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I share some of the critics views here. I really don't get this camera, especially when the D800 has a ton more to offer. It is cheaper, but all the major features between these two are so huge that this camera makes no sense to me.

Just compare the D600 to the D800 first:
- 24MP image -vs- 36MP
- USB2 -vs- USB3
- 150k shutter -vs- 200k
- 39 point Af -vs- 51
- 5.5 fps max -vs- 6 max in DX
- 2,016 RGB -vs- 91,000
- Partial Magnesium Alloy body -vs- Full
- 9 Cross-type AF -vs- 15
- No Aperture in Movie Mode -vs- Aperture.
- 1/4000 -vs- 1/8000 speed
- 1/200 sync -vs- 1/250
- No Flash sync socket -vs- socket
- Minus 1EV -vs- Minus 2EV
... of what I can see so far....

If someone compares the D600 -vs- D800, I can't imagine a single reason why not buy rather the D800 and have a LOT MORE camera for NOT a lot more money. Or, if someone wants to save, then pick a DX camera or wait for the rumored D400. I really don't see the "target audience" for this camera. :-/

First time DSLR purchaser. I had two SLRs growing up but for the past 10 years I've used topnotch compacts like my current S100 for general photography and underwater shots while diving. Because i'm young and travel backpacker style across the world I've valued the compact nature of a camera most of all. BUT i'm going to Africa to hike Kilimanjaro, safari and dive and think it's time to have a DSLR particularly for the safari.

So D600 and start off high? or will the D7000 do the trick? the D800 is way too much for me. All of this knowing i've got to re-master shooting manual.

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