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What are the dpreview crew thinking?

Using a low-performance 14-140 superzoom to test the latest flagship m43 camera? You don't even have budget for 12-35 and 35-100?

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Didn't Lenovo just showcase a 27" table tablet "Horizon" with $1699 price tag?
How does this Pana thing compare to it? And where's 20" in the picture?

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Flickr's free tier is too limiting. Picasa/Google+ allows me to post unlimited number of pictures under 1600 pixels, which are not counted toward space usage.

Google+ does not support zooming into a picture. I'm surprised they miss such a basic functionality.

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capanikon: I think a poster on Slashdot summed it up best: "Look it's Malibu Stacy, but she's got a new hat."

I find it amusing that apple fans tend to make very absolute judgements. "there is not a PC that...", "there is also no other .. on any phone or tablet that", "I have tried them all".

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