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  • Impressive! What stacking software are you using and is it easy to handle for a newbie? Does your setup include a rotating mount? More photos please.
  • Pretty sharp indeed. I bought one thanks to the courtesy of Alan Sh who accepted to share some raw files which allowed to assess the good quality of the lens even in the corners. I have seen ...
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    IMG_1239DPP: Paris metro
  • Mtf curves available on  Canon US  site. EF  M 22 mm is left behind. This is getting really interesting.
  • If you were to oppose the 16 35 f4 which has a great reputation you would have to pick up the 11-22 and I am not sure we woud have a clear winner here. At very wide angle the 11 22 is amazing.
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    Or on second thought we might exchange our M3's.
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    Wonderful pictures. Lots of talent. I confirm this is not about the M3. I have one and went to Venice short time ago. My pics do not look like these. Keep posting please.
  • Well well. Thank you for being sorry (not really) to cause a probable gap in my wallet for the acquisition of the 15-45. Kindly accept that I feel sorry in return for the amounts invested in your ...
  • Great! Hope you will see the benefit of using this option.
  • Alan, When using DPP for processing your raw files you can tick a box that allows Digital Lens Optimization. This process corrects the defaults of the optical formula that is inherent to the lens. ...
  • Many thanks for providing these samples. Absent the supermodel or spaceship I have looked to the corners. Amazing, but this allegedly infamous 15-45 lens is tack sharp on the raw files processed in ...
  • Kindly share your opinion. I have the 11-22 and I am very satisfied with it but I am lurking a wide aperture lens.
  • I will buy this lens if reasonably priced and excellent. Canon has never messed up with a macro lens so I am confident on this side. Still begging for a 15 mm and a 60 mm. Sorties with a 15, a 22, ...
  • I just became an inverted guy. Well... lenswise. I am using a lot a 28mm f 2.0 Fd lens on M. Really a nice focal distance for me. Very natural and equal to the diagonal of the sensor so this is the ...
  • I have been a happy M user for three years now as sole camera. I took every kind of photos with it. Granted you can buy a better tool for sports but I did manage to obtain the results I wanted ...
  • Correct. But with TL you could obtain, at half pressed shutter, the x10 magnification without hitting three times your screen. And that makes taking some pictures pretty fast. Give it a try.
  • Jef, I was also very close from acquiring the Samyang. But, like you, I am very happy with the quality of the 11-22 and for me depth of field is less an issue with ultra wides. I f you have the M, ...
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    Perusing the thread on my smartphone so I am not commenting colors. This is a not so easy picture since it is normal that the shadows under the tree cover turn green and that the rest of the scene ...
  • I have read, probably on Magic Lantern website that there will be no development for the M3 since it was developed on a powershot base. However they indicated that the CHDK team might achieve ...
  • Thanks this goes beyond my expectations. Please note that on TL you can minimise the threshold to 0.1% in the menu which really improves precision. Default is 1%. But as you say LCD is not the best ...
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