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On All-in-one: Ona Capri bag review article (168 comments in total)
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johnsmith404: 'high-end leather purse' made my day. What are you gonna review next time? High end high heels?

Are they camera accessories? No? Okay then.

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On All-in-one: Ona Capri bag review article (168 comments in total)
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Just a Photographer: This is a very feminine bag.
I can't imagine using this bag being a man unless your being a sissy.

Also this bag is very vulnerable to being stolen as you can't keep it on you while taking photos.

As a man, you COULD use this man, but only if you cross-dress.

It's a woman's bag, Milhouse.

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On All-in-one: Ona Capri bag review article (168 comments in total)
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Michael J Davis: Frankly that looks worth stealing for the bag alone, regardless of any expensive gear inside! I prefer the worn and battered look.

Then wear it, use it, and eventually, it'll look worn and battered.

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On All-in-one: Ona Capri bag review article (168 comments in total)
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happypoppeye: That's no man-purse, that's a full out no questions about it women's purse.

I can't believe there's any confusion about this.

Look at those straps.

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On Samsung NX1 First Impressions Review preview (1451 comments in total)
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Zoron: Yummy but it's Samsung.....a bit brandcist here


I actually LOVED the Samsung mirrorless line before. Well, on paper at least. When Fujifilm just entered the market with the X100, which I pre-ordered, Samsung was offering well-priced cameras with a fair selection of prime lenses of decent (read: small) size. Sony NEX offered tiny cameras with terribly large lenses. Bleh.

Image quality? Not sure, but on paper, it all looked good. Shame about the JPEG quality reported in reviews and sample photos. ;)

Image quality is important, and if Samsung doesn't nail that, then who cares what sensor they're using?

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Mike FL: Then and Now:

Then - FUJI overstated some of camera's ISO at least reported by Dpreview.

Now - FUJI says: "We’re not playing for numbers anymore.".


I still have no idea what you just said.

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xrokx: Fuji should make a special limited run of fixed lens (about 35 mm) FF cameras. It doesnt matter if they are a little on the big side. It could be a collectors item; it wouldnt hurt their sales of aps-c if they price it high enough. Half the price of a LEICA maybe . As long as it is fast and sharp.

Why should it be limited edition?

That makes no sense.....unless you're a collector.

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On Fujifilm X100T Overview preview (650 comments in total)
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jorg14: Great camera that serves a niche market.

I have the OG X100, and I think your description is apt.

It's not the flagship, but it's the sharpest knife in a drawer filled with Swiss-Army knives.

I love having it, and yes, I know it's a luxury. Having said that, people buy a DSLR or MILC because it's the most practical, and then buy the X100S (or not, X100T) if they have money to spare. I did it the other way around. I bought the X100 first, and waiting 1.5 years before buying the X-Pro 1.

If you shoot predominantly with a 35 mm prime anyway, it seems far more sensible to buy the X100T first, even if it's less flexible.

But that's just me. Most people do go for something like the X-E2 first.

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VENTURE-STAR: I don't doubt this is a superb camera and I wouldn't mind owning one. However, the price tag puts the instrument way out of my reach and carrying it around and using it in public places would be a liability from the point of theft and accidental damage.

The question is - would it actually improve my photography and the answer has to be no.

I've been saying the same thing about Ferraris for years.

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WilliamJ: Funnily, I've just bought a new laptop today. And guess what ? It's that new machine's diametric opposite. How one can reasonably do serious photo processing on such a little screen (12" !). How about the heat after some hours of work (can one work with it more than 30mn before getting an eye ache anyway) ? Is that computer cooled by super-compact liquid nitrogen cells ? 8GB of RAM at best ? Humm, ok for little files like a bunch of standard jpeg, but I'm not sure it can be enough for a large group of big Tiff to be displayed and worked on. And I even don't speak about the keyboard that seems not so effective for a "super" fast typing. I feel that Microsoft desperately have been trying for some times now to drag us from serious computers to "light and fun" machines. What a weird trend !

Do you understand that the SP3 isn't a desktop?

You want a massive screen? Don't buy this product. It's such a simple and obvious solution, and yet you just had to get your word in anyway....

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Bhima78: Awesome system. Glad they decided to go with a bigger screen which is way better for drawing/photoshop work. Only thing stopping me from the pre-order is no Intel Broadwell... it's still using Haswell it seems :(

Microsoft can't release a Broadwell-equipped Surface Pro unless it is available. ;)

Broadwell will hopefully be released by New Years, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the ULV models will be available at the same time. Or they may ship a bit later. Who knows?

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Greg Gebhardt: But will it run my Windows software? I tried their latest and greatest and it installed quickbooks just fine but when I tried to open my 250gb company file, it brought the Surface Pro 2 to it's knees.

I would very much like to replace my notebook with this but will it do what I need?

That.....sounds like completely BS.

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Menneisyys: Gorgeous device fixing the prolly biggest problem with the previous two Surfaces: the 16:9 aspect ratio. 3:2 aspect ratio is just gorgeous and instantly renders previously, because of their 16:10 aspect ratio, enticing alternatives like the just-introduced ThinkPad 10 (see ).

Too bad RAM and storage configurations are tied together. I'd prefer a 128GB + 8GB storage / RAM config as I don't need 256GB of (very expensive) storage. TOo bad only 4GB RAM can be had in 128GB SSD devices.

(And, of course, the late August European availability is also a bit of letdown... as usual.)

You know this uses N-trig, right? Not Wacom. Just FYI....

It shouldn't be a big deal though. N-trig has improved a lot, and Microsoft has been working with Adobe closely with regards to Adobe software, and perhaps their stylus and digital ruler technology that Adobe had previously worked on for iPads (and wasn't released).

Also, there's a drop in pressure sensitivity (1024 down to 256), but those numbers are more for marketing.

There are downsides to going with N-trig, but there are certainly benefits!

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michael2011: LOL at Mactards showing up here to dish this unique product. Threads like this show why they are called bad names. (No offense to other Mac users who don't suffer from the same fanboyism)

I can't wait to buy one!


You're getting worked up over nothing, like you just got personally offended.

Why so butthurt?

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jon404: My cameras use SD cards, not MicroSD cards. The Surface Pro 3 only has a MicroSD port. How does this help a photographer?

That's the one thing I don't like about it. :O MicroSD on such a device isn't THAT useful, unless you're only using that slot to expand storage or something. Then again, it's not a phone. It comes with decent-sized drives (except the base model).

Everything else about it seems great.

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On Updated: Creating the Leica T article (196 comments in total)
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shaocaholica: Look at the size of the T mount. It could easily accommodate a FF sensor.

Perhaps they plan on introducing a FF version in the future?

Nobody said "this is it". Leica will release other cameras.

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2244 comments in total)
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imsilly: Great!

All Leica needs to do now is throw this in the bin and do it again with a FF sensor, an M mount and focus peaking.

Unlike you, I actually really like the Leica T.

However, I do wish Leica started with a FF model. I suppose they realize that as photography becomes more and more easily accessible, and cheaply (i.e. via mobile phone), even Leica needs to compete on price, even if on the very high end. ;)

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2244 comments in total)
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Kassra: how much does a block of aluminum this size cost? few bucks? maybe 10? extra weight around the neck and shoulder. no effect on longevity or performance.
a marketing gimmick which is a decade behind trends.
i'd be more interested in an innovative, plastic body.

Sure, and my wood desk is just wood.

That is....until someone actually does something with it.

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2244 comments in total)

I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't go all out and design a FF camera from the start.

This will definitely compete with the significant majority of the current mirrorless market, but Leica was never into competing with that market.

I guess this camera makes more financial sense to them? They're trying to stay relevant in a photography market where people are relying more and more on mobile phone cameras.

Direct link | Posted on Apr 27, 2014 at 23:13 UTC as 357th comment

Well Microsoft can't use the name Nokia anyway. Nokia still exists as a company. The only name they can use is "Lumia".

Microsoft can also label a product with the "Nokia" name if they release a "dumb phone". However, they won't do that, so in reality, they can't use the name Nokia anyway.

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