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On Nikon Df preview (2792 comments in total)

I love it. It gives us the chance to use a camera the way we learned to, with the benefits of a modern full frame DSLR.

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On Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... article (1412 comments in total)

Maybe itis just me, but I think that Olympus is a beautiful looking camera.

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On Just Posted: Hands-on Nikon D600 preview article (376 comments in total)

Let the battle commence. If this camera performs as well as it should, it will be superb and a real threat to the competition.

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On GalleryItem:1828186 (2 comments in total)

Blurriness is definitely due to camera shake.....but wait a minute, you nicked our cat......Dead ringer for our Smokey!!

Posted on Mar 22, 2012 at 07:35 UTC as 2nd comment
On GalleryItem:1828194 (2 comments in total)

That one is not bad at all, but if shot from a moving vehicle it will not be tack sharp due to vibrations..

Posted on Mar 22, 2012 at 07:31 UTC as 2nd comment
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John Mackay: I wish I could afford to fly to London to see this exhibition. I was so sad at his passing. I remember Yul Brynner mainly for his portrayal of the rogue cowboy in the movie Westworld and for for his role in the TV anti-smoking campaign when I was a kid (I'm 50 now) His words still ringing in my ears "Whatever you do, don't smoke." I never knew he was an avid photographer. I wish some of these exhibitions could make it online so to speak so everyone could enjoy them.

I may get some flak for this, but I am appalled. Yul Brynner was one of my favourite actors, but his photographs in terms of technical quality are average at best. His subject matter was I admit superb, but an exhibition of only 19 avearge photos, is not my idea of a quality exhibition. Add to that a price of 3000 pounds sterling per print and I am stunned..

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On Landscape Photography Primer article (97 comments in total)

An excellent article with sound advise..

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On Buyer's Guide: 10 Home Studio Lighting Kits article (95 comments in total)

Well, I have the perfect room for a studio and the cameras to go with it. I could buy one or two of the lighting kits shown........but nothing or no one to photograph..

great article though. I have as always learned something from it. Thanks..

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On It's all about the details article (51 comments in total)

To write any article based on software techniques, the author has to talk about the software they use. Whether there is a commercial link or not is irrelevant.

A good article and I have learned something I didn't know before..

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On What we want in a macro shot - POV and special scenes article (25 comments in total)

The advise is excellent. The images are simply superb. Thank you.

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On Microsoft releases Camera Codec Pack with RAW support article (89 comments in total)

Limited it may be but it allows you to view ALL files, including non RAW images at the same time. A good idea. Thanks to Microsoft for it....

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