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Nathan Cowlishaw: It's art but there's a fine line between photography and the digital painting and manipulation. I could see this taking off in a graphic arts publication but this is digital imaging in the realm of complete manipulation. Imagine a photojournalist trying to pass this off. In it's context, it's art much like painting and so is photography but there has to be drawn an ethical line between what is photography and what's not so much...

Think about it.

"But Jerry Uelsmann has been doing it" isn't a good argument for the "Yes, this is a photo" camp, either. For me, it doesn't, and it doesn't matter if you say "John Smith used to do the same 100 years ago."

For me, it's not about the existence of Photoshop, or the "amount" of manipulation done to the photo, but has everything to do with the "TYPE" of manipulation done to it. Photography was involved in the process of creating his images, but it's not the subject of his work. It's not his art. He doesn't want you to look at his photography. The subject is something else entirely.

It's like watching a video of a ballet dancer taken from a single angle. In this instance, I'd say the "ballet" is the subject. The video is just a vestibule to enable you to enjoy the dance.

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Xentinus: I know there are many "if" scenarios and I don't want to be unfair for an innovative company;but while it is not lightweight and there are prime options, If it was 20-35 f 2.0 then it would have been special.
18-35 1.8 was/is special because of 1.8 aperture at 18mm.

Since I'd be much more likely to shoot at 24 and 35 mm, and not at 70 mm, I'd say this lens serves a great purpose to those who would shoot using 2 primes within those two focal lengths.

The 24-70 mm f/2.8 never suited me. I owned one, but didn't use it as much as I thought I would.

Why do people talk about the 24-70 as if it's some kind of benchmark? It's not a lens for everyone.

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alatchin: These are very interesting products... For those who clearly need speed over range this seems a compelling option... However the whole purpose of a zoom is versatility.

What we have done here is reduce some versatility in the range... well quite a lot really... for a slightly better noise performance.

I would be curious how well this would sell.

It shoots at f/2, which offers a LOT of versatility.

It just happens to be a different type of versatility than you're talking about.

Personally, I love shooting with 24, 35, 50, and 85 mm primes. Ideally, I'd be shooting with 24 mm, 43mm, and 85 mm primes, but 43 mm is hard to come by except on maybe Pentax.

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RedFox88: If Leica made this they'd market it as a 24mm and a 35mm prime both f/2 in one lens. And they'd charge $4500 for it!

Only $4500. Where did you see Leica lenses on sale?

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1115 comments in total)

I love this camera, and I don't think it's THAT bad a deal. It's still too expensive for me though!

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princecody: Who owns it?

It's sitting in a box, unopened, and yet it's already his favourite camera.

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supeyugin1: No touchscreen, 5 fps? really? It's not gonna fly, and 42MP who needs that much?
4K video with shitty compression? Not gonna work that good.

Since when did high-res variants of cameras become sports cameras? 5 fps is absolutely fine for this camera.

Just wait for a lower resolution version (A7S-2)

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BillyBobSenna: I'm still trying to get my head around if this camera will be as good as say a Nikon D750 for action photography? Is the speed of the AF and usability of the EVF going to provide at least equal capability? I know there is still the question of lens availability for action photography however I just want to know if the basic platform has at least equal potential. I have a Sony A6000 and my experience is that it is not an action camera.

How much action do you intend on capturing with a battery that small?

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Nanospeed1: Guys, here is a petition for Sony for the uncompressed RAW implementation.... Please sign it if that's a critical issue for you (as it certainly is for me!)

p.s. to censor: Yes, I posted it under the other article too but the more signatures, the more voice and (hopefully) more happy Sony-photographers in the future! :-)

Doesn't Sony cook their RAWs anyway?

I just want data that's OOC. To me, that's what a RAW is supposed to be.

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robjons: "It also offers a fully electronic silent shutter."

Then why do we need a mechanical shutter at all?

Rolling shutter effect, which will cause a distortion of a moving subject.

It could be something as simple as a person walking. That person will look bendy in a weird way.

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On article Sony launches Z3+ with 20MP camera (36 comments in total)

I wish they hadn't made the phone thinner. I love physical shutter buttons on phones, but I find them difficult to hold properly when the phone is too thin. There's no grip, and it's just a PITA to hold thinner phones and press the shutter button.

That's why the Xperia Z3 was less comfortable to hold than the Z3 Compact. Well, not for normal use, but certainly when holding it sideways and using it as a camera.

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On article Sony launches Z3+ with 20MP camera (36 comments in total)
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straylightrun: What's the point of these halfgrades? Who upgrades their phone ever 6 months?

I'm not sure if you were being serious with that comment or not, but....

Not many people, but the launch of a new phone isn't done to be in sync with every individual's upgrade cycle.

I think updates every 6 months is actually a pretty good idea. The person who's just about to get a new phone is always going to benefit, which means everybody who's looking at getting an Xperia is going to benefit.

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On article Sony launches Z3+ with 20MP camera (36 comments in total)
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sportyaccordy: If this is anything like the 20MP camera in my Z3, pass on it. The JPGs out of it are smeary, flat and just generally awful, and it doesn't do RAW. Even if it did, it wouldn't be worth the time spent processing files. I think the big issue is the lens. If they haven't fixed that it's DOA. The phone is excellent otherwise but the camera was a huge let down.

Their processing sucks. Nothing wrong with the sensors. ;)

But yeah.....I get what you're saying. This is probably going to disappoint you anyway, because I doubt Sony learned how to process their own RAW data from their own Sony sensor.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 camera review (258 comments in total)
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Thomas Kachadurian: If it had OIS i would buy one tomorrow. Without it it will be unusable to anyone who isn't naturally steady.

Unusable? How so?

Other than my Nokia 925 and 930, I've never had an actual camera with IBIS on it. Lenses? Sure, but OIS made them larger than they had to be, for sure.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 camera review (258 comments in total)
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zodiacfml: how much is it these days?
my previous comment for this device was to by a $500 RX100 and the other $500 to buy a flagship smartphone such as an S6 or i6.

That would completely defeat the purpose of owning one device, but you can make that comparison if you think that's fair.

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