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God article and great debate! I think the bottom line that the enthusiast crowd are the only ones buying classic cameras is very true , and the camera market is shrinking rapidly

However, I think that the "new" casual photographer is much more concious of the result with the sharing and publicizing options of the net and social media. Something the P&S user never were. I think the new crowd develop the photographic eye much quicker and demand better quality and control from their equipment. I'm not convinced that means that they eventually will buy classic style "enthusiast" compacts or DSLR though. I think the respons to those demands will come from the phone industry.

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Oh this will be hard to resist. it will be the size of my pockets that makes the decision, both the amount of cash that has to go, and whether it will fit in them :-)

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JagK: Asking again for the forum, when will the review be complete.
Once it is would like to ask the reviewer why it has taken him this long to complete ?

1. Did he like the camera so much that he did not want to give it back ?
2. Was there something wrong with the camera and hence the delay ?

Touché ;-) Let's have that final review now, please!

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dutch3dmaster: The RX100 is a pricy high quality gimmick. It is fun to use and the imagery is pritty impressive for such a small camera. In my opinion the camera does what it is supposed to do, it delivers good images from a pocket camera. If somebody requires higher quality images and does not bother to carry around a camera bag then the NEX5N is a very good choice. I have 3 of them (2 twinned as a 3D camera). Just wanted to have something which I can carry around all the time providing quality imagery and movie. In my opinion 12 megapixels would have been enough (providing even better low light quality). Hoping that Sony will include adjustable time lapse in a future firmware release. And maybe they can return the snowman too :-)


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On article Samsung releases 12MP EX2F 'Smart Camera' (370 comments in total)

Looks promising. Too bad no one is making underwater housings for Samsung yet, maybe this camera could change that.

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On Sony DSC RX100 Hands-on Preview (544 comments in total)

I really wish for a DP-full review to come very soon for this one. Pretty please ;-)

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Given the LR release history, when could we expect the release LR4?

I use 2.6 today and is keen to upgrade....


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