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Amazingly enough. V 2 still works with win7. Not perfectly but still a great viewer.

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J D Tranquil: I would love to see a change in IQ rather than the added wi-fi capability. I just want the RX100 so badly.

Ditto. Although I love the Canon menu system, I kinda think they missed the boat on this one.

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Sorry but If I want a camera that has interchangeable lens, I want a better selection of more than 2,3,4 lenses and a real viewfinder. Or if it's small then something with a 1" sensor I can put in my pants pocket and forget about it. But I guess they really are not targeting me as a customer.

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PC and macs definitely an article for religious times weekly. I have seen the ipad 3 and the retina display is to die for. I think this innovation is great. I can hardly wait til it comes to the pc, which it will and cost half as much. I had last weeks generation of mac air and sold it. I have a couple of programs that the mac version basically gutted. And I found the O/S to be to frustrating and most mac users could not help me as what I was doing was too complicated. I would not like to see the world without macs. And definitely glad they are not the only choice. Displays aren't relevant in photography magazines???

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I have the S90 and love it. The biggest selling point to me was it's pocket size. Which means that I put it in my pants pocket every day and forget that it's there. So I am never without it. That's something that I don't think can be said about the competition. I like the on/off button as I was always pushing the wrong button when trying to get off a quick shot. Just a different shaped button would have been nice. I already have a grip so I am not sure the addition is welcome til I try it. The wider lens is great as I always buy P&S with the widest possible and have paid a premium for such when it was rare. I never had a problem with the battery as I carry 2 extras on vacation. In day to day use rotate after regularly. The video upgrade is the one thing I felt was lacking on the S90. It was just too tiny and 1080p is what I wanted from day one.

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