Lives in Canada Ottawa ON, Canada
Works as a Ret'd E. Engineer, Software Developer
Joined on Nov 12, 2007
About me:

SLR user since 1962, digital camera user since 2000

Current bodies 300D, 40D, 600D, one G15 P&S, two digital Canon camcorders
six Canon lenses plus Sigma 18-200mm, 10-20mm
4000dpi Canon Film Scanner, two Photo printers
Adobe, Canon and other photo & video software

Four desktop networked PCs, three laptops, two Android tablets, one netbook (most used for ongoing programming, video, audio, photography, other uses)

Enjoy landscape, traveling, wildlife, family and technical (e.g., macro) photography
Plan is to keep learning, taking many pictures and become a better photographer mostly with the 600D and G15

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  • I hope you  don't live near Toronto! There are 18 reactors quit close to Metro Toronto.
  • IMO, we could run out of petroleum before we overheat the planet to raise lea level too much. Nuclear power will help either way.
  • Fusion power plants apparently wear out rather quickly and have to be over-hauled. It's not even known if they are feasible. They are another long shot compared to fission.
  • This site is pretty good for nuclear energy information: John1940
  • I disagree. I've never seen a disgusting post from GB. John1940
  • I did not say RTFM. We have used nuclear power in Ontario for over 40 years. It produces about 55% of our electricity. I bet that we know as much as you about storing nuclear waste. So far we have ...
  • I agree, but it's easier to protect against terrorism and accidents because the power plant is on the ground. You are right but there are other ways to get more uranium so supply is not going to ...
  • Please read the article carefully. Storage is quite feasible. Of course not. Who says it is? Not me. John1940
  • Replied in No.
    No errors found? Are you sure?
  • I'm always on the lookout for energy to reduce our use of fossil fuels. Nuclear power still seems the best bet because it does not pollute, does not emit greenhouse gases, and can provide all we ...
  • What are your rankings of the top ten or so countries judged your way?
  • Copied from The Economist: “The main reason for the drop in maritime hijackings seems to be that ships are now far better defended against attacks. Armed guards , now carried by more than 60% of ...
  • Good post, SirLataxe. John1940
  • Created discussions The Catch-22 of Energy Storage
    The Catch-22 of electrical energy storage is even worse than I thought according to a credible article published in August 2014. I keep searching for alternative sources for electrical energy ...
  • Instead of arguing endlessly about CO2 emissions causes and their effects, why not worry more about running out of fossil fuels instead? Most people who think that global warming will kill us first ...
  • That was definitely a major step forward. I found another article that has an objective look at transportation and other fuels:
  • I copied this from a UK newspaper article dated 1 Aug 2014: “In the 1990s (in the UK) there was a near hysteria about carbon dioxide, and yet nobody looked at the bigger picture. The drivers ...
  • My sentiments exactly--until I remember that I'm an immigrant over here. The Finns probably don't want me back there anyway. While solar power is free, we only get about what your photo shows on a ...
  • Engineering is an applied science. All of it has mathematics, objectivity and logic as a base. Physics plays a huge role in electrical and electronics engineering. Chemistry obviously plays a huge ...
  • That's what I have done for my entire career as an engineer. That has to be done before coming up with a solution. You assume that I lack motivation to find solutions. That is completely wrong. I ...
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