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My mission isn't to be wealthy
it isn't to be famous.

My intention isn't simply to make pretty images
or become a better photographer.

My goal is to be unconfined
to have choices to make art in my own way.

To continue growing and be able to respond to what is presented to me
and capture it.

And if it happens to make me wealthy, famous,
or it happens to be pretty so be it.


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michael2011: Off topic it just me or have they started applying more compression to their images just recently? 500px pictures used to look real sharp but a lot of them look pretty crappy all of sudden. Compression artifacts in facial details are the easiest to spot. It's as if they've suddenly switched their jpegs from 90% to 60% quality. Now all I see are compression artifacts and I can't enjoy the photos anymore!

Michael2011 I would agree with you. The images on 500px have gotten quite soft. They used to have the best quality around. When I flip through Flipboard on my iPad, I can tell right away which images come from 500px, due to the extreme drop in quality.


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#2 for sure.

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Sony NEX system was great this year. Hope next year they release more lenses.


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sono1mito: mah,affermare che le ultime telecamere rappresentano un" grande passo avanti rispetto a 2 anni fa" mi sembra esagerato,certo qualche dettaglio è stato migliorato ma non tanto.Ognuno di noi penso che anche con una camera "vecchia" scatta ottime foto senza inseguire le ultime novità.

Hahaha. Ja ik denk dat ze ook niet Nederlands verstaan. Hahaha!

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Nice list! How come you left out the Apple QuickTake?

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On Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor article (757 comments in total)

Why not just buy the Sony RX1?

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LOL!!!! That is hilarious!

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I wouldn't mind it getting more awesome. I have gone to other sites like and As well as many other mobile communities via my iphone.


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Fellow DPreviewers lets not be so negative. The price is higher then I would comfortably pay especially being that I already have the Luminous-Landscape stuff. But if this is what they want to ask so be it. Let's not discourage other creators from asking what they think something is worth. And if the market doesn't respond by buying it, then they will eventually lower the price.


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