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Not sure what you're talking about Mel, it looks just fine as a print which is where I judge "softness". I personally don't pixel peep photos at 100% to judge those sorts of things.

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sarit: Awful pricing for the E-mount version since for a little more you can get the SEL50 which is 1.3 stops faster and also has OSS.

There's a pretty big difference between 50mm and 60mm on a crop sensor body like the NEX. 50mm is an almost but not quite long enough make-do portrait length where 60mm is a just right portrait length. What remains to be seen is whether Sigma has designed it as a portrait lens, though by specifically mentioning bokeh in the PR I'm guessing they've built it with portraiture in mind. If so there will be a lot of NEX owners just like me with room on the shelf for both the SEL50 and Sigma60.

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Meh, I'll keep my NEX-5N with 2.3 million dot EVF attachment. At least I can take the EVF off when I need to go any smaller. The pocket is the great equalizer here. Once you can no longer stuff a camera in your pocket it doesn't matter how big it is. The NEX-5N with no viewfinder and the 16mm lens can slip into my pocket. The V2 is not going into anyone's pocket.

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When I wondered recently why there was still no review in the Sony forum, some of the responses said it was because they don't review cameras that are similar to previous models. Well, today's review of the Samsung NX210 (which was announced a full month after the A57) blows that theory out of the water.

In any event, if a member submits a question to the editor, will a tree fall in the forest?

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