Lives in Canada Ottawa ON, Canada
Works as a Ret'd E. Engineer, Software Developer
Joined on Nov 12, 2007
About me:

SLR user since 1962, digital camera user since 2000

Current bodies 300D, 40D, 600D, one G15 P&S, two digital Canon camcorders
six Canon lenses plus Sigma 18-200mm, 10-20mm
4000dpi Canon Film Scanner, two Photo printers
Adobe, Canon and other photo & video software

Four desktop networked PCs, three laptops, two Android tablets, one netbook (most used for ongoing programming, video, audio, photography, other uses)

Enjoy landscape, traveling, wildlife, family and technical (e.g., macro) photography
Plan is to keep learning, taking many pictures and become a better photographer mostly with the 600D and G15

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  • The following is reality: “We’re not going to comment on specific intelligence allegations or the veracity of leaked documents, but as we’ve also said, we do not conduct foreign intelligence ...
  • Replied in Mass delusion
    Barry Goldwater (R) said in 1964 that you don't have to be straight to shoot straight.
  • The OP has 20 of them! OTH, a high-rise apartment is nice and much less work. I grew up metric to age 9 in Finland and then we came to Canada. Many years later Canada went metric, sort of. It's ...
  • “A Navy Test Pilot's Perspective As a Navy test pilot on an Air Force exchange tour, I have the best job in the world: I get to fly the F-16 Viper and the F/A-18 Hornet. Last summer, I completed ...
  • No, it's 69 in. x 2.54 = 175 cm. No; the inch is defined as 25.40000 mm!
  • It's easy to remember. Our property is 25 acres which is 10 hectares approximately.
  • Replied in Reply to Jamesie
    It's as if I had said that the first heavy bomber, the UK Lancaster, proved its worth in just one night when many of them destroyed Dresden and killed almost 100,000 Germans, most of whom were ...
  • That would be WW3. The end of civilization as we know it. LastChance4U too to remain rational.
  • No way, not ever. And not needed. The Super Hornet will do. Guided missile cruisers and destroyers will take care of attacker that get past the Super Hornets. The attackers will not be dog ...
  • So is an F-16. Also, GE/RR may get more power out of it eventually. Bottom line is that the F-35 is an attack airplane more than a close-range dog fighter. The F-16 is also a great attack plane but ...
  • You are too hasty, IMO. I found the article very interesting since I was a radar designer for airplanes from 1963 to 1972. There are truths and contradictions in it, and it is provocative. Here are ...
  • I agree with johnierebel, Bob. Once you transmit a radar signal you are in trouble. The same antenna is also used for detecting radar signals. The bigger the better. An aircraft such as the old ...
  • Replied in BS.
    What do you mean "we" will do alright, Tex? You have to be a Canuck to vote. I think I'll send the mounties after you, cowboy!
  • Replied in BS.
    In terms of gay rights there is no difference. No party will change the same sex marriage law of 10 years. I will vote for the federal Conservative party later this year because I am ...
  • Replied in BS.
    And the slippery slope was not slippery. The Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, has been an open lesbian years before being elected. She won a three way race with a clear majority for her Liberal ...
  • The big F-4 did not have a cannon at all initially. It was not primarily an agile dogfighter. The smaller F-16 and F-18 proved to be better. But the F-4 derivatives lasted a long time. It had lots ...
  • The F-35 is likely to flee from close fights first. More ammo makes it more sluggish. That is absolutely true. The tactic is to never get close to a radar with external tanks or weapons. For a ...
  • The USAF F-16 is still an amazing fighter and attack plane as is the F-18 Super Hornet for the USN. It looks like Canada bailed out of the F-35 and will replace the F-18 Hornets with the Super ...
  • OMG! You are running a spy agency. Ottawa, we've got a problem. I did not realize that you were playing hardball. Can you lay off Canadian politicians for a week so they'll have time to destroy ...
  • Here is a quote from TrapperJohn on MSM, which I agree with: "It's all about money today. They publish whatever gets the most revenue coming in, and that tends to be panic inducing stories, usually ...
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