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James70094: I love all the people posting that this is the same sensor as the GX1 or even the GH2. The GH2 sensor is a bit oversized and the E-M5 sensor is not. That's a known fact at this point. The E-M5 sensor also has a different amount of sensor sites and pixel count that both those sensors. That means it physically can not be the same sensor as the GX1 or the GH2. Some other sites already have confirmation that it is not.

As the for the performance. It's a major leap forward for Olympus. I only care abot comparing it to my current cameras. I don't care how it stacks up to another system because I won't be changing anytime soon. And the RAW results put this camera on par with the NEX5n. To get a real feel for it, several of us got together, printed out the test images. We marked the back of the images with a sticker containing which camera and setting was used. Then we took turns picking out the best and laying the images in order on the table. That produced some startling rtesults.

When I asked the Olympus rep who made the sensor, all he was allowed to say was "Not Panasonic".

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petebee: I'm another Canon DSLR shooter eying the EM-5 as it looks like the camera I've been after for a lot of different reasons, not least how compact it is. Plus I have a real fondness for proper metal-bodied cameras like the AE-1 I started with :)

One question for the reviewer (though I think I know the answer) ... On the silver model, is that a proper metal top plate rather than a plastic metal-effect job?

"As is probably obvious, I'm very tempted by this camera and just might pre-order unseen as Oly will be giving away the 2-part grip".

Where do I find this deal?

Posted on Mar 10, 2012 at 11:20 UTC
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