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Peiasdf: Public employees were getting too fat and lazy to climb the stairs anymore so they had to build a new union-accessible building and demolish this wonderful building.

Nice trolling. Even the buzz words "union" and "public employer" make an appearance. Must be a nightmare for you guys that people still get paid for their work. Better make them slaves at Koch Industries right away…

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Lord Of The Flies: And what about dual monitor support?

i would like to see that too but i wouldn't hope for it.

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madeinlisboa: Meanwhile, Nikon replaces Capture NX with a (not free) great piece of crap. Nice one Nikon!

that was a really unexpected and embarrassing move from Nikon. I still don't get it :(

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b craw: Well executed, thus charming vignettes of domesticity. Some are perhaps overly-familiar motifs - pensive child through window, something out of natural context (dog) in a photo bag, etc. - but I doubt that these endeavor to be cutting edge in terms of concept or visual outcome. They are nice, and I suspect, compelling to a large portion of the viewers here.

"They are nice, and I suspect, compelling to a large portion of the viewers here."

lol! mean and true ;)

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Duckie: If they put it to glasses, they would earn so much money that they can give up their camera business!

that is true. the coating even on expensive glasses is really weak.

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On Melt: Portrait of an Iceberg article (45 comments in total)

these are great pictures. i really like the mood and the colors.

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On How Peter Hurley became a top portrait photographer article (49 comments in total)
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davids8560: "Some folks' lives roll easy
As a breeze
Driftin' through a summer day
But some folks' lives
Lord they stumble, Lord they fall
Through no fault of their own
Some folks never catch their stars..."

-Paul Simon

well put

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review preview (1047 comments in total)
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Sad Joe: So the D4s is slighly better than a 3 year old Canon 5d3 which sells for well under 1/2 price - wow - must change all my kit - NOT. Guys don't be suckered - BOTH Canon & Nikon could bring out VASTLY better cameras for the same or less money - but won't as they wish to DRIP FEED us improvements and get us to keep updating our kit. Only fools with money to burn follow their lead - and don't give me the 'pros update all the time to stay ahead'. Rubbish - real - I have to make money - pro's are VERY careful about spending money….

Nobody needs 30.000 ISO but everybody needs better IQ at 1600-6400 ISO. The better the extreme ISO performance, the better the performance in that particular range, i guess.

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On Alien Skin Software announces Exposure 6 plugin article (11 comments in total)
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Lloyd709: disappointed only works for CS6 and upwards - couldn't stand the cropping tool on CS6 and don't want to go monthly so sticking with CS5 - I guess it's the first of many plugins I won't be able to use!

what? the cropping tool is by far the best thing about cs6! how can one not like it?

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On 1939: England in Color (part 1) article (219 comments in total)

this is one of the very rare occasions where i agree with everyone here: these pics are fantastic! Not only the look but also the composing and the diversity. people were really competent in older times. if you just have a few shots, you better think hard what to capture ;)

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On Nikon D3300 Review preview (232 comments in total)

USB2? No WiFi? No GPS?

They still don't understand their competition and market.

Direct link | Posted on Apr 23, 2014 at 11:03 UTC as 20th comment | 8 replies

there seem to be a lot of those sites out there nowadays but i have to say that HONY is still the best. he is the best photographer and most important, the best storyteller of them all. unfortunately most of the people on the facebook comment section are unable to cope with the storys of drug addicts, unemployed, divorcees, widows, disabled people or any other kind of damaged people. they act like sentimental fools, mercyless a**holes or morons. the comment section there is a very dark place, but then again most of the internet comment sections are.

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piratejabez: If you like Humans of New York, you ight also like Souls of San Francisco:

thank you!

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On 2014 Sony World Photography Awards finalists revealed article (66 comments in total)
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Haim Hadar: Very nice, but I fail to see what's so special about entries 2 & 3...

What are you talking about? They're the best pictures. But of course you people on this board know better than the international jury of this award. Why don't you send in some of your HDRs, flower macros or pictures of your dog?

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Wow, so many strong opinions but only three to five people here actually own or shoot with MF. Very interesting…

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On Tamas Dezso offers glimpse into post-Communist Romania article (238 comments in total)
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H1brid: These pictures are a pile of bull.
Judging by these, we're still 20-30 years back.
I understand that he's trying to paint a grim picture but still.
Even an image search on Google will show you a more realistic view.
We don't live in the stone age, he only took pictures in deserted/almost deserted rural areas.

i understand your point but the pics are fantastic nonetheless, at least from a strict art related point of view.

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On Mount St. Helens images found decades later article (27 comments in total)
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TN Args: This story will never be repeated. Not with the words "staff photographer for the ( ) newspaper" in it.

that is true and also sad, because that was a nice job and the pictures of that time were exceptionally good. but we will have pics from every future event nonetheless. Bored, well equipped middle class tourist and people with nice mobile phones are all over the world taking millions of pictures of everything. and sometimes the pics are even "better", just because they were there at the right time. many times that is all a picture needs.

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Soggoth: Wow, I couldn't imagine more typical Samsung product!
Although there still a room to make this thing even more samsung'ish. Maybe add a curved screen and voice control, or make this grip on 3 sides...

Haha, that is true ;)

Although i like the design approach, because the dual-grip really is handy and i hope that other manufacturers will be inspired by that. Don't want to buy a battery grip every time and there is no need to grant this design only to pro DSLR bodys.

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pfzt: can somebody please explain to me how the pancake zoom works? i'm not familiar with those kind of lenses. thx.

thank you very much!

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raztec: Entry level Nikons DSLRs are absolutely useless for action as their AF is very poor. It really isn't until you get into the pro line and have to pay thousands of $$$ that you have a DSLR that actually focuses accurately and fast.


Well, the problem is that you need Sports-ready equipment for pictures of your toddler and the family dog too, since they are moving as fast as pro athletes resp. too fast for an entry level DSLR AF system. Simple as that.

And most people simply don't have the money to buy even the stuff that you recommended, because that would be about 3000$!!

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