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Eric Hensel: In the photo where he catches the multiple photographers shooting him, only one has the presence of mind to put his camera down and smile :)

According to this photos caption, the simley photographer does not have his wide angle camera with him... its being used by Bolt...

So all you can do is look and laugh LoL

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Hope they solved the extreme soft image at middle range (135mm to 180mm) and extreme barrel distortion at 50mm... I sold my 18-200 because of that... If so, spectacular lens!

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I liked it, great camera and excellent idea... but unfortunately Nokia is still a cell phone producer. And they are lacking on one very important issue: OS. No use having a best in class camera if they have a bad OS that cannot handle the hardware, and that is what's happening with Nokia going to Windows Mobile 7.

I like Nokia, all my cell phones were Nokia, but it is used for telecommunications... talking and internet... Wish they would go Android...

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On Introduction to Travel Photography article (41 comments in total)

I love travelling and photography. But unfortunately I haven't got the money for both: travel all the time and have pro equipment. So I have to content myself travelling less than once a year and carrying my D60 + 18-200 LoL

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On Patagonia in the > The most beautiful natural place on Earth challenge (10 comments in total)

Its a single shot and as mentioned by nfung, there is a large cloud shadow that can be clearly seen on the glacier. And since it was a kit lens, its not of best quality for low contrast fine detailed areas. Wish i had a better lens! LoL!

I have an online album with the photo slightly larger:

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On Patagonia in the > The most beautiful natural place on Earth challenge (10 comments in total)

Thank you all! Patagonia really is the most beautiful place I have ever been to.. look forward to go back there soon and take more pics!

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