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On Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge article (732 comments in total)
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Papi61: Why do Sony cameras have to be so "boxy" and unappealing? Not discussing IQ here, but Samsung and Panasonic clearly have Sony beat, as far as design goes.

Agreed. Thing looks like a brick. Put some angles on that thing and they'll probably sell a lot more of them. The new Lumix G7 is rather stunning IMO. And contrary to what some people say, looks do matter.

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Leica products are targeted for the uber rich, much like Rolex, Ferrari, etc. Are they well made? Probably. Will they take better photos than most any other modern digital camera? Probably not (certainly not $9000 better). Will a Rolex keep better time than a Timex? Will a Ferrari really perform that much better than an American Corvette or even a Shelby Mustang? Certainly not that much better to justify the 4 to five times price difference. The uber rich need to spend thier money on something. That's why these companies exist. You are buying mystique, tradition, cachet at these price levels.

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What does Nikon have against tilt screens in their upper level models? How can one possibly take a hand held selfie with one of these cameras!!

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On Opinion: Canon EOS 750D and 760D article (319 comments in total)
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Kaso: Strengthen the technical analyses of cameras and lenses. Stop the wimpy essays like this one, which is already one too many! No need for opinions by some pretender sitting in a cafe with a fruit-brand notebook and typing out a stupid stream of unconsciousness.

Ouch!!! A bit harsh in my opinion and probably unjustified. Having a bad day at work?

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On Opinion: Canon EOS 750D and 760D article (319 comments in total)

Specs aside, I think Canon should can the "Rebel" brand name and just go with the 750/760 name globally. I equate the "Rebel" brand name with a cheaper, inferior, entry level product. 750D/760D IMO evokes a more upscale "professional" product. Just my opinion...

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On Canon EOS-1D C sees $4000 price drop in North America article (250 comments in total)

I guess I don't get it. If video is so important to some individuals why not buy a dedicated high end video camera instead of a stills camera that a manufacturer has slapped video capabilities into. If it looks like a dslr it's a dslr.

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On Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500 article (290 comments in total)

Is it mirrorless yet? Sarcasm aside, this camera line (D5xxx) is just begging to go mirrorless. Try liveview in a mirrorless camera. Seamless. Liveview in a dslr? Not so much so. Electronic viewfinder? Most of the naysayers have probably never used one. Yeah for those professional sports shots optical is probably the way to go, but for the rest of us EVF offers features OVF users can only dream of. Two separate focusing systems in a DSLR (because of that flip up mirror)? Why not just have one (as in mirrorless). Makes more sense to me. Until Nikon goes to a mirrorless line I'll continue to happily use my Lumix G5. BTW, I did come from a D5100, which now sits unused in it's original box, though a Nikon mirrorless D5500 would certainly get my attention...

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On Milky Way Explosion in the The Beauty. challenge (2 comments in total)

Beautiful shot! Are those lights on the mountain from climbers on their way up Rainier?

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On The first drop... in the Large Aperture #2 challenge (4 comments in total)

Love the shot, definitely deserving, but that drop of water certainly isn't gonna wind up in her mouth . Nonetheless certainly a great pic!

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Interesting concept, but sometimes these so called "revolutionary" technological advances typically only yield minor, very minor, or something the average person could not even see improvements in IQ. Sort of like the new "revolutionary" curved LED TV's. For the life of me I cannot see how a curved TV screen will improve my viewing experience.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2085 comments in total)
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Brooks11: Thinking about purchasing this camera. I would like some feedback on how this camera works with the 7-14mm Lumix lens. Specifically fringing.


And if the camera (any camera actually) can produce excellent OOC Jpegs why not use it? Using in camera software vs software on a PC; does it really matter which one you use if it produces the desired results? Software is software; doesn't really matter where it physically resides.

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On A lot of sun umbrellas in the Beach Umbrellas challenge (6 comments in total)

Lovely shot but not my idea of spending time at the ocean...

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So what can we extrapolate might show up in a future FZ250 now that the FZ70 specs have been released??

My guess:

Same body as FZ70
Obviously an articulated LCD screen.
Of course the higher resolution viewfinder
A leica branded lens
finally a rubberized eyecup.
It's not gonna be weather sealed or magnesium.
It aint gonna have a manual zoom ring.
I cant see them going less than 16meg sensor from a marketing point of view.

My guess is the FZ250 is gonna be geared towards the enthusiast market and higher IQ. So maybe, just maybe it will have somewhat larger sensor and the Leica branded lens will be scaled back to 800 or 900 but continue with the f2.8 constant aprature. I believe there will be an emphasis on reduced noise and higher IQ. You will pay a premium price...

I am really looking forward to a release of this camera. I own an FZ150 (which I love) and a Nikon D5100 ( which I have yet to fully embrace).

Direct link | Posted on Jul 19, 2013 at 23:26 UTC as 25th comment | 2 replies
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tenorsaxman: Slow motorised zoom lens again! Panasonic had a great lens on the FZ50,fantastic construction and range despite its small size.The lens was let down by the sensor performance. If Panasonic used the same lens coupled with the improvements in the venus engine etc I would buy it.
I'd love to get a good bridge camera so I don't have to lug all my heavy gear around just because I cant be without a camera,but the persistence with motorised zooms is annoying. Agree with the comments re telephoto range,500mm is more than enough, just give us a bigger sensor.
Note to manufacturers- give us what we want not what you think we want!

Actually IMO I like the motorized zoom on these so called "bridge" cameras. I prefer them over a manual zoom. So, you sir, please do not presume to know what all bridge camera purchasers want. But as far as 1200mm being excessive I would have to agree with you. But hey, if the picture quality is not half bad, why not. I can think situations where it might come in handy. I don't think at $399 most folks are expecting $6000 lens quality. If Panasonic could get these into the big box stores (Best buy) they'd have no problem selling tons of them...

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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 Preview article (107 comments in total)
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Don051348: I miss the G5 and GH2 hump....

I think it's time for Panny to introduce a a 150-300 PZ lens to complement the 45-150PZ. Coming from a FZ150 and a Oly C8080 I like the idea of zooming from a lever on the camera body.

I guess I should have said it's time for Panny to introduce a a 175-300 PZ lens to complement the 45-175PZ lens...

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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 Preview article (107 comments in total)

I miss the G5 and GH2 hump....

I think it's time for Panny to introduce a a 150-300 PZ lens to complement the 45-150PZ. Coming from a FZ150 and a Oly C8080 I like the idea of zooming from a lever on the camera body.

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On The bond between us in the ~ I cant think beyond you ~ challenge (1 comment in total)

Love this shot. Absolutely love it. A private moment between mother and child captured for eternity.

Can you share what you did in post processing, etc?

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Chris Tofalos: A welcome addition which increases low-light capabilities. As a professional user I can't wait for this and the complimentary 35-100/F2.8 to arrive on the shelves. I'll then be ditching my entire (and heavy) Canon outfit completely.

A 100-300/F4, 200-500/F5.6 and a 2x converter would give me every lens I would ever be likely to need...

I'm with you on the 100-300, but make it a 300-500 (I hate when there is overlap in the zoom range). Or offer some larger telephoto primes after the 100-300, though I'm sure the cost would be prohibitive for most folks (including me).

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On Sony SLT A57 preview (198 comments in total)

Just held onto one of these in a Best Buy. The larger size is much nicer to hold in my opinion than the A55, which was too small for my tastes. Not sure what this thing is the ever shrinking of the camera bodies down. Lets face it folks, EVF's and mirrorless (in whatever form) are the future. There's a whole younger generation that couldn't care less about OVF vs EVF, and then there is the quietness of not having that annoying (IMO) mirror slap in the traditional DSLR (and yes I do own a mirrored DSLR with an OVF). I'll wait a year or so and see what the big boys (Nikon, Canon) and Olympus come out with in the mirrorless, EVF in a DSLR body. But for now, Sony is the trend setter.

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On Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 review article (577 comments in total)
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Don051348: IQ looks great in my opinion.

Now slap that sensor into a reintroduced E-620 and E30 along with the better electronics (in camera stabilization, etc), replace the too strong AA filter with a weaker one and there you go. You have an updated and totally refreshed E series of cameras.

I'm coming from a C-8080 (just purchased a mint used E-620). Compared to the 8080, that 620 focusing is so much faster and better. But I'm still amazed at the IQ of many of my C-8080 pics provided you could get the camera focused.

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