Lives in Canada Ottawa ON, Canada
Works as a Ret'd E. Engineer, Software Developer
Joined on Nov 12, 2007
About me:

SLR user since 1962, digital camera user since 2000

Current bodies 300D, 40D, 600D, one G15 P&S, two digital Canon camcorders
six Canon lenses plus Sigma 18-200mm, 10-20mm
4000dpi Canon Film Scanner, two Photo printers
Adobe, Canon and other photo & video software

Four desktop networked PCs, three laptops, two Android tablets, one netbook (most used for ongoing programming, video, audio, photography, other uses)

Enjoy landscape, traveling, wildlife, family and technical (e.g., macro) photography
Plan is to keep learning, taking many pictures and become a better photographer mostly with the 600D and G15

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  • Absurd? There are no examples the size of the USA and 270 million privately owned guns. Your comment is just made up. The fact is that it hasn’t even come close to happening. Here is what your ...
  • Replied in Who started WW2?
    It almost sounds like you agree with what Hitler said. The Jews did not start WW2. On 18 December 1941, Himmler asked Hitler, "What to do with the Jews of Russia?", to which Hitler replied, "als ...
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but does what you are saying is that you are now in favor of the Second Amendment and you were not weeks earlier? With 270 million guns in private hands the USA could ...
  • You have to hit it with an inert large object in a place that has a lot of dust, like the Sahara Desert. And nukes are not allowed. John1940
  • Created discussions New way to cool our planet?
    Hit it with a large object and create lots of dust to reflect sun light. It could be easier than storing large amounts of electrical energy. John1940
  • This article from my favorite magazine says that only about 10% of people are willing to change their minds one way or the other. ...
  • That is really interesting and thanks for posting it. Everyone can find out their fixed income and their net worth. It's probably pretty hard to cheat and to stuff their own pockets. More than the ...
  • Son? I'm just about to turn 75, but I do sometimes act like a kid. John1940
  • If you get your science from politicians you are not very smart. I would never be that stupid. Nor dumb enough to get it from you.
  • It's only a good thing compared to coal in terms of lower CO2 and methane emissions and is a good heating fuel. But you bring up a valid concern. Governor Cuomo of NY is wise to go slow on fracking. ...
  • At this point, reversing the warming is not going to be possible, but we can slow its increase, and in doing so, avoid delay the most dire consequences. As long as the cost of fossil fuels stay low ...
  • Isn't it surprising that the US Senate went "for this" at least part way? It had no impact on me at all apart from surprise. There is no catastrophic irreversible tipping point for hysteria or for ...
  • It depends on whether the CO2 in the atmosphere has reached the tipping point. Hysteria or prevention should come first. But hysteria often comes second or third.
  • They have a lot to say about the budget, however. They have to approve it one way or the other. Senators are on a fixed income and most could probably make much more money in industry .
  • There is absolutely no way to convince you. However, isn't it amazing that the majority of US Senators are being convinced gradually? They wield a lot of power but you and I wield none. I have no ...
  • Let me play denier since they seem MIA today. This happened after the 98 to 1 vote. "Democrats can rejoice in an overwhelming endorsement of an amendment by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), one of ...
  • On 21 Jan 2015: The U.S. Senate has voted overwhelmingly, 98 to 1, to approve an amendment affirming that climate change is real and "not a hoax." The vote came on an amendment to legislation that ...
  • The first site has one of the best UIs I’ve seen for displaying statistical data. The only comment I will make on the data is that for States with small populations there are death causes that may ...
  • Marcamera, you wrote: "I am sorry Ed, that is just not true. I hereby have no choice but to declare you a stupid liar." You also said that the USA is a great country for tolerating morons like me ...
  • It is appalling without a doubt. But have you criticized such shootings in any other country, such as Canada? They do happen elsewhere than the USA.. In some countries gangs use kids to kill other ...
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