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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1209 comments in total)
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HFLM: On Nikonrumors a response of Nikon can be found to one commentor:
"I am sorry to learn about your disappointment [...] however that we are aware of the this effect and Nikon considers it to be within the quality standards. When photographing scenes with an extremely bright light source (such as the sun or high intensity lighting) is at a certain position along the top border of the frame, this sort of visual effect is common and may occur when shooting using any digital SLR camera.Therefore it does not indicate a problem with the camera's design and we do not plan to implement any measures to address this."

How backwards of a company to even think of posting something like this. I'm shooting a D300 which has been bullet proof and would like to move to a full frame. After the dirt issue on the D600 I avoided that line. I was considering the D750, especially after the dpreview review. I've got a couple of full frame Nikon lenses but I can't risk the loss of a photo on shoddy build and an even worse Nikon response.

My cousin was looking for a full frame DSLR & he has used my D300 and liked the quality. I told him to look elsewhere until there was some time under the D750's belt. He ended up with Cannon and I'm so glad I didn't recommend Nikon.

IMO, after the D600 and now this, the only way to rebuild their reputation is to recall every D750.

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On Mirrorless Roundup 2011 article (429 comments in total)
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MiamiStephen: Please, unshackle your readers from having to cycle through all of the pages to get to page 5, and then cycle through all of them again to get to page one. This new format is the first "improvement" that fails completely. I'd rather read a review of a film camera.


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