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Excellent review. And I agree wholeheartedly except for one thing. Why the worry about exposure compensation?

When I started in photography, light meters were an expensive luxury that few of us amateurs could afford. So exposure was based on judgement, or 'look at the light and guess'.

Forty years on, all cameras have light meters, most of which are staggeringly good. I reckon at least nine out of ten photos I take are perfectly exposed. But what about that one in ten that isn't? Well, there's three ways to solve that:

1. Use exposure bracketing and throw away the two poor shots.
2. Focus on the real subject, lock exposure, then re-frame.
3. Exposure compensation based on judgement, or... Exactly the same as good old 'look at the light and guess'.

Why do Richard, and most reviewers, want to turn the clock back forty years and return to guesswork? I'm more than happy for exposure comp to be relegated to a 'third class' dial. Aperture and ISO are the ones I want quick access to.

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PStu: Why only add SmugMug? How about 500PX or other sharing services?

I agree.

I use Aperture and Smugmug; I upload using 'SmuginProForAperture' - I made those decisions many years ago. Trouble is, with 50,000 photos on Aperture and Smugmug I cannot (realistically) change those decisions now.

Apple needs to recognise this and give us, and future customers, as much flexibility as possible.

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Anaxagoras: No built-in flash - disappointing
No built-in GPS - disappointing

No viewfinder - APPALLINGLY BAD, Canon

Funnily enough, you don't see many professional photographers holding their cameras at arm's length and squinting at a screen.

And as far as I know, ALL Canon's dSLRS (professional or amateur) have viewfinders.

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No built-in flash - disappointing
No built-in GPS - disappointing

No viewfinder - APPALLINGLY BAD, Canon

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Cy Cheze: It looks as though the NEX system can't provide a fast lens unless it is also rather big. If the E50mm f/1.8 sample is any indication, a 35mm or wider lens with f/1.8 would be very big. Both the 200mm f/6.3 lenses are too slow for sports at the long end, except maybe with the ISO juiced up.

(Physically) bigger sensors = (physically) bigger lenses.

Bigger apertures = bigger lenses.

Sorry, but unless you re-write the laws of physics...

(or give the NEX7 a puny, low-quality, small sensor?)

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