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May be you should explain what dual lens is supposed to do.

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So why not just shoot burst mode in still mode? At what point higher frame rate is no longer relevant? While the 4k Photo Mode is good for still, it is no longer ideal for real 4k video. On the other hand, grabbing a still frame from a typical 4k video shoot can be a real bonus since you end up with both the video and still. Of course the shutter speed may be a problem ...

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On Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge article (732 comments in total)
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justmeMN: A Sony press release is not exactly an unbiased source of information.

In a May 27, 2015 financial document, Sony states that their ILC market share is only 11%.

In addition, this article is about increase in "value" not market share. One can achieve this by selling higher end cameras with bigger profit margin to make up for the loss of total units sold. This is the same reason Nikon is pushing its FF cameras even though for most folks, an APSC camera is more than enough.

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On Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge article (732 comments in total)
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BeaverTerror: Mirrorless is the official term now? So instead of choosing a term which describes the camera, they have moronically chosen a term describing what the camera does not have. One day DSLRS will be a nostalgic memory and we will still be stuck with "mirrorless". Same situation as clipless bicycle pedals.


Remember "wireless?"

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On Nikon D7200 Review preview (526 comments in total)
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Mescalamba: - Camera is bulky when compared to mirrorless rivals

Aaand? Like, you know.. its dSLR? Why the heck you put this into cons. Its dSLR so its normal that its not flat. Kinda obvious, logical and whatnot.

Its like saying, lemon is sour and apple is sweet so apple is better.

Plus show me comparable AF in mirrorless. No? Why? Well, maybe cause they are mirrorless? :D

You know, when you argue that "its not in score" or "just for you to know" why just pick one and not include whole "difference against mirrorless due nature of technologies".

It wouldnt hurt to just pick "compare everything to mirrorless" or "compare only within same type of camera".

"ou really think there is someone considering dSLR when he wants as small as possible camera?"

The question that most people really ask is which camera I should buy if I want to take pictures better than those captured by my phone. Thus all cameras are on the table, and weight is a negative unless a heavier camera can do sooooo much more, but now D7200 cannot no longer claims that.

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ProfHankD: Cute and clever commercial. However, the video is really annoying due to slow and sloppy focus hunting, and I was expecting in the end that they'd be saying how this was shot on a DSLR and then show how much better their product does. Instead, they brag it was shot on an E-M5 II. Ouch!

+1. They allow the whole world to see the limitation of using their top camera to shoot videos. Olympus, learns from Apple! The iPhone is a far limited camera but Apple uses it to shoot phenomenal videos in their commercials.

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Mister Roboto: And still you have the guts to call iPhone 6 the best all-rounder smartphone? lol

"all-rounder smartphone"
"All around" means that it is not the spec of a particular feature, e.g., camera sensor score, but that all of the components must work together to make it a wonderful phone first and foremost. People have already voted with their wallets, haven't they?

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With the current cell phone policy that we can only have one device activated at a time, the vast majority of the people will shop for a good all around PHONE first. So this CAMERA/phone has to compete with top
of the line iPhone or Android phones that have a reasonably goo camera. How well does it make calls?

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It is very unlikely that Apple intends to "replace" Aperture with Photos. Photos is really a replacement for iPhoto.

The open question is whether Apple is interested in the software business to compete with other pro level specialized softwares for photos and movies (and music and …). IMOP, Apple's core interest is to build the best platform, hardware and the software needed to run IT, and then invite the app community to build softwares to do all kinds of stuff. Apple is a very focused company. Compared to iPhone, how much money are they making selling us Aperture? They might have used Aperture at one point to attract users to the Mac platform — do they still need to do that now?

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On Video Field Test: Tamron SP 15-30mm F2.8 Di VC USD article (91 comments in total)

What camera did you use to shoot the video? Very nice.

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On Samsung NX1 Review preview (1224 comments in total)

Will there be a separate review on the two f2.8 zoom lenses?

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On Samsung NX1 Review preview (1224 comments in total)

How does its auto-ISO work? Auto-ISO enabled in M-mode? Can you still control Exp Comp in M-mode with auto-ISO?

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Typical for a super zoom. Busy bokeh.

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On Sony FE 28mm F2 samples gallery posted article (97 comments in total)
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KL Matt: 33 images and not a single one tells us anything much about this lense's bokeh. I don't know about you, but if I'm gonna plunk down nearly 500 bucks for a fast prime lens, I'm absolutely going to want to know how it renders out-of-focus areas before I make a purchase. Yes, even if it's a wide angle, and yes, even if I do need to place my camera close to a foreground object. And yes, I do shoot that way with my wide angle lenses in the field and it's fun and can result in very pleasing and interesting images.

They really should have shot it as close to something as possible and let people see how the distant background look. This is how many people will this lens for. However the lens seems to be quite sharp at the corner and the color is nice too.

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On Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview (823 comments in total)
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Mrrowe8: I keep asking this and would love to of seen the reviewer truly address this .. TheD750 kit is 1000$ More and the body only is 700$ better then the Sony A7II that's it plain and simple is the image that much better .. Especially as we look at these as prosumer not elite pro cameras ?

How about pairing the D750 with a 50/1.8, 35/1.8, or 28/1.8 lens?

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On Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview (823 comments in total)
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mick232: As for the RAW compression issue - the same compression algorithm is used in the A99 and other Sony cameras such as the RX1. Not the dpreview review of the A99 nor any other review I am aware of has found this to be an issue when they reviewed the A99.

Now that there is a hype around the issue all over, it suddenly is a big deal even in reviews. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

"The review also fails to clearly point out that the issue is not a general problem with A7II RAW files but affects a diminishingly small subset of all RAW images in extreme cases. ("Unfortunately, one persistent issue with Sony Raw files might limit the usability of Raw files, particularly when pushed.")"

The RAW compression does not indeed affect most general users. However for those who have the 7R and wish to obtain the highest levels of IQ, a compressed RAW just does not make sense. Why does SONY do this? Is there any benefits? Small file sizes? If people care about file size, they would not have bought the 36MP 7R in the first place. At least give people the choice to turn it off, knowing this is an issue for some high end users.

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On Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview (823 comments in total)
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User7653768119: No touch screen? I suggest Sony's next version go further: Have a numbered grid across the screen. Say you want to focus on uncle Harry in the lower left side of the shot. Instead of touching him with your finger on the screen, you whisper the number of the panel Uncle Harry is in, like "number 9". Voila, Harry is in focus! Next you whisper in a very sexy voice, "Go". Your shot immediately goes to a pre-set you've made in Photoshop. One second later the processed photo comes back to the screen and then you say in a sexy voice, "Send" and the picture is sent to all your designated friends. By this time we've almost eliminated the need for photography,
I find the a7Mll a remarkable camera and respectfully disagree with your review.
Thank you.

Let's just get a touch screen first, and make sure it works well.

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On Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview (823 comments in total)
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Old Baldy: This review is so clearly and transparently intended to slate the A7ii, that I'm curious for the reasons.

One of many, many, examples here...

"The a7 II (right) is a good bit heavier than the original a7. To compensate for the added bulk, the grip has been substantially beefed up. Weight aside, the two camera have remarkably similar control layouts; the a7 II should feel very familiar to anyone who has used any of the other a7 cameras."


I'd have said this..."The a7 II has a much improved grip and placement of the shutter button to allow for more comfortable and natural handling. The body has been upgraded to a fully magnesium body, and is very solid and provides a feeling of substance and robustness missing from the original A7. The body changes and inclusion of the IBIS system has increased the weight."

See the difference?

This type of negativity permeates the entire review, and is surprising to me, from DP Review. Pity. It is truly a great camera.

I for one feel that DPR has spent way too much time in answering many of these complains that are distracting for the majority of the readers. The majority of the readers who are considering a FF camera will shop all possible options, whether they have a mirror or not. For many readers, me included, the main reason to go mirror-less is to reduce the size of the gear. Thus as A7 is getting bigger and heavier, it is impossible not to compare it to the next lightest FF camera, the D750. We do not live in a world using just SONY cameras. When we shop, we look around.

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On Nikon D7200 real-world samples gallery posted article (145 comments in total)
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Dave Oddie: I am sure the 7200 will take great photos but most cameras with aps-c sensors do anyway.

So why not a more radical redesign of the body like the D750 with its tilting LCD to make the camera easier to use?

These days with live-view the absence of a tilting LCD is pretty inexcusable and Nikon clearly don't think the old (and ridiculous in my view ) excuse of it being a less robust camera as a result has any credence given they put one on the 750.

I agree D7200 should have a touch screen, which is fully articulated since the D5500 has it, and it should have the more updated compact body as the D750. Why doesn't it have these? Who knows.

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On Nikon D7200 real-world samples gallery posted article (145 comments in total)

Most ACR processed pictures look considerably better than the JPEGs. Does that mean the JPEGs in D7200 are not as good as they should be?

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