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Phathom: A fixed lens compact seems quite odd to me.

Not long ago, a lot of compact film cameras had fixed lenses. And that was the norm. It didn't seem to cramp anyone's style..

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On Apple applies for dual-sensor camera patent post (71 comments in total)

Sounds almost like they took from the Sigma Quattro!

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Movie mode(s)?

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webrunner5: Anyone else notice how close to the front edge the Film Plane indicator is located??

Wow! that's close.

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I wonder if this one blocks third party lenses from working as well.

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On Nikon Df preview (2792 comments in total)

That's odd. No comparison with any Sigma cameras.

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I just get a kick out of seeing this app operate!
But as Activesack pointed out earlier, It saves the image as video clip.

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? article (1509 comments in total)
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Scott Greiff: Sigma DP Merrill cameras are not represented. Why?

Obviously this pole is not at all about image quality.

This poll should be renamed to "WHAT CAMERAS HAVE THE BEST BELLS & WHISTLES".

The Sigma DPM series should have been included because it fits the "Enthusiast Compacts" category!
Well that being said, image quality might be a distant 3rd in this poll and not to be a priority with wannabe be photographers.

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Antivirus software plugins for those type of cameras will be soon to follow..

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stereopanDOTcom: You can check this Mars Rover self portrait image out in a high-resolution zoomable format here http://www.3d-360.com/117921flat

And also the individual shots here.


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rowlandw: So where is the DP review of this camera???

The images were transmitted, so it would qualify.
Rover uses the "Deep Space Network" service.

They have a further reach than the AT&T international service. :-)


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On Photokina 2012: Sigma Stand Report article (40 comments in total)

Oops. Didn't put a label for the 17-70 OS.
Descriptions are a bit skewed.

Like that iPhone pano!

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Snoop Dogg just called.. He wants his gold trim Hassy camera back.

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RayAnderson: Nice looking and very "cool", easy to use.

All photographs will require prior approval by Apple.

You will not be able to download images from the camera to any non-Apple product.

It will produce images of average quality, but owners will believe that they are "absolutely amazing"!

Love that last part!

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jack24: $1k for a compact camera just because of 49mega pixel but with very basic features..? No-no unless it is leica.. Plse show us more selling points.

How in the world would a RED DOT give it more selling points?

By your logic, If Sigma was able to buy the license to use that Leica "Red Dot" and stick-it to the DP1M then you would not have a problem with it.

Oh yeah.. That Red Dot would bring the price up to another $1,000.

Direct link | Posted on Aug 31, 2012 at 16:41 UTC

An 8K standard was just approved last week.
Oh well.. :-)


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On Scientists demonstrate 'paint-on' batteries article (108 comments in total)

Combine this with Paintable Electronics (Spray-On Transistors)


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On iWindow in the iPad challenge (3 comments in total)

Wow. An iPad that runs windows. Go figure ;-)

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Daminion Format support table:


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