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I saw this phantastic composition only now. Congratulation! I am sorry but the rating is much to low.

Posted on Oct 17, 2015 at 07:46 UTC as 1st comment | 1 reply
On photo Parrot fish in the -My Best Fish Shots- (Full Colours Only + Border) challenge (1 comment in total)

This is not a parrot fish. It is a surge wrasse, Thalassoma purpureum.

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On photo Aurora Borealis in Norway in the Night Sky challenge (4 comments in total)
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Kjeld Olesen: Photoshopped or not, it is still a gorgeous result even though the mountains look somewhat monochrome :-)

It seems like the water and possibly mountains were shot from a boat judging from the waves in the water :-)

You are right. The photo was shot from a Hurtigruten Postship. The picture did not use much photoshopping. I only lightened the snow covered mountains. The most difficulty was the noise reduction. I used lightroom and Nik Dfine.

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On photo Spotted Butterflyfish in the Spots Before Your Eyes! challenge (3 comments in total)
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RuthC: What a great capture, Kreber, and deserves to be in the top placings here in the 'Spots Before Your Eyes' challenge.
The large colony of soft coral polyps have a similar spotted appearance and offer excellent camouflage to the lovely 'twin' butterfly fish with their myriad of spots. Ruth :-)

Thank you for your kind comment. But these are not soft corals but rock corals- probably Montipora or Acropora spez.
I admire your devoted hosting!

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On photo Parasitic wasp in the Macro - Arthropod(s) challenge (2 comments in total)
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merops: This isn't a wasp, it's a fly (and probably not a parasitic one, at that): it only has one pair of wings, and has halteres (diagnostic for flies). You can see the haltere on the near side: it's the little drumstick-like protuberance a bit further back and lower than the wing.

Thank you for the correction. I found this insect in my garden. I never saw it before. Perhaps it is a robberfly (Asilidae)?

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On photo Mountains on fire in LolloRiva's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Congratulations! A wonderful picture!! I will come to Island next week to see the norhern lights and hope of similar beautiful views.

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that`s unbelievable. I have taken nearly the same photo during a holiday 2004 one month later than you did (see the challenge). The world is small!

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On photo Venice before the Storm in the City of Venice - Italy II challenge (2 comments in total)
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Beholding the Light: This is a beautiful image of my favourite city and is worthy of the first place. But I have to say, and I might be wrong, that the sky has been superimposed to the rest of the photograph. It looks like the photographer forgot to erase the original sky in between the ornate lamp post. There are other signs of manipulation. Now, if the superimposed sky was not taken in Venice the image contravenes the rules of the challenge. Forgive me if I am wrong. It's a beautiful image anyway. Congratulations.

Thanks for your congratulations. But I am sorry, you are not right. Nothing in this picture has been superimposed. It is the original sky. I only made lokal changes with lightroom and photoshop elements ( more contrast of the sky, lightening of the lamps).

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On photo Zebra in the WILD ANIMALS taken with SUPERZOOM Fixed Lens cameras challenge (9 comments in total)

Great shot! Congratulation!

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On photo Abutilon in the Simplicity in Nature challenge (7 comments in total)
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CollBaxter: A great picture . However if the flowers looked like that in real life we are in serious trouble. :)
The Comp is simplistic the flowers and treatment not.

Thanks Ruth,
You are right. I did not change anything of the flowers. Only the Background was composed. Rainer

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On photo Swatch in the Natural Rock Formations challenge (2 comments in total)

Wonderful pastel colours, great abstract picture!
My compliments!

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On photo Happy Hour in the Food Photography challenge (6 comments in total)
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santamonica812: I thought this was, essentially, a perfect photo. The kind that advertising agencies used to fight over. Really well done. And I see the point that others, below have made--re food not being the main focus (heh) of the image. But (especially when viewed full size), my eye keeps going back to the slice of ? (cucumber??) that's stuck on the side of the left-side glass. That's technically food, right? :-)

It is not cucumber but a slice of lime. But I lightened it a bit.
By the way: I looked at your photos and was impressed of the phantastic quality of all of them. My compliments!

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On photo Happy Hour in the Food Photography challenge (6 comments in total)
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CraigIvyBryan: Where was this taken?...the water looks amazing!

thanks for your comment.
The Picture was taken in the Maledives.

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