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Mike Maier: Please check context of your last sentence, "and provides an exceptionally clear view through the Leica M viewfinder.".
Yes, Leica M viewfinder is very bright, but that has nothing to do with quality of the lens, lens shade of 28 mm lens usually just blocks part of the viewfinder.

Um, either you don't understand what an M camera is (focus through a non-TTL finder) if you have trouble with that sentence. Small lenses do not obstruct the viewfinder, and provide a clear view.

The sentence you quoted isn't to do with the quality of the lens at all.

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AngryCorgi: Wow. That 35/2 ASPH is a steal. Talk about "priced to move"!

Your comment is decades late. Leica lenses have always been prices thus.

Edit: changed 'thusly' to 'thus'.

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Mssimo: Leica is having a hard time with ray angle on CMOS sensors. I bet they tweaked the lenses to make them more digital friendly but they don't want to make older designs look bad.

They would have to. As good as the older lenses were/are digital needs as flat a plane as possible. I've only had problems with wide angle M lenses. But where they exist (Summicron 28 (last gen)), they can be real buggers. The Emarit 28, on the other hand, is pretty much perfect.

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djrocks66: I'm just wondering... I have never used a Leica before. Are these lenses really the sharpest and do they have the best color/contrast? I am pleased with my Fuji system and find the prime lenses very sharp with great color and contrast. Is it part hype or are they the real deal? Just wondering.

Sometimes they are superlative optically. Always they are superlatively manufactured. One thing Leica do that is unique is their focus on brands within the company. Not that Summicrons render the similarly across the board, but you can be somewhat sure of the sort of rendering you get by the name/generation of the lens.

And almost always, Leica lenses are smaller and fetch wonderful second hand prices.

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photogeek: I sense a disturbance in the force. It's like hundreds of thousands of lawyers' wallets cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

And event, concert, model, landscape, etc. photographers. You may not realise it but Leica users aren't as upgrade happy as are users of many other brands.

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ravikiran532: Can't believe so many negative comments for such a amazing camera...looks like most are mirrorless fanatics....

To me this is camera of the year for APSC or any other sensor

While I sold my Nikon cameras, I'm certainly stoked and would consider this in lieu of mirrorless if I were still doing events regularly.

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cph71: i look forward to this. never been a fan of adapters, so great that we have more options


Certainly you can understand why I quoted myself. At amost every instance, my initial comment was either misquoted or strawmanned. That we disagree about the fundamentals of what constitutes a fully operational mount is something that won't be reconciled. I'm fine with that.

But I will not continue with this discussion. You can have the last word, and make fun of me or whatever. You can call macro photography, or otherwise 'niche' or discount anything but what you shoot, and evangelise 'lazy' mount conversions all you want.

You have my leave. But I will not be misquoted.

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cph71: i look forward to this. never been a fan of adapters, so great that we have more options


You misread my initial comment. My initial comment was: "The biggest problem with mirrorless bodies is that they allow any lens to adapt to them, but with NO native control at all."

In other words, many 'native' lenses are made to fit a mount, but they lack the necessary apparatus to use that mount as do lenses made for the mount by the first party.

Nikon F is a hybrid mechanical/electronic mount. If the majority of lenses made for it by 3rd parties didn't allow automatic stop down exposure readings/exposures, I could as easily turn the conversation back on Nikon. But manufacturers abide by ALL of the rules necessary for the basic use of the F mount.

As for the lenses I use, again I don't see why it matters. I haven't experienced a single lens (among the ones I own) that is susceptible to focus shift. I gave the example of macro/process lenses because they are what I use most of the time. But my non-macro lenses are the same. Not a single one shifts focus.

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cph71: i look forward to this. never been a fan of adapters, so great that we have more options


There isn't a single lens I have that suffers from focus shift from wide-open focus to stopped-down focus. Not a single one. I have no idea about AF lenses as I don't use them. I've heard that a some fast lenses suffer from focus shift, but I have no experience with them.

Focus does not have to shift. It can. It certainly won't with ultra wide angle lenses, or well-corrected lenses unless something is wrong with the mount/cam/electronic focusing aids.

The entire point of my post was: if a lens is adapted to Y mount, it is pointless if it doesn't support all the electronic functions of that mount. It is my _opinion_, it would be better to use an unadapted via an adapter than the same lens made for X or Y mount without the proper electronics. The reason: it doesn't support the camera any better, is limited to a single mount, and whether AF or MF it benefits from none of the camera's concurrent focus/metering optics.

As far as I'm concerned, we are arguing the same thing.

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cph71: i look forward to this. never been a fan of adapters, so great that we have more options

@Photobyrd: if the problem with this conversation is that I'm talking about adapted lenses and you appear to be talking about native lenses.

If so, I don't see how my original post was so misread.

As to Digilloyd: yes, certain lenses do shift. But not a single one I use does, nor is there a way for it to. Again, no, not everyone focuses stopped down. SLRs focus wide open, large format users do the same, as do process/enlargement lenses.

Finally, before you misread whatever it is you want into my comment, I am talking about non-native or adapted lenses, such as the one at the top of this page which may or may not have electronic contacts and therefore may or may not act like a native aperture chattering lens. If it is the latter, it is the same thing as a non-native lens such as Nikon F on Fujifilm X used through an adapter.

I am talking about those lenses.

Edit: clarified about the lens at the top.

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cph71: i look forward to this. never been a fan of adapters, so great that we have more options

I don't use Fujifilm lenses. I use lenses from many manufacturers, all on mirrorless cameras: Hasselblad CFV-50, Sony A7r, Fujifilm X-T1, Leica M240. Every single one is the same: focus open and stop down for exposure.

It is one of the reasons SLR cameras developed auto open-focusing aperture locks.

It is very easy to see. Put a number of manual focus lenses on your Sony or Fujifilm or Hasselblad, focus closed down, take an exposure, then open the lens back up to see how/if focus was sharp. Do the opposite.

I shoot macro photography for a living and can tell you without a doubt that this is true. If you focus stopped down, you achieve acceptable sharpness, but can't be sure of the focal plane. If acceptable is fine, by all means, do it the way you suggest.

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watson076: Over the last few years manufacturers have really lost touch with what photographers love, but I believe Fuji really hit the reset button. 40-50 mp this and that, 4k video, blah blah blah - who the f**k cares ? What I want is a true photographic experience (and I speak for many friends of mine who feel the same way). Fuji concentrates on what true photographers want, not what focus groups tell them to manufacture. Thank god someone is listening.

"What True Photographers Want", starring Mel Gibson, a movie about pretentious wannabe photographers and the marketing departments that know how to tickle their pickles.

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mrgooch2008: Why would large format be a necessary requirement in this day and age?

@keepreal: how did you find out about my outfit? Of the cameras listed in my gear section, I only use the Leica and pretty much jus the 28 and the 50 Summicrons for events.

For everything else, it's some sort of bellow, either a Fujifilm GX680III or an arTec or similar. I appreciate what National are trying to do here.

As for scanning: it's not that expensive. You can 'scan' 4x5 slides with something like a digital back (or a 35mm digital camera) and enlarger lenses. Loads of people have been doing that for years.

Great enlarger lenses can be had for 50$ to much more. And bellows are as cheap as they've always been.

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mrgooch2008: Why would large format be a necessary requirement in this day and age?

@keepreal: You of course you remember that you can scan film into digital and do all the same stuff. I was talking about the cameras themselves. Not a single digital-designed camera allows even close to the same movement creativity. I'm not a film photographer, but I do appreciate how much more flexible film cameras are. What you do after the fact: develop and scan, or push and process, are up to you. I talked only of the cameras.

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mrgooch2008: Why would large format be a necessary requirement in this day and age?

@tkbslc: I'm sure that's part of it. Also, you can turn your camera, and the light path, into a pretzel, naturally vignetting, or sharpening any area you want. There are so many more creative things you can do with LF film than you can with small format set-top boxes.

Of course, it comes at the price of speed and weight.

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backayonder: By stipulating the carrying of large format equipment into rugged areas it ensures that users of mirrorless cameras will not apply.

Um... most large format cameras I've used lack mirrors.

EDIT: And... my post was pointless.
EDIT II: apologies to backayonder.

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Indeed, it looks like it's bending just sitting there on a table.

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No way these gloves will keep you warm in a real winter. These are better suited:

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wil eelsing: "The words ’Made in Germany’ are engraved on the back of the camera." One of the highlights of its feature set? Really, Leica?

@justsomeone: I think you'll find that most of what you use, no matter where it says it is made, is put together from a bunch of parts from all over the world. An audio company I work with that prides themselves in their MADE IN JAPAN badge use internals from China and the USA, and their titanium horn ports are sourced from Italy.

This is typical.

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ejw07: woow USB 2.0...OH WAIT NOW..!!!!

Marmotto: I don't think that you were on the chopping block. That was me.

ejw07: In my defence, sarcasm doesn't translate on the internet. And your comments read exactly like regular trolls.

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