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    It's what stops me posting on here very often. Occasionally I feel the urge to mention what I don't like about one camera compared to another then stop myself because I know someone will take ...
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    Sounds like a perfect solution to me ☺
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    That's a great explanation! Thank you
  • Created discussion thread Classic chrome
    Hi Apologies if this has already been discussed but is classic chrome not just provia desaturated?
  • I think that's just a mixture of high contrast which you can change and the cameras tendency to underexpose..

  • Depends what you mean by good lenses.

    I've been amazed at the quality from the zoom lens and the 17mm f1.8 prime which actually gives you decent bokeh. Both are very sharp and have image...

  • It is true because companies like fuji have just put out an apsc camera in 2016 which has a poorer dynamic range than a 3 year old one inch sensor according to the techradar tests. I didn't mention ...
  • It's all very complicated! I don't doubt that this is all subjective and pixel peeping doesn't tell the full story but it does sometimes seem to me that there is a snobbery about smaller cameras, ...
  • So why aren't camera reviewers not highlighting the fact that there are one inch sensor cameras that can produce image quality which is potentially better than apsc cameras? ! I've always bought ...
  • Thanks for your response. I'm even more confused now as I checked the dynamic range chart for the fuji x70 on techradar with similar apsc sensor cameras and the same chart for the Samsung nx mini ...
  • Created discussion thread Dpreview studio scene
    Hi I've got a question about camera image quality and the dpreview studio scene. I've recently been considering buying a different camera to my samsung nx mini, partly based on the better image ...
  • I just realised it's you that took those great macro shots with the nx mini. I bought the adapter to use with the 30mm lens which I'm just trying at the moment. Shots tend to be a bit blurry but ...
  • Forgot to say, I don't think the nx mini is the right camera for gritty photos I'm afraid due to the heavy noise reduction through the entire iso range.
  • I'm not particularly technical.  I keep to f1.8 in aperture mode at iso 200 or 400 depending on the light and f5.6 in programme mode so I can switch between the two. I find I'm happy enough using ...
  • I think that's pretty much it. Photographers never trusted samsung as a camera brand. Funny thing is I thought it had met a need.  There are loads of one inch sensor cameras but how many had decent ...
  • Created discussion thread Nx mini studio comparison
    Hi I'm aware that I'm "pixel peeking" which isn't the only way to assess the image quality of a camera but the first time I used the dpreview studio comparison scene and compared the nx mini ...
  • I have to say it confuses me. I own a samsung nx mini and it resolves more detail than many better cameras including the fuji x70 which is the camera I've been thinking of getting!
  • Thanks for all your replies. .
  • Created discussion thread Samsung nx mini raw editing software
    Hi Can anyone advise on the main programmes for editing nx mini raw images please? Also, if the nx mini is supported,  does that mean it converts raw images with the same colours as the jpegs? Thanks ...
  • Sorry!  Worked it out myself.  I kept pressing every button until it came up. .
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