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whatta: In general I wonder why a dedicated camera is not better in almost all aspects than a phone.

1080p 60 fps
720p 240 fps

10fps still (without autofocus)

timelapse and gsp as already mentioned.

these are missing from these canons.

I also wonder why both are not capable of recording 1080/60fps ...
..and there are quite some successful pros only shooting with a phone ;-)

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Kurt_K: Interesting interview. I think I would seriously consider a Fuji if it wasn't for the X-trans sensor. I see people on here who say that the smudgy looking files are down to poor conversions through Lightroom but, honestly, the files I've seen from Capture One conversions don't look any better.

Kurt_K, have you seen x trans raw file conversions of iridient developer? How would you rate them?

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Jogger: i forget who makes it. but, there is a company in the US that buys Nikon 14-24/2.8 lenses and completely rehouses them in a cine body.

maybe that's the one?


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On article Accessory Review: Tamrac Zipshot Tripod (94 comments in total)

reminds me of tent poles...

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