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John King

Lives in Australia Melbourne, Australia
Works as a None of YOUR business
Joined on Aug 4, 2007
About me:

I have been taking photos for about 58 years since I was about 8 y.o.

My main aim is to take better pictures!


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On Just deployed: New forums system article (699 comments in total)

In FORUM view, clicking on the time of the last post used to take one to the last post, whether in flat or threaded view.
Now it takes you wherever it thinks is a good thing, with no relationship whatsoever to the last post. Same goes for clicking on the link to my previous comment on this page from my profile page: it takes me to the top of this page, not to my comment.

You must have the squirrels on steroids - the forums are far faster ... :D.

Have to 2nd the sizing issue expressed below. On my 24" monitor using IE8, the profile forum page is now bleeding over the RHS border into the ads. It was not doing this earlier this morning.

The default double spacing is a PITA. Glad to see that there is a workaround (SHIFT+ENTER). At least that is a standard LF character, BUT ENTER is the standard everywhere else for a single spaced CR+LF (other forums and local programs, text editors, WP, etc) .

br, and keep up the good work. I can see it being far better than the old programming.

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On Just deployed: New forums system article (699 comments in total)

Gidday All at DPReview

By and large a good job.

Firstly, I notice that BBCode in footers of new messages is not being honoured, nor is there a facility to use the WYSIWYG editor in editing one's profile.

Secondly, links to external galleries and images in one's footer block (for new messages) do not work, with or without the "www." prefix.

Thirdly, almost all my images have EXIF data intact (it's why I don't use Olympus s/w for editing at all - it strips the metadata from 16 bit files ... ). That EXIF data does not display here now under any view.

Fourthly, there is no direct link back to the home forum from within the "FORUMS" view in one's profile pages.

While you are at it, the "GEAR" list feature is all but useless (and always has been ... ) for those of us who have more than one camera and one or two lenses ... Check out the list I have under "PROFILE/ABOUT ME", for example. There needs to be some method of importing a block of text straight into one's gear list; otherwise, it just stays where it is ...

Interesting that moderators here need training.
I am a moderator on another, unrelated subject site, and no training was given there, or needed?

kindest regards, and keep up the good work - feed your squirrels! -


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Thank you for this informative article.

I have followed your 'recipe' by contacting the ISP/hosting service provider one a couple of occasions in the past, and all except this site, DPR, have acted on my request to remove such copyright infringing work.

The use by some posters here of my work for malicious purposes would apparently disqualify the perpetrator from claiming "fair use". This would appear to be particularly the case when my work has been modified in such a manner as to further ridicule it.

All of my work has a copyright notice embedded in the metadata; my footer block here states that I consider any embedding of my photographs without my prior written consent to be a breach of my copyright, and my web site also makes a statement that all work published on that site is copyright by the owner, or others as noted.

regards, john

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Gidday Folks

Who uses JPEGs anyway? Just kidding, each to their own.

However I shoot RAW + JPEG and only ever use the JPEGs for end users other than myself - web, email, people who want copies, etc. Otherwise, I only ever do editing with RAW into PSD 16 bit files. These are stored as edited. If for printing at A2 size, the file may be up to 200+ MB. I really don't care! If I need to, I will archive these files onto their own DVDR and the whole lot onto "small" HDDs for backup. I never convert these files to JPEGs for any purpose other than third party distribution.

I don't like throwing data away ... ;).

I already backup my LF/SHQ JPEGs to a "small" 160 GB HDD, and thence as a copy to my laptop HDD. The main backup is for all image files to a number of external 1 TB HDDs, and to DVDRs.

My main image HDD is an internal 2 TB Seagate that cost about Oz $100 ...

regards, john

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Gidday Vincent

All round, a good review. Good to see printers make it onto the scene at last.

I have the Canon MG6150, and my only complaint is that the print cartridges are minute (9 mls?), and the printer drinks it like an alcoholic during happy hour. The cartridges are also very expensive here in Oz.

Ours is used as a general purpose network printer/scanner and copier.

We have an HP LaserJet 5P as the general B&W network printer, and an Epson R3880 for photographic printing.

The cost of the ink for the MG6150 is going to drive me to after-market inks, something I have never done before. Our old (dead) Canon iP4000R had cartridges with about 50% more capacity; costing only 68% as much as those for the MG6150 for OEM inks.

In summary, the MG6150 is very flexible and produces excellent quality photo output; but is as expensive as all get-out to run. I estimate about 40c/page for normal printing, compared with around 2c/page for the LaserJet ...

regards, john

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On Eureka Tower. in the Wiiiiiide Angle challenge (1 comment in total)

Gidday Chris

Like the composition. The light in foreground is a nice touch.

regards, john

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On Old Seven Mile Bridge on a Stormy Day in the Abandoned places challenge (1 comment in total)


That is some vanishing point!

I like it.

regards, john

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On Full Spectrum in the Repetition challenge (4 comments in total)

Gidday Cynops

Just noticed this one, mate. What a superbly wonderful image. Well done. AND a well-deserved first place, IMNSHO. Some of the others look terrific as well, but yours is a stand-out winner, IMVHO.

Kindest regards, john from Melbourne ... etc ;)

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On Vapor Cone in the In the Air challenge (7 comments in total)

Gidday Glenn

That is a truly stunning image, mate. Well seen; superbly captured.

A well-deserved first place, IMNSHO.

regards, john from Melbourne, Australia

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