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On Canon PowerShot G3 X gets official introduction article (223 comments in total)

f2.8-5.6 :(

I'd like to know how the aperture declines across the focal range of the lens. F5.6 is fine for 600mm, but f2.8 is kind of slow for a 24mm. If it can hold 2.8 through at least 50mm, it might be OK. If it drops off right away it will greatly limit the lens's versatility.

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oselimg: Whiners never read nor understand. The compact camera market has been sharply shrinking because of phonecameras. G3X kinda cameras from any brand is largely for the purpose of holding customers in the same brand. Has anybody heard people whining because their phonecameras don't have viewfinders? If you are able to read reports you'll realise Canon and Nikon still hold 80% share of the ILC market. There is no clear/big enough indication from sales for big manufacturers to take radical steps in one way or another. Whining costs nothing so you may carry on.

It's not a matter of "switching" to a phone. It's the question of how often you find it worthwhile to lug around a dedicated camera, given that the phone you always have with you can take such great images and video. My iPhone 6 shoots 1080p video at 240 fps with a huge viewfinder, effortless slow-mo and time-lapse effects, and the battery lasts all day.

When I'm looking at dedicated cameras, compact size is the least of my priorities given that no camera will beat the portability of my phone. What I'm looking for are the things my phone lacks: extensive, dedicated hardware controls, low light performance, shallow depth of field, long telephoto, dynamic range, super fast autofocus. I want these features in a camera without the size and weight of an slr.

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METROMODEPHOTO: by the way the camera on the galaxy note 2 has a low light seting wich works very very well too for those in the market who wants the best for their money.with the ability to see your photos on a 5.5 inch screen this is truly awesome and yes the note 2 is "BIG" and not as comfortable to hold in your hands like an iphone. once you get comfortable with its size after 3 to 5 days ,your good to go. yes 1080p video capability too and many many more photo feature you can find on slr you will find on your galaxy note too. i thought it was funny to have iso setting on a mobil phone but i was totally okay if it came with it.

While I'm happy with my iPhone 5, I find the taller design noticeably less comfortable to use, especially when having to reach a button near the top of the screen. As Apple had warned back when they resisted a larger phone design, the extra screen size comes at the cost of ergonomics.

I can't imagine using one of those oversized Android phones.

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On Canon Powershot G15 Preview preview (246 comments in total)
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kjh7: Had a chance to check out this camera. Why are people complaining? The fixed display lowers the weight, and it very clear. It's much easier to hold for longer periods because it's only 310g. The lens is bright and fast, and menu system is typical Canon, which is good. I would have liked a dedicated ISO button, but no biggie. Just waiting for the price to go down a bit.

How are swivel screens hard to protect? They flip over and turn into a hard plastic cover when not in sue. I know they're not for everyone, but let's not forget the the swivel screen has always been a signature feature of the G-series. every time they've dropped it they've had to bring it back. At this point it's clear this is just a marketing game. Canon needs to let the engineers run the show and put their marketers on a short leash.

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On Canon Powershot G15 Preview preview (246 comments in total)

Why does Canon always have to screw up the G-series every few generations? The design went from Leica-esque to crude and butt ugly, they ditched the signature articulated LCD viewfinder, got rid of a highly useful dial to make way for a useless flash that no serious photographer will ever use for anything beyonf fill-in; the camera is bigger and heavier yet has a smaller, lower capacity battery, and they've done nothing to address its historical weak point - autofocus speed.

I used to upgrade G-series cameras like I upgrade iPhones. Haven't spent a dime on Canon in the last 3-4 years.

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On Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact article (776 comments in total)
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PhotoTrevor: I have to say I'm really disappointed with this. I've been coveting an X100 for some time now and I've had the chance to use one and I liked it but being a canon guy I wanted to see what they would put out given my flashes. The lens on this is a joke. Why can't we put a fast prime on instead of a slow short range zoom. Canon would hit this out of the park with basically the same camera with a 35mm equivalent F2.
Sorry Canon no matter how favourable a review DPR will inevitably put on this, going to buy an X100 or whatever else they release.

Replacing the zoom with a fixed, prime lens would reduce the camera's versatility and significantly diminish it's market appeal. I don't blame Canon for the decision to keep a zoom.

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On Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact article (776 comments in total)
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fivedawgz: Nice camera. However, for that price, an Olympus Pen or Sony NEX both offer more bang for the buck. I have always liked Canon equipment. I have had 3 Powershot cameras over the years & I have a Canon DSLR too -- NONE of which cost this much, including the EOS T3. I'm not arguing concept or quality. I'm sure it's a fine camera with terrific optics, but the lens is not terribly fast nor does it have an especially impressive zoom. It is still a point & shoot, bells and whistles notwithstanding. At $799, there's nothing about this camera that makes it a better choice than my Oly PEN E-P3, for example. Hopefully Canon will have an attack of common sense and rethink this. . I don't it think this camera offers value for the $$.

The advantage over a camera like the Oly is size. The G-series is quasi-pocketable, unlike most mirrorless cameras due to their protruding lens. For some (myself included) portability is a key concern.

Aside from low light and shallow depth of field capabilities, the G-series has always provided image quality that's very competitive with a DSLR considering the smaller package.

Still don't think the price is justified though...

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On Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact article (776 comments in total)

Why does Canon always have to take a few steps back with every step forward?

In order to incorporate a pop-up flash (which wasn't on anyone's short list of must-have features) they've removed one of the mechanical dials at the top of the camera, eliminating the ability to change the ISO setting on the fly without digging into the menus.

So essentially they've sacrificed one of the G-series' coolest "pro" features in exchange for a useless one. More likely, this was a cost-reduction decision, which is especially irksome considering the fat price increase.


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