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adrianlew: Nokia is retarded. What will a user do with a 41 mega pix? Its the quality not the size that counts... Those photos will only take space. No wonder the almost went out of business.. Same poor decision to run windows instead of android on nokia phones... I think the really should close the doors...

Nikon D800 showed that there is a big market for high megapixel products like these, assuming the optics can keep up somewhat. You will get a lot of detail and by resizing the 41MP to a manageable 12-18MP you will cut down on low light noise significantly. And Apple is here with Retina Display computers to display it all. I predict every mfr going to 30-40MP on everything within next couple of years, including point-and-shoot cameras, phones, and DSLRS. My 21MP 5DM2 and 18MP 7D will be a low resolution dated products..... hopefully my 24MP NEX7 can be relevant for another year or so...

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viking79: I like how it out performs all the best L glass at 40 mm, of course you give up the added range. Looks like a winner for $200.

I own the 40.... nice little lens... but focusing is rather slow (better than some).... certainly wont replace 35L... but for $200 it is a gem

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bobestremera: Sure would love to see a 30mm version. Too long for normal for cropped.

Yep, Richard, it has stayed on my 5DM2 most of the time since I got it last week.

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Absolutic: my 40mm F/2.8 has been working fine with 5DM2 and 7D..,,, does it actually ad the AF during video ability? Also what do you guys mean "to be released at the end of June" the lens has been on sale at US Biggest Retailer - Best Buy since Sunday, the 17th.

Oops, Sorry, Richard, of course, it is an official release from Canon.

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my 40mm F/2.8 has been working fine with 5DM2 and 7D..,,, does it actually ad the AF during video ability? Also what do you guys mean "to be released at the end of June" the lens has been on sale at US Biggest Retailer - Best Buy since Sunday, the 17th.

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love_them_all: Where is the more affordable FF body to go with this lens?

are you on another planet? the leaked pictures of D600 are all over the internet. Just check Nikonrumors, dpreview forums, or everywhere else in the world. The only question is whether the rumored $1500 is true or not.

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photo perzon: 18-200 is 20 ounces. 18-300 is 29. That is quite fair, no?

That is what I was asking myself. The specs are great, but 810 grams for a 'lightweight travel lens" on DX? That's huge for what its intended too. I know many complain about the weight of 28-300VR on FX. The 18-200VR is 560 grams which is significantly less. Not sure 200 to 300 on this thing would be much of a benefit. Meaning if I owned 18-200VR I'd think real hard before paying a $1000 for an upgrade here.

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Hugo808: "It's hard not to interpret the announcement ......"

In other words you've got a D600 in your office right now!

We can read between the lines you know....

All I want to know if D600 truly will have MSRP of $1500 as rumors state, or is it more like $2000-2200

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I have the old 24-85G (also used to own 24-85D before that) and this lens is tiny. It is decent and very small. Other than VR what is truly new in optical design in comparison to the old 24-85G I have?

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ok I just ordered one through adorama. For $199, I can order it unseen. I could not find it on amazon site....... I see it as being an ideal night lens for my 5DM2, assuming it can be sharp at F/2.8.

40mm would be ideal, because I am familiar with the Panasonic 20mm F/1.7 pancake on micro 4/3 which is exactlly the same length. My 5DM2 strapless with this 40mm pancake, could be ideal combo to take everywhere at night, i...t is non-intimidating and I get to take videos with little or no noise when the lens is focusing? In theory it is great.

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cgarrard: Pre ordered the pancake on the spot, no brainer. Selling my voigtlander 40mm nokton now, who wants it? Brand new only used for a week- absolute mint condition.

Should add that my Voigtlander is the EF mount for Canon


where did you preorder? I am trying to find it on amazon and cannot

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So Canon is changing the naming from USM to STM? Are STM lenses still USM, or is it a completely different technology? Are all new Canon lenses then be STM? Is USM a thing of a past?

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SulfurousBeast: Good Economical additions to Canon entry level lenses. Will DPreview do a review of these lenses? It has been quite sometime DPR did any meaningful lens reviews. Atleast outsource it to Imaging resource!

Finally, Richard, the lens reviews must restart! Please guys, make it your priority. Your lens review tool with the slider is the best out of any review site! Wake Andy up please!

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I am gonna pre-order this pancake for my 5DM2. $200 is a bargain, it will be so small and not intimidating, and I bet the pic quality will be great.

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will probably produce the best picture out of all compacts, and could be on the same level with M4/3 when pictures downsampled from 20MP to 12 or 16MP.

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amazing! a 24-70 F/2.8 IS lens weighing only 305 grams!!!! That is an amazing. Makes me wanna go m4/3 again. Unless this lens is cost prohibitive. Nicely done, Panasonic, not much I can tell. Sony NEX, are you watching?

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I went through every m4/3 camera and lens. I also
D800. Just got Sony NEX 5n recently and has been kicking myself ever since for not getting it earlier. U get a brilliant sensor the same
That $1200 d7000 has for $649. It's crazy. The low ligjt
High ISo
Actually seems
Better than d7000 and DXO mark
Agrees. I am astounded by iso3200 in PASM and iso6400 in twilight mode. M4/3 and my last one was 16mp g3 was not even
In same league in dynamic range and low light. 10fps and 4fps modes are excellent. AF after firmware 1.01 update this march is superb and focuses in low light for me no problem. And I am using the slow kit 18-55 lens and I could care less because low light pic are that good. Only full frame is better. It kills my canon 7d in low light. Now
My Nikon d800 is better but it cost five times as much and is a large camera

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Jefftan: F3 it is so similar to 5N now, even appearance is about the same.

Now no reason to buy 5N just battery life increase to 470 in F3. $600 is a good price

What will the rumor F5 (5N successor) be? Got NEX 7 sensor?

Missing high speed 10fps and high speed with focus 4fps. No iso3200 auto iso. Not sure what other omissions are but these above are pretty important

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Joel Pimenta: One body and 3 lenses, 25000? Not expesive (for Leica), incluides a 10000 50/0.95...

The extra 25000 for a "limited" serie, now thats expensive!

Yes I was not sure on that. I thought the whole kit was $25K and $50K was for super pupper kit. 50mm itself costs $10K, the camera costs $7K, so I am not sure that much more for the 25K kit. And the fact that these lenses are hard to find anyway.

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On Just Posted: Nikon D3200 preview samples gallery article (499 comments in total)

Images until ISO3200 are very good. Images at ISO12800 are terrible. Obviously, when Sony came out with 16MP sensor that became NEX5n, Nikon D7000 and 5100 and Pentax, it was amazing. When Sony announced NEX7 with 24MP sensor, I told myself, that means all the new Nikons in DX will come out with the same 24MP. The problem is of course, NEX7 low light noise is worth than NEX5n, and NEX5n is a better low light camera than NEX7. 24MP proven to be too mcuh for Sony to crample in this little sensor. When Nikon announced D3200 (and I am sure 7100 and 5200 will all have the same sensor this year) I was concerned that same thing would happen to Nikon. At the same time, I was hoping that Nikon would prove me wrong, that they will do some tweaking and their 24MP images will be better than Sony NEX7. Judging from the first pre production photos of D3200, the magic did not happen. But I do feel that it is at least better than Sony NEX7/A77

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