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Perfect daylight walkaround camera: compact size, 1" sensor, long zoom, RAW, EVF. When I need more DOF or better low light performance, I take my D3200 with 1.8G 50mm.

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Again another II? Cowards!

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Nice camera but short zoom, and RX-10 is too big. How about sister model RZ-100 with 28-200mm lens?

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Still not fully electronic shutters on mirrorless cameras in 2015? Sounds like a conspiracy: camera industry can sell some generations of cameras with mechanical shutters and later generations without them.

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Why UK born dpreview acts like an US webzine? And why is used primarily for US model names? I think that rest of the world is a bigger market than the USA.

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OM-D E-M5 II? How creative again... Why not simply OM-D6?

OK, it is a nice camera with high res mode.

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Full frame is a brainfart. Why just only 36x24mm quadrangle should call a "full"? Thought the 35mm format developers over 100 years ago that " now we invented full frame, now we can get lots of bokeh" ?

"35mm standard sensor" sounds little better.

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This Alpha series has a problem: A7, a7, α7 or Alpha 7?

My suggestion is that it should be named to "Alpha", like Cyber Shot. No more hassle with α.

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Langusta: Ridiculous. Not even worth discussion.
What next - if I use self-timer the credit for photo goes to camera manufacturer?
If I use leather gloves does the copyright belong to a cow (deceased) or farmer who owned the animal?

And how about motion detection?

Wikimedia is now little bit silly, and has not the guts to retreat.

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OM-D E-M1 sounds messy. Why not simply OM-D2? And then cheaper models OM-D20, OM-D200...

PEN is a weird choice for a camera name... it sounds like what I have in my pants.

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Nearly a bullseye! Multi-aspect sensor has been missing since GH2, why?

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At last we get a pocket camera with integrated EVF, Bravo Panasonic! Was it hard task?

Sometimes it feels that camera industry is listening too much camera freaks and average customers, but it ignores practical and rational requests.

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