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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (638 comments in total)
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alexpaynter: I am struggling to see why this is better than an a6000. I am assuming it has the same processor, same sensor, same autofocus etc.

It has a bulkier body which some may find easier to hold.

Why does A6000 claim 92% AF coverage then? A77-II has much less AF coverage area.

I don't know how well AF sensors in the corners perform compared to center one, but still A77-II does not give an option as it does not have any corner sensors at all, at least press release does not mention it.

Besides that A6000 AF system does not really need calibration, while separate AF sensor plate in A77-II will have to be adjusted at the authorized service center. Otherwise, as factory calibration is not very good, one has to introduce microadjustments for every particular lens.

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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (638 comments in total)

Same ugly look, but GPS removed and AF assist removed.

Hopefully new AF module will beat ages-old AF in Nikon D300.

If Sony installs that module into next FF camera it will be a shame, as A99 has only small area covered with AF sensors because A99 uses sensor designed for APS-C.

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GPS was a unique feature in a cheap A65. Pricier A77M2 does not have GPS.

And no dedicated AF assist red lamp! Hopefully they give 50% discount...

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From some tests available AF seems to be good. Sony needed AF improvement. Sony used to have bad AF-C and small AF area.
But how do people decide that A6000 EVF so much worse than in NEX-7? By specs? Or there some apparent deficiency? Bigger pixels mean better colors and less wiring. Is microdispaly size smaller?

A6000 lacks just one feature. I would pay some more to get SEALED cropped body. But even if Sony does such a camera, it will charge much more.

And there is no 16-50/2.8 cropped lens. A-mount has such lens, and SEALED and with SSM.
f/4 is really not enough for cropped sensor both in terms of ISO and in terms of DOF. There is non-SSM 24-70 FE, which seems to be a good upgrade path. I may go that route after seeing ISO performance tests.

I get it that all that is solved with A7+24-70/4 FE, but there are issues like no Electronic Front Curtain Shutter and also price.

Currently I think I would buy A77 successor, not this one. Or both, SLT will stay home, this one - with me.

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On From NEX to Alpha: Sony introduces 20 megapixel a5000 article (155 comments in total)
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Xentrax: What type of menu does it have? NEX or RX?

Yes, but RX menu is not that convenient as A65's or A580's let alone A700's. A700's FN button full screen menu + wheel(s) allowed very fast setting modification.

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On From NEX to Alpha: Sony introduces 20 megapixel a5000 article (155 comments in total)

What type of menu does it have? NEX or RX?

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I may be wrong, but I can see in the photo above that Panasonic did not enable 150% scaling in Windows 8 in this demo unit. The UI elements will still be rather small with 150% scaling but usable. What we see in the picture is not usable at all.

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On Sony announces Alpha SLT-A99 24MP full-frame camera article (92 comments in total)

The camera is good, so it's a dissapointment that it seems to have small AF area and it does not have built-in flash (for emergency cases and for driving wireless flashes). I'm not switching to Nikon becaue I like in-camera stabilization but I am not spending money on A99.

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Sony could license lens design from Olympus XZ-1. F2.5 at 112mm eq. is more than 4x brighter than Sony’s typical F5.6-F6.3. F1.8 at 28mm eq. is more than 2x brighter than Sony’s typical F3.2.

Sony would have at least 1 decent compact camera then. Such camera does not have to sell well; its only purpose is to make people mention Sony as a compact camera brand; as a measure of the PR effect, DPReview may even decide to review such camera like they did with LX3, XZ-1, S95, P300. DPReview have never reviewed a Sony or Kodak(!) compact camera separately.

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On Preview:canong1x (1032 comments in total)

I could find only 5 flaws in the camera:

Unlike Samsung or Nikon, Canon decided to go with 4:3 aspect ratio(#1) which is wrong in the era of wide screens, considering that most compact camera users make only landscape shots. Hopefully this sensor does not end up in a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera by Canon.

This heavy(#2) camera has no GPS receiver(#3) or automatic lens cover(#4), has small battery(#5) but it features rather useless viewfinder.

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