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NJOceanView: I'm surprised they don't make a true laptop replacement -- huge screen, lots of RAM and more SSD space. It would be great for photographers to use it flat with a sylus for retouching, and would serve as a true alternative to other tablets. But at least it's a true Windows machine for those who like W8.

I'm not sure if this is sarcasm or not, but yeah.......the Surface Pro 3.

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Wally Brooks: I have a Surface Pro 3 and use it in the field for offloading images and processing in lightroom. The Surface Pro has either i5 or i7 processors needed for using Photoshop or Lightroom and is a true laptop replacement. The Surface and its Atom processor may not be strong enough to run Lightroom and Photoshop. It would be great at off loading imqges in the field.

Core M has had throttling issues in all the machines I've read early reviews on (e.g. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro), but that may simply be due to poor design.

I don't know about the new MacBook, but I doubt Apple would have released an all-new, ground-up product design like the Macbook if their machine sucked. Product modifications that don't quite work out (e.g. the first 13" MBP with Retina display)? Sure, but I doubt Apple would release something like the Lenovo Y3P, which is rather slow.

I'll wait for reviews to be released, but I think the SP3 is probably still the machine I'd get.

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Petrogel: If this isn't an April's fools day article, then this will be my new tablet-workstation

I wonder how well apps like Lightroom will work on an Intel Atom processor though?

The article does mention Lightroom, but if it's going to choke on an Atom cpu, I'd rather not waste my time trying to make this work for me somehow.

Perhaps it'll be useful for people who simply want to import images from their camera?

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KodaChrome25: So what is the difference between this announced SP3 and the one I purchased last summer?

This isn't an SP3?

It's a "Surface 3", or S3.

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mick232: As for the RAW compression issue - the same compression algorithm is used in the A99 and other Sony cameras such as the RX1. Not the dpreview review of the A99 nor any other review I am aware of has found this to be an issue when they reviewed the A99.

Now that there is a hype around the issue all over, it suddenly is a big deal even in reviews. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

You know, sometimes DPReview writers probably learn something from their experience in dealing with various types of RAW files, and this experience takes time. You need to develop a feel for a certain type of RAW file before noticing.

You believe that DPReview is being inconsistent in not mentioning the "less malleable" RAW files in previous reviews. I don't think that's fair, because it may have been something this particular reviewer noticed between then and now.

Anyway, I think the A7-II deserves the score it got. It's a good camera, but really doesn't deserve a higher score than it got.

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theprehistorian: Am I alone in finding the image quality on offer from this camera wholly inadequate, considering its price? I really don't understand it. I had the X100s for a while, and while I agree it looks funky and feels nice to use, it suffers from hideous lens flare and the files look weird and mushy, even without pixel peeping. It's just a fashion accessory, I'm afraid.

I don't know.

I have the original X100, and love it. My X-Pro1 doesn't give me nearly the same amount of joy. :O

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On article Fujifilm X100T Review (691 comments in total)
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zink: Thanks for the review. I enjoyed it.
But 16MP is beginning to look low by contemporary standards is one of your cons. I think you should applaud Fuji for not joining the MP race.

The "MP race" is a bit of a misnomer, because it's not a matter of racing. For most manufacturers, it's simply buying a sensor that's made available to them.

People will move on from the 16 MP sensor when Sony stops selling them to Fuji, and when Panasonic (and Sony?) stop making it for m4/3. They'd be forced to.

Besides, I don't care about an increase in MP if the image quality of a new generation 20+ MP APS-C sensor was better in every way. Sure, you can argue that some would prefer a lower MP version of the same, next generation sensor, but if they don't make it, you can't buy it.

Also, Sony makes a 12 MP sensor for their A7s, and it's not necessarily better than the chip in the A7/A7-II, or A7R at ISOs that most people would use most frequently (say (arbitrarily) ISO 6400 and below), so sensor size isn't everything.

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pppp: "But there's currently nothing to touch it in terms of the size/price/image quality balance"

YES, there is the Ricoh GR APS-C !

The key term here is quality "balance".

I don't believe the Ricoh GR wins this contest.

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JeanPierre Thibaudeau: Typo mistake on conclusion page/image quality, the word form should be from:
I've rarely found myself thinking 'I think this image would benefit form Vivid mode,...

Only seven pages long review? Where are the 30-40 pages review we use to have? Or is there nothing more to say about today's cameras?

And also, this is only the second review in the last 50 news. Should DPR change it's name to: DPnews?

But good concise review nonetheless.

Other than the button layout, new OVF feature, improvement in exposure comp and aperture selection ring, there's really not that much to review. It's a slight improvement over the X100S, and it's getting the review treatment required.

Besides, reviews were never quick to be released, or plentiful on this site, even when Phil Askey was running the show alone.

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Pitchertaker: Trying to choose my first digital SLR to upgrade from my Canon Powershot 40 2MP point-and-shoot, which I love but have advanced enough to want something more powerful and full featured.

I'd like some advice if possible in choosing a make/model based on the types of photography I enjoy, and what you think would serve me best for such subject matter: nature, landscape/cityscape, portraits, street/candid, macro, winter, B&W, flora/fauna, architecture/perspective.

Been looking at the Sony A7, A7s, A7r, and the Alpha a-6000; Olympus OM-D E-M1 and Nikon D7100. shoot nearly every type of photography? ;) Also, I don't know what your definition of "street photography" is, but have you managed to get the street photography results you're after using your Canon p&s? Just curious.

Personally, I don't know what to tell you, since you're interested in so much (which is good), but I think anything would be OK for you at this point. Sorry, but all the cameras you mentioned are extremely capable, so pick up any of them and get great results in most cases. Buy the most well-priced option, or wait for a sale and let that decide your fate.

If you want more specific advice, then you'll need to either narrow down your interests to be more specific, or tell us which focal lengths you're most interested in shooting.

On that last note, I"m not sure if you know which focal length is if you're coming from a point and shoot! Do you know if you mostly shoot wide, or do you zoom in a lot?

Also, what's your budget???

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On article Nokia unveils 20MP Lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1 (69 comments in total)
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Ben O Connor: Dear Mr Gates,

Why don´t you shake hands with Adobe and start to have flash support for your mobile devices?

You know, you can beat the crap out all the "app,flapp,market, play etc..." stuff, dont you ?

Actually, iOS and Android don't need to support Flash. The browser does though. Dolphin Browser supports Flash, and is available on Android and iOS. Even Blackberry's browser on their PlayBook tablet supported Flash browsing.

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To me, any Lowepro, Tamrac, or Thinktank bag looks like a camera bag.

If you don't want your bag to look like a camera bag to reduce the chances of theft by thieves, then stop putting your well-known logo on the front of your bag.

Also, nobody carries a bag that looks like a standard work-bag into the city, countryside, wilderness, or on vacation on the weekend unless they're going to work, or carrying something expensive in it. It's really not a great disguise.

Stop making camera-bags look like office bags. If I'm wearing a t-shirt, why the heck am I carrying a shoulder bag that looks like that? Oh yeah, it's because I'm either carrying my laptop around, or a camera, or both.

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Eric Hensel: I see a number of posts lamenting the flap; discussing the ability of various materials to withstand rain, while ignoring the fact the good, easy-sliding zippers leak like sieves.

Only if you're submerging your bag in water.

A regular zipper is fine for most shooting situations where you're not in torrential rain, and nowhere close to a building or your car. That, or a "waterproof zipper", which is not waterproof if you submerge the bag, but is waterproof enough to stop rain.

"Waterproofness" is rated based on the pressure (psi) required to force water through a material. A zipper would rate poorly in a measured test, but realistically, rain that hits your zippers don't face a lot of downward pressure.

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I think the biggest problem with these bags is that they're ugly. Big, and ugly.

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tobibu: For my Fuji X, I use the "Little Messenger" - bag from Compagnon.

It fits the camera plus 3 to 4 lenses and has a dedicated 'slot' for an iPad or 10'-Netbook.

Made of genuine leather, it's really nice tonlos at, en plus...

That massive logo is atrocious.

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daddyo: I can just picture myself -- scarf around my neck, pipe in my mouth, zinging along on my Vespa with one of these smart looking bags draped across my shoulder. It just gives me chills.

Do they look "hipster" to you because you don't know what a hipster is?

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