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Leo G

Lives in United States CT, United States
Works as a Wood Craftsman
Has a website at http://lrgwood.com
Joined on Dec 28, 2003
About me:

Plan? I'm suppose to have a plan? I just wake up in the morning and GO FOR IT!

Picked up D70s for taking pictures of my finished and installed woodwork. Photgraphy is a hobby for me.

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  • Cut the govt in half and relegate them the the constitutional duties laid out for them.  They have encroached on the peoples business much farther then is allowed by the constitution.  It is an ...
  • The global warming freaks will say they have done there part and contained global warming.
  • So what do you suggest?  Let the elite pick the winner and the hell with what the people think.  Because, that's what it looks like is happening in the US.  Many have know it for a long time, But ...
  • Gawd no.  Then it grows faster and I'd have to cut it more then once a week.
  • Get a frick'n job.  Where the heck do you think the money the govt gets comes from?  If there is no private sector there are no taxes.  The govt is to protect the sovereignty of the nation.  It's ...
  • I only work 30 hours a week.  But I do it twice. Self employed with my own business.  30 hours a week and I'd be out of business in about 3 weeks.
  • Sanders was holding a dinner for $250 to $1,000-a-seat, good price for a fundraiser if you want real Joe's and Jane's sitting at your tables.
  • So have you studied the underlying problems or just looked at what the MSM is spouting out over and over.
  • Why would I ever want the US to become a real democracy.  All that is is mob rule.  We are a constitutional republic.  It is suppose to abide by laws which protect the minority class even if the ...
  • Pretty sure bammy doesn't have a clue about it either.  So it's the kettle calling the pot black.
  • Business would collapse because they think a business is a source of ever coming revenue.  All they need to do is raise their prices and wala, you can no pay the extra taxes we imposed on you.  ...
  • Happy Easter to you too.
  • The "value" of things like property, stocks and bonds has stayed level for a long time.  What you see changing is the value of currency.  $100 today has the same value as $4.16 in 1913 when the ...
  • This is exactly what I'm referring to.  These periods of time when something snapped.  Maybe an ocean current flow changed because of an underwater volcanic eruption.  Or some other large ...
  • I don't know.  Tropics everywhere might be nice.  No winters to speak of.  Land everywhere available for planting.  Higher CO2 levels would allow plants to flourish. The rate of change is what ...
  • You're telling me that periods of 180 years ago the Earth wasn't habitable?  I thought man had been on this planet for some 10,000 years. And by the way.  What is the correct temperature for the ...
  • So the weather records go back some 180 years ago.  But according to this there were no El Nino's before this time.  How do you know the El Nino record before the time of weather records?  They ...
  • No country needs to sell to another. We told them get rid of Castro and we'd open up.  What did they do, kept Castro.  So it was one man standing in the way of the revitalization of the landscape.
  • Don't remember Trump wanting to stop immigration.  Just illegal immigration and unvetted mooslims which don't integrate into our society. Don't remember him saying anything about stopping legal ...
  • The radios back then weren't very good for noise rejection.  When they went to the dark side the automatic gain cranked itself up to max and then was able to hear the sounds made from radiation ...
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