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Well, you've got to admire Sigma's bravery. They produce some great alternatives to the mainstream companies. This camera has a pretty narrow appeal. I hope they generate enough sales to keep in business, because we need high quality 3rd party suppliers and innovators. Someone has to keep the big boys on their toes!

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On Lee releases pricing for SW150 Mk ll filter system article (36 comments in total)

Great idea but for serious/ pros only at that price. Assuming there was an adapter for the 7-14mm, I think £200+ for a filter on a £900 lens is a wee bit OTT . However, the article prompts me to retry the Cokin attached to adapter rings over the built in hooding of the Panasonic 7-14mm, may be need additional shielding to close any gaps on the hood ;-)

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On 3,200MP LSST camera gets construction approval article (257 comments in total)

Fascinating, uses 3 mirrors to gather the image and present it to the sensor array. The processing power and storage implications are non-trivial too. I guess we'll have to wait 10 years or so to see any output. A lifetime's work for the dedicated many.

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On Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path article (1457 comments in total)

Good article. The cost of lenses, physical size and weight all increase with the size of the sensor. Certainly the law of diminishing returns applies here. If for use by a true Pro, to actually earn a living, the considerations are financial. For an enthusiast, emotion and perception may distort the purchase considerations. FF with, say, 15-85 top class glass would suit my needs but I'd rarely be carrying such a weight. So, LX/FZ/M43 it'll continue to be. Subject matter, settings and being there to press the button at the right time are far more important factors. The FF and traditional dSLR manufacturers are chasing a shrinking market. For 99% of amateurs, Compacts and Mirrorless ILCs are totally adequate and the future. Spend in haste, repent at leisure ;-)

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Review preview (599 comments in total)
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Thatcannonguy: Getting pretty $#%#$^- off by now. Searched everywhere but i can't set my GX7 to 60p... Anyone ? Please ?

Not a GX7 user but have several Pannys . It is not unusual to have geographic model differences - especially video. So, I suspect that 60P might be US models only.

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If you already have an M43 body and want a fast wide, fast, kit lens the decision is now a little harder. Subject, of course, to seeing some solid proof that the LX100's lens is a s good as expected. If you have multiple M43 bodies then, maybe, teh obviousl choice would be a pro-calss lens. But I'm not sure. Taking an LX100, plus one body and other lenses woudl provide quite a bit of flexibility. I certainly miss the f1.4 of the LX7 (it it is not in the bag). The much higher ISO capability of the G6 does help compensate but, ideally, I'd really like to have a couple of extra stops on the lens (12-32mm and 7-14mm) and use less ISO. I guess that's why people buy the primes but 14mm isn't really wide enough for me. So, if I'd been thinking about the 12-35mm f2.8, I'd probably be looking to buy the LX100. Similar price and free body.

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Still need to see some hard evidence of the great IQ we all anticipate. However, if one views the LX100 as an M43 with a great lens thrown in, that happens to be fixed, then the price doesn't look too high. Having a large selection of lenses for a true M43 is great but still a pain in the neck when a lens change is needed in a hurry. No wonder that multiple bodies, each dedicated to a lens for the day/trip, is not unusual. The cost of each body/lens pair is likely to exceed the LX100. So, I could see an LX100 being bought instead of a pro class short zoom and becoming the one camera to take just in case.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X First Impressions Review preview (947 comments in total)

This is closest to the next LX Panny users were expecting IMO. It lacks EVF capability but an articulated screen can should overcome most bright light/reflection issues. I look froward to a proper review and the street price settling to a much lower figure. The current price isn't justifiable without an EVF. Now, an LX100 v G7 X comparison could be very interesting indeed, come on DPR ;-)

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Art using photographic images for base material. Interesting, unique and clever stuff.

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On Sony drops list price of Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 article (201 comments in total)

That's good news. It can only put pressure on Panasonic to reduce their FZ1000 price sooner than it otherwise would. It is normal for new, market leading, tech to start at a high price and then reduce over time, once the early adopters have paid up, and as competitors release new similar or better products.

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On Surf's Up: Clark Little's incredible wave photography article (55 comments in total)

Wow, fantastic images.

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Errrr, DPR is owned by Amazon. Chinese walls or just poorly disguised publicity? Not that it's needed :-)
If it offers innovative technology, works well as a phone, and is competitively priced then it'll sell.

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On Atlantic Puffin on final approach to burrow in the Birding (BIF) challenge (7 comments in total)

Superb shot, with focus very clearly on the head - works very well indeed.

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Wow, wonderful imagery. Awesome, is not a word we use often in the UK but it applies here :-)

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On Google's Project Tango camera specs revealed post (12 comments in total)

Looks interesting, though a specialist application for now. The software to take advantage of the 'stereo' hardware is the really clever stuff. When you've got $billions in the bank, why not spend a little developing new technology. Today's novelty is tomorrow's everyday item :-)

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On Will consumer DSLRs be 'dead in 5 years?' post (134 comments in total)

Given the bewildering choice of ILCs now available, the dSLR market must shrink. In 5 years time, I'd expect entry level ILCs all to be mirrorless, with dSLRs limited to Enthusiast and Pro. A large percentage of current dSLR owners never progress beyond Auto and the original kit lens. If they don't buy a mirrorless ILC, such users may well migrate to the likes of the Sony RX10 or Olympus Stylus.

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On Sony DSC-RX10 preview (725 comments in total)

A very interesting specification and I can't wait to see a full review. If it fulfills the promise of large sensor, powerful processor and high quality lens then this camera would probably be a sensible buy for those who buy a dSLR/CSC/ILC and affordable wide to medium zoom as their only lens, with camera left permanently in Auto, or photography enthusiasts who want something to substitute for their 5KG of dSLR kit when on holidays.

I'll be sticking with LX7/FZ200 combo, with major advantages of pocketable LX7 and wildlife reaching FZ200; a combined weight roughly the same as the RX10 and, on the usual horrific $ to £ translation, much lower cost.

All respect due to Sony though, they are really pushing the boundaries, albeit at a premium price.

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On Early morning at Prasat Suor Prat in the cambodia 3 of 4: Angkor Wat only challenge (11 comments in total)

Wonderful, well exposed and composed scene, with simply magical light.

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On DPReview launches GearShop article (316 comments in total)

All prices are in $. Is there a UK version?

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Interesting, basically, if sticking with Canon lenses then to get best IQ expect to spend double the cost of the body on your main lens or spend about the same as the body cost on Sigma. I guess that's why I was never entirely happy with Canon 18-135 though it was a very convenient. Loved the wideangle Sigma. Realized I had to depend much more on glass or sell all dSLR gear. So, I now use LX5, FZ150 and FZ50 :-) Nothing wrong with spending 1,000s on kit if that's your choice but you have to go all the way!

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