously priced I might live with no microSD, but nothing can really compete with a 32Gb Sam S3 or S4 with a 64Gb microSD card if you actually use your phone as both a camera music player and have a moderately sized collection.

PS I use Dropbox and Google on-line services and they are in no way replacements for local storage, especially for music.

You can buy a storage manager app (no root hack required) and attach any USB storage you like via a USB adapter. Advantage is a I can share this across multiple devices and store as much as I like on regular USB flash memory (dirt cheap) or even portable hard drives.

Certainly a better option for movies given that micro SD are not all that big anyway, and makes life easier when you upgrade your phone.

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On Fujifilm XF 23mm F1.4 R real-world samples gallery article (125 comments in total)
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tipple: One thing is apparent from these images, if Fujifilm enters the full frame market, with the results achievable with the XTrans sensor or even their conventional Bayer sensor, Canon and Nikon will have to keep on their toes! Fujifilm has demonstrated very good support in updating lens and cameras for their customers. It is apparent they are in this for the long haul and that bodes well for all photographers.

Nobody gets it right first time. EOS M, all the early PENs, all a good example. However they forced you to buy a new camera. Fuji made your old camera almost as good as the new one, which they did not have to do.

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On Fujifilm XF 23mm F1.4 R real-world samples gallery article (125 comments in total)
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justinwonnacott: The lack of chromatic aberration and minimal distortion looks impressive, too bad about the sensor and its chronic softness. Nice legs - shame about the face - The monks.

@Clint Dunn

Me neither. I only compare it with other cameras I have used with similar resolution and in most cases it wins easily (compare with D7000 for instance). At print sizes up to 24" most of the forum blather is a non-issue anyway.

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Nukunukoo: My only complaint is that it should have IS, at narrower apertures, I keep raising my ISOs above my comfort zones. Minor quibble really, since the overall performance more than makes up for that. Besides, I think of this lens as a prime, and how many primes have IS?

I'm starting to think that the Pentax K3 and this would make the perfect light, indoor event shooter.

And with Pentax...

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On DPReview on CreativeLIVE article (142 comments in total)

Nice job guys. Seeing you sitting there in front of all those cameras made me feel better about being a gear-head.

However my niece now has a serious crush on Barney. I think she's starting a fan club on Facebook.... ;-)

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On DPReview on CreativeLIVE article (142 comments in total)

"Excited to announce" is such a wonderful corporate euphemism. I don't think I ever remembered anyone outside marketing using words like that.

"Trepidation" is much more on the mark. That exactly how I felt right up to any announcement date ;-)

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)
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Stefanie: Which part of "I'll never rent" didn't they get?

When the figure out the actual price most people will rent at they will realise they can make more money out of selling it again...

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)
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DenisBBergeron: I don't want to rent something, I want to own it.

Well thank Gimp, Google and Apple I can own other software.

True, but they cannot disable the software remotely if I don't keep paying for it. I only have to upgrade when I move to a new system on which it is not supported - like every five years.

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On French newspaper publishes issue with no photos article (208 comments in total)
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mgatov: The reality is that with the proliferation of cell phone cameras, there is always someone on the scene to take a picture... whether it is a natural disaster or an accident, or even a war. As long as there are people present, there will be pictures available.

A snapshot or video of an actual event is worth a lot more than a posed editorial after the event. Papers can still hire agency photographers or buy pics from Reuters if they want an "insertion" picture, but that's for ongoing situations. For much of the news it's simply not possible to have someone on the scene.

This is a direct result of the emergence of smartphones, meaning for any event happening anywhere in the world about 100 people are going to be shooting it. Just look at youtube.

I may not like it much either, but c'est la vie. I don't see papers hiring a lot of typesetters these days either..

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2372 comments in total)
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JackM: Wow. a7R = the new king of res this side of $10,000.

And rapidly get so heavy you may as well have a DSLR, and get tracking AF that works as well. Little point in shrinking a camera if you can't shrink the lenses, and when you do you lose speed and hence make the whole thing slightly pointless unless you just want a nice light landscape camera. Which is fine of course.

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Ken Johnes: 500 $ for a silly firmware upgrade? and the target audiance for this camera have been waiting eagerly for this AF upgrade .
wow, greed and trying to milk it´s customers with incremental upgrade are gonna hurt the big dogs here, both of em, look at what nikon is trying to do.

i think nikon and canon are competing with each other on how to sell less for more, while other companies are making innovative products at a fair price , no wonder these greedy top dogs have to make up for their loss with such silly act..

A firmware upgrade that quite possibly resets the entire AF system and requires complete recalibration.

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On Nikon Df preview (2817 comments in total)

There does seem to be a lot of control duplication (two control wheels and a mode dial plus all the other new dials). All the extra controls don't actually seem to buy you any simplicity.

It's still a little bulky (though lighter). The rear plate makes no concessions to the retro appeal and it looks completely out of place. The grip is also a rather odd retrograde step. Cameras like this beg for accessories, and a tailor made accessory grip would have enabled the camera to retain a more traditional "look", both with and without. Not allowing interchangeable VF screens also seems mean at this price, as does the lack of a VF blackout curtain.

I think if they had made a bit more effort to appeal to traditionalists as well as hipsters it would have wider appeal. An odd set of compromises IMO which rather misses the mark and leaves it lacking any rational appeal. It's purely an emotional purchase and a missed opportunity I think.

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