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Deipnosophist, all things chili/curry, blues slide guitar, pastel art, digital photography, Thailand!

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  • You can get a "like new" PC from Dell Outlet, just about any configuration you'd need at a much lower pricing! Check em out: http://www.dell.com/us/dfh/p/?dgc=IR&cid=289671&lid=5566836
  • USB 3.0 is about 10times faster than USB 2.0: http://www.howtogeek.com/179803/usb-2.0-vs.-usb-3.0-should-you-upgrade-your-flash-drives/-- Depending on how valuable the time savings can be, well, in ...
  • Replied in Update:
    Also using Netgear WNDR4500 router... Have endured several years of trouble shooting, when it works, its very good, when it doesn't, it's a non geeks nightmare! Any recommendations on a NEW router ...
  • These folks have ALL the answers: http://www.pcper.com
  • One person per vehicle is now the "norm" in most cities. In SE Asia, 3 generations+shopping use ONE motorcycle. Hopefully, bicycle ONLY lanes will be eventually implemented in all major cities. Tra ...
  • Replied in Ugh oh!
    People won't be buying that 2nd or 3rd car/truck as they now readily do. An app will get "most" people to work/daily errands,etc. It'll happen, eventually those that drive will be considered ...
  • Replied in Ugh oh!
    driverless cars will be little more than clicking an app on your phone...click and they'll arrive, most likely configurable/programmable to/fro..it'll be the "norm"..
  • Replied in Ugh oh!
    This will allow the seniors NOT being forced to move from their homes "if" they can't drive anymore...they can always get UBER or driverless vehicle to take the to and fro...to me, the future ...
  • Replied in Ugh oh!
    I enjoy driving most anything, however, the day self driving vehicles become available, could well be the last day I drive again...
  • Replied in Ugh oh!
    Vehicles used to go maybe 15-25mph, now, even entry level vehicles will go near 100mph... Eating, reading, texting, surfing the internet, smoking, drinking, whatever ALL are things that take away ...
  • What wireless charging device do you use for Nexus 9 tablet? On Nexus 7, using: http://www.amazon.com/KiDiGi-Wireless-Charging-Google-Nexus/dp/B00FIG39RC/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8 Have tried ...
  • Just wondering, how do you like/compare your Nexus 7 vs Nexus 9 tablet? Is a lager tabler as useful or better? I have a 2013 Nexus 7 and it's been a pleasant experience, I never thought I'd use a ...
  • MUST HOLD DOWN SHIFT KEY, then it works fine? For about 15 minutes, the keyboard[s]would only type by holding down the shift key, then it seemed to work fine, but ALL CAPS...go figure.. Evidently, ...
  • While whole-heartily agree with you, the next version of Windows 10 will be free for many, most will take that option and "put up" with various changes to the operating system, rather than ...
  • Works easily with MacMini[Yosemite] and Windows 7 computers. If it doesn't work on your iMac, send it back for an RMA/refund..
  • Upon rereading instructions in the Sharkk Boombox manual, I figured out how to pair it!  Thanks...slow learner...
  • Checked both links, neither helps with this bluetooth issue.  Sharkk Boombox does NOT show up on bluetooth menu, only Logitech K811 keyboard.  Using Yosemite on MacMini.
  • Clicked the bluetooth symbol in the upper right, it doesn't show the Sharkk bluetooth speaker, only a Logitech K811 keyboard, please advise...
  • Many here are simply addicted to BUYING something as often as they can.  This is mainly how they get their self esteem. It's never what you own, it's what owns you! Buying mainly what you NEED will ...
  • Craigs List, + the internet offers you unlimited and often free ways to buy/sell, even Amazon sells used stuff,etc.
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